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Hyf brochure 2019


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Are you looking for developers while making a positive impact on society? We can help. Our students are talented as they are selected out of a pool of 1000+ applicants, hard-working and resilient as they survived our demanding six-months program and add an international perspective to your team. Check out our brochure for more details!

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Hyf brochure 2019

  1. 1. Programming School For Refugees Helping New Talent Into The Tech World
  2. 2. 02 Introduction.................. 03   About our program............. 04   What we teach................ 08   Alumni support................ 09   Hiring our students............. 10 Results...................... 12   Our graduates................. 14   Our sponsors.................. 16   Content Work is the first real step in the process of integration
  3. 3. 03 Introduction HackYourFuture HackYourFuture is a coding school that teaches computer programming to refugees. Starting out in the Netherlands in 2016 we are now active in four countries. Teaching our students how to code significantly boosts their chances of fulfilling, long-term employment, whilst increasing the number of talented developers on the job market. This brochure provides an overview of the content of our program, our vision, our results, and how we can add value to your business. Amsterdam Brussels Copenhagen Malmö
  4. 4. 04 ‘ About our program HackYourFuture is an educational program of 6 months in which refugees learn frontend and backend web development. Our students graduate as professional problem- solvers with great technical and soft skills to translate business ideas into well-functioning code.
  5. 5. What we offer our students → 6 months training and support by some of the best developers in the country → Lunch + travel expenses to Amsterdam → Laptops → A strong network in the tech sector to facilitate employment opportunities The demand for software developers is growing rapidly. At the same time, many talented people who have left their country involuntarily are un-able to use their abilities, lacking access to training and professional networks.  We put this potential to good use. Supporting our students to become qualified web developers increases their chances of long-term employment whilst providing talented developers to the tech sector. That’s a win-win situation. What we expect from our students → Study at least 25 hours per week (often next to their obligatory Dutch classes) → Proficient in English language → A professional and positive attitude → Strong determination and character 05
  6. 6. 06 The HackYourFuture training program provides talented refugees living all over the Nether- lands with an opportunity to build their web development skills. By taking this nation-wide approach, HackYourFuture is able to recruit some of the most talented people within the refugee community. In 2018 for instance, we received over 1000 applications alone. Our measure of success is simple - do our graduates find a job? Our selection process is rigorous. Students have to be competent in English, have a strong determination, and a passion for coding. Our program is taught by a team of 50+ senior- developers. They share not only their skills, but their networks, insights into working life and
  7. 7. 07 up-to-date knowledge of the tech sector as well. Beside programming, our training program also teaches soft skills. These are all skills cru- cial to work well within a team-based setting and the Dutch job market. We support students in their travel expenses, to make sure they can join us from all over the country. In addition to our in-person teaching sessions, we coach and support our students online throughout the week. Over the course of 6 months, our students benefit from industry visits, masterclasses from tech experts, and individual career-coaching.
  8. 8. 08 We teach our students the fundamentals of full-stack web-development, with a focus on modern JavaScript.  Our students are not just taught the mechanics of coding; they learn how to work on projects in a modern tech team, how to be problem- solvers. They learn to think like developers. What we teach Front-end HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React.js Back-end Node.js, Express.js Database SQL, MongoDB For more information about our curriculum check out our Github repository: Tools, Concepts Git, Github, Bash / Command Line Interface, Trello, Slack, Agile / SCRUM Job Preparation Prep-interviews (technical and non-technical), Resume training
  9. 9. 09 Alumni support After graduation, our students become a member of the alumni program. This means they are actively supported in starting their career as a programmer. We also offer training on the latest tech developments. Network → Access to a network of 40+ hiring companies → Access to a network of more than 60 fellow alumni who work at various companies with valuable experience → Masterclasses hosted by companies like Google, Optimizely, Training → Ongoing support and feed back from our teachers → Career coaching, interview training, code-reviews
