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GYOD - Give Your Own Data (Torino presentation)


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GYOD - Give Your Own Data (Torino presentation)

  1. 1. HOMER HACK4MED – APPS PRESENTATION Turin, 9th July 2014 G.Y.O.D - Give Your Own Data VENETO, ITALY
  2. 2. G.Y.O.D One click away from Open Data! Powered by dataTXT semantic text analysis API
  3. 3. The problem Access to Open Data sets is for geeks only Why?
  4. 4. The problem: example
  5. 5. The solution You will just need one click!
  6. 6. Is really that easy? 1. Insert the query text
  7. 7. Is really that easy? 2. Click on the Submit button
  8. 8. Application demo: Technical slideshare presentation: The Project
  9. 9. Competition Will people use it? GYOD Vs
  10. 10. Marketing Who will use it? Students Teachers Researcher -- . . Every common user
  11. 11. The Future Possible source of income: Selling searched information to statistic agency Contextual Ads Integrate premium Open Data, accessible by a subscription
  12. 12. THANK YOU Federico Stefani