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Opening proprietary networks with OpenWISP


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OpenWISP is a growing community which develops and maintains a set of software modules that can be used to deploy and manage wired and wireless networks (public wifi, backbone, mesh networks).

Join the bottom-up internet infrastructure movement, find out more at

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Opening proprietary networks with OpenWISP

  1. 1. Opening proprietary networks with
  2. 2. Dealing with networks sucks! Developing applications to deploy and manage networks is hard Harder than we should allow it to be
  3. 3. Proprietary Most hardware and software used to deploy and manage networks is proprietary
  4. 4. Vendor lock-in Vendors do their best to lock users within their hardware and software
  5. 5. Security upgrades Vendors are often slow to patch their security vulnerabilities
  6. 6. No experimentation, slow innovation This environment doesn't leave much space for experimentation which in turn leads to slow innovation
  7. 7. Increased costs Have you noticed wifi usually sucks at events? Software that solves this problem exists BUT ... it may cost you a kidney!
  8. 8. Internet infrastrcuture? Ever tried to build one of these? ● internet infrastructure ● public wifi ● mesh networks Let me tell you: It's hard and costs a lot of money
  9. 9. Consequences? As a dire consequence of this situation as of 2017 half of the human population is still offline source How can we talk about diversity?
  10. 10. Nikola is not happy
  11. 11. What can we do? There's no silver bullet But the OpenWISP project has been working on these issues for a while
  12. 12. What is OpenWISP? OpenWISP is a set of software modules that can be used to deploy and manage wireless networks (public wifi, backbone, mesh networks)
  13. 13. OpenWISP 2 OpenWISP 2 is built with python and django Follows a modular approach Has been attracting a lot of interest from emerging economies
  14. 14. Talk at Pycon Italy next Saturday (8 April 2017) at 16:45 I will talk about the internals of OpenWISP 2 At Pycon Italy Applying the unix philosophy to django projects
  15. 15. Talk to me Have critical feedback, ideas, suggestions? Just curious? Come and talk to me
  16. 16. Find more Find more information about OpenWISP at: @openwisp on github
  17. 17. Thank you Find me also on: twitter (@nemesisdesign) github (@nemesisdesign) linkedin (Federico Capoano)