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Google Slide Tutorial With Presentation


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Google Slide Tutorial With Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to My Google Slide Presentation
  2. 2. What is Google Slide? Google Slide is a presentation management tool. You can Create and edit polished presentations in your browser—no software required. Multiple people can work at the same time so everyone always has the latest version.
  3. 3. Google Slide Interface This is a sample page of Google Slides
  4. 4. How Google Slides Works • Google Slides is a part of Google Docs. It allows you to create, share, and present multimedia presentations. The program is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. • To use Google Slides , you have to login with a Google account. • Google Slides only works on online , it does not work offline • Its works alongside Docs, Sheets & Keep. • Google Sheets enhanced with multiple share feature.
  5. 5. Benefits Of Google Slides 1. Stores all presentations direct to your Google Drive. 2. You can share your slides direct from Google Slide. 3. It needs no installed application to work. 4. You can access it from anywhere. 5. It is easy to use. For More To learn visit
  6. 6. Thanks For Watching