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A look at government


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A look at government

  1. 1. What is Government?
  2. 2. A Representation of the People Not an Entity, Ruler, or Company No Authority to Run the Economy No Authority to Run Internal Improvements No Authority to Run any Domestic Affairs
  3. 3. A Representation of the People No Authority to Redistribute Money No Authority to Take Freedoms and Liberties away from the People through Legislation No Power to Give Freedom or Liberty Represent the States/People in Foreign Affairs Defend the States/People That’s it!!!
  4. 4. Federalist vs. Nationalist Jefferson HamiltonExamining the differences between what is … and what was supposed to be
  5. 5. Federalism Origins – Declaration of Independence Articles of Confederation and PERPETUAL Union Constitution Nationalism Origins – "American System“ Government Runs Everything Destruction of PERPETUAL Union / Forced Union A Unique Fascist Approach - Hamilton / Clay / Lincoln / Wilson and Others
  6. 6. Federalism Confederation of Countries (States) - Voluntary Union Republic and the Rule of Law - (Dual Level Republic) Representative Government A non-Party Government for ALL the People Nationalism Centralized Nation State (Forced Union) Democracy used as an Oligarchy – Elitist Rule Party Ideologue Government of Elitists Two Party System meant to Divide and Enslave
  7. 7. Federalism The People are the Government - State and Local Control Term Limits for Representatives - Part Time Job Stipends for Representation (No Benefits) Senators Appointed by State Legislatures Nationalism The Politicians are the Government - Nation State Control Career Politicians Politicians set own Salaries, Benefits, Health care Senators Democratically Elected. Majority Rules
  8. 8. Federalism Extremely Limited Constitutional Government Small Federal Government Government for Foreign Affairs Only Decentralized Government Close to the People Nationalism Constitutional Government Interpreted 10,000 ways Bloated Federal Government Government for Everything Centralized Government Away from the People
  9. 9. Federalism Balanced Budgets Annually - NO Exceptions Elimination of Czars / Most Departments Education through Local and Private Sectors Children Taught Basics for Success in Life Nationalism No Budgets – Unlimited Spending Czars using Power for Ideological Purposes Failed Education System Based on Central Government Standards Children Indoctrinated to Follow Nation State
  10. 10. Federalism Protect the States and the People Responsible Immigration Policy - State Enforced Eliminating Foreign Aid No UN, Coalition with Friendly Countries, Neutral Nationalism Policing the World Broken and unenforceable Immigration Policy Funding Countries that hate America Bowing to United Nations / Mismanaged Foreign Policy
  11. 11. Federalism End all Wars, Bring Troops Home Smaller more effective National Defense Espouse the Republic form of Government Nationalism Troop Stationed Everywhere, Continuous Warfare Bloated Pentagon Sending 1000s to Die, 10s of 1000s Injured Forcing Democracy on the World
  12. 12. Federalism State’s Rights / Peoples Rights - Tenth Amendment Secession and Nullification, State Competition States Run Domestic Affairs States Have Right to Develop Natural Resources Nationalism Limited States Rights (virtually no State’s Rights) Forced to Stay in Union and Obey Federal Edicts Federal Government Runs Domestic affairs Government Blocks or Interferes Through Over Regulation
  13. 13. Federalism Protection of Personal Property - #1 Priority People are Defenders of Individual Human Rights All Americans are Created Equal Minority Ideologies are Protected Nationalism Confiscation of Personal Property People Are Patriotic to Dystopian Nation State Class Warfare, Inequality, Creating Partisanship Majority Ideology Rules, Minority Enslaved
  14. 14. Federalism The Right to Live as One Chooses Pursue the American Dream Enjoy the Fruits of One’s labor Donating Through Individual’s choice Nationalism Forced to Live as Others Choose Punished Attaining the American Dream (Progressive Tax) Fruits Taken and Redistributed Government Donating to Cronies and Friends
  15. 15. Federalism Open Market Capitalism Fair Market Banking, No Central Bank, Specie Based Limited Regulations Private Health Care options Nationalism Crony Capitalism, Special Interests, Picks Winners/Losers Fractional Banking by Cartel (FED), Paper Money (Not Backed) Nearly Unlimited Regulations Forced to Have Care – Forced Government Programs
  16. 16. Federalism Energy Independence - Total Open Free-Markets Ending Subsidies to All Sectors No Pork Spending Nationalism Forced Green Energy Solutions - Over Regulated Paying Subsidies to Favorites and Friends Pork Spending to get Politicians Re-elected
  17. 17. Federalism People’s Right of Self-Defense, Gun Ownership Independent Judiciary Legal System Based on Original Intent of Laws as Written Nationalism Police State, Dystopian Society Judges picked by Political Ideology for Life Legal System is Evolutionary / Decisions Based on Politics
  18. 18. Federalism No Taxation without Representation Very Limited Taxation by Federal Government Federal Gov. Funded non-Income, non-Sales Tax Solutions No Corporate Taxation. Keep Jobs in U.S. - State Control Nationalism Taxation Without TRUE Representation Forced Taxation by Federal Government Forced Income Based Taxation 2nd Highest in World. Forcing Jobs to go Overseas
  19. 19. Federalism No Centralized Internal Improvements - Private Competition Elimination of Government Programs (Move to Private Sector) Fiscal Responsibility - NO Exceptions No Borrowing Nationalism Centralized Internal Improvements Forced to Belong to Government Programs Fiscal Irresponsibility and Deficit Spending Irresponsible “Crisis” borrowing and Unable to Payback
  20. 20. Federalism Job Training Moved to Private Sector – Choice Protection of Senior Programs (Phased into Private Sector) Self Responsibility, Move Welfare to Private Sector - Choice Welfare – Ending Poverty through Private Sector - Choice Nationalism Failed Public Training Programs Bankrupting Programs, Stealing Money from Social Security Unlimited Welfare, Dependency to Buy Votes for Political Re-election Welfare – Keeping the Poor…Poor
  21. 21. Federalism Interpret Constitution Based on Original Intent as Founded in the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers Nationalism Interpret Constitution Based on Judicial Political Biases / Enforced by Dystopian National Police State
  22. 22. Federalism Live by Your Choices not Their Choices Choose to belong to any programs you want Keep the Money you Earn Tax Free Property and Money to your family Nationalism Ruled by Force of Government Forced to belong to programs you don’t want Tax and Take Money you Earn Take as Much Money and Property as Possible
  23. 23. Next Step The career politicians will never change the system they control Only through a coalition of people from all sides coming together can change happen It’s time to take the Tea Party and all other movements to the next level Restructure government from the outside-in through political force, not actual force Select representatives from the people, not from a Political Party
  24. 24. Federalists - 2013