  10. 10. Hiring our students Our students come from various educational backgrounds, but all share perseverance and grit. Our training program is demanding. Finishing it under the circumstances our students have been exposed to, really is an achievement. They will add significant value to your business. Why hire our graduates? Our students are trained to perform well as junior web-developers in a modern teach team, write clean code, and think like problem- solvers. Our students are talented, as they are selected out of a pool of more than 100 applicants. They often represent the top of their class in university in their countries of origin. Most of our students are fresh graduates, looking to start their career as a developer. Others have finished our training program some time ago. They have professional experience in the Dutch labor market as a developer and are looking to take the next step in their career. Legal and subsidies Our students have residency permits for at least 5 years. This enables them to work in the Nether- lands just like any other citizen. Some of our students receive wel- fare benefits (‘uitkering’), which often can be continued during an internship. Depending on the municipality of the student, employers are eligible for subsidies when hiring a student for a full-time job. 10
  11. 11. 11 Process of hiring our students 1. Contact our Partnership Manager via with your hiring needs. 2. We will send you relevant CVs based on your requirements. 3. Start your own selection process. 4. Hire our student. We offer support if there are any questions regarding legal issues or subsidies. → We charge a recruiting fee when you hire one of our students on a full-time basis. Starting from €3000 excl. VAT for a junior developer (graduate) up to €5000 for a mid-level developer. → We charge a monthly fee when you hire our students on an internship basis (€350 per month). → HackYourFuture is a not-for-profit organization. Both our recruiting and intern-ship fee are used to train the next generation of talented developers.
  12. 12. 12 Results Do our students find work? The answer is yes. Depending on their level of experience, some of our students start with an internship, others with a full-time job. We provide on-the-job technical support and coaching in order to ensure continuous growth of our graduates. 90% 069 As of June 2018, 69 students graduated from our program. We expect to welcome graduate #100 before the end of 2018. Over 90% of our alumni find work in the IT sector, within three months after graduation.
  13. 13. 13 Selection of the companies we have partnered with:
  14. 14. Sarea Al Kebaky Sarea is our very first student. He studied com- puter science in Damascus, before the Syrian war broke out. When Sarea started at HackYour- Future he felt he forgot everything he learned in university. During our course he learned to work with the latest programming languages. While living in his refugee-camp, he built Amsterdam Voorziet, an online platform for underprivileged citizens in need of support and services. After his course, HackYourFuture helped Sarea to find an internship. He was then hired by ZIVVER as a frontend developer. Because of his stable income Sarea’s wife was able to move to the Netherlands. She is currently a student at HackYourFuture as well. We are proud of what our students have accomplished. Coming from different back- grounds, most our students manage to secure a career as a developer. This section features two stories we find particularly inspiring. Our Graduates Within a year, Sarea went from needing support, to supporting others 14
  15. 15. 15 Rabih Alqaraweet Before Rabih came to the Netherlands, he studied soft- ware engineering in Syria. Yet the frameworks and program- ming languages taught by HackYourFuture were new to him. The course was a challenge as he was doing his mandatory Dutch classes at the same time. Rabih: “Sometimes I made weeks of 60-70 hours.” After the course HackYour- Future helped Rabih to start an internship at the software company Owlin. He exceeded expectations and was offered a job. According to Sjoerd Leemhuis, co-founder of Owlin, hiring Rabih was not an act of pure altruism, but also “a very rational business decision. He simply adds a lot of value, that’s why we want him to be part of the team.” The choice to hire Rabih full time, was a very rational business decision.” — Sjoerd Leemhuis, Director Owlin Watch Rabih’s story and how he was hired by Owlin at . “
  16. 16. Hack Your Future Herengracht 504 1017 CB Amsterdam Follow us hackyourfuturenow HackYourFuture is made possible by a large range of sponsors that share our vision. All our sponsors believe in a future in which tech talent is provided with opportunities independent of their background. Interested in becoming a sponsor? Contact Our Sponsors +31 (0)6 118 54 455 hackyourfuture