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OGDC2011 update about Italy (the presented one)


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Opening-up data in Italy: some concrete stuff that worked. Examples of re-use, some recently opened data and a few other updates.

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OGDC2011 update about Italy (the presented one)

  1. 1. Opening-up data in Italy:some concrete stuff that workedby the italian OKFN community
  2. 2. Short story2007 2010 2011 2012 Udine Romasome initiative Materaaround NEXA Torino ISTAT Wikitalia Faenza ...openstreetmap Top-IX FirenzeMerano (2007) Pavia ENELSchio (2009)Storo (2009)… •Open Linked Data Italia appsforitaly •OKFN Italia •Spaghetti Open Data
  3. 3. Who (will) open data Green → data opened Orange → NC clausole for geodata :( Viola → on the open data road
  4. 4. Some initiatives to improve the open data culture● Torino – Biennale Democrazia● – How open government GEOdata● WikiItalia● AppsForItaly
  5. 5. concrete stuff that worked :)
  6. 6. OpenPolis – politicians accountability
  7. 7. Buiometria partecipativa (crowd light pollution data) Data in ODbL license
  8. 8. Voglio il ruoloteachers waiting for work
  9. 9. Futouring Lazio tourism portal http://www.futouring.comgeodata in collaboration with openstreetmap community - other data in CC-BY-SA
  10. 10. Dipartimento per lo Sviluppo e la Coesione economica Data visualization italian economic Indicators
  11. 11. Ontologia P.A. with SPARQL support
  12. 12. Open Data PortalsGroup → Italy → 10 catalogs ISTAT ENEL Piemonte Emilia-Romagna Faenza Firenze Pavia Vicenza Udine … to be continued ...