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Qué es una computadora
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  1. 1. Fedaa Abd_Alhady shawer Computer engineering +(962)0787598574 Personal Information: • Nationality: Jordanian • Date of Birth: 13th_Feb_1994 • Marital Status: Single • Place of Residence: Amman • Place of Birth: Amman • Gender : Female personal qualities: • Communication skills • Problem solving and decision making skill • Handling complains • Leadership and management skills • A team player • Time Management • Ability to relocate • Always ready to learn new things. • Strong interpersonal functional relationships. • Treat to new person in great way • Quick Learner and I interested in everything new • Love treat with people and accept their opinion Technical skills: • Knowledge of configuration of CISCO router and switching. • Knowledge of operating system and programming experience in: (windows 7, windows XP, Linux and little knowledge of MAC. ) • Computer hardware maintenance & trouble shooting • Computer formatting & installation of software 's • Programming : C , C++, java and Android courses • CCNA • Database: Microsoft Access , SQL. • Work on Excel and Word • How to create stack, queue, and list.
  2. 2. • Binary search • Sorting (insertion sort, selection sort at least) • Recursion and Recursive algorithms: how to correctly define a recursive function, backtracking, conversion to iterative • Graph algorithms: Adjacency matrix, degree of a node, BFS,DFS, shortest path, loop detection, connected components, Minimum spanning tree • Basic understanding of complexity analysis (time / space) Training: I trained in Orange Company for two months and I got a certificate. Education: • Hashemite University Bachelor's Degree of Computer Engineering Graduation Date: 1/Aug/2016 Very Good GPA (3.05). • UM _kolthoum School Sep , 2011_ Sep , 2012 Tawjihi of Scientific Major . Languages: • Arabic Native Language. (Fluent) • English Conversation, Reading and Writing all are Very Good . Projects:
  3. 3. • System programming project • VLSI project • My graduation project is in Matlab (part of image processing) its called "Structure From Motion". Courses and Certificates: *Injaz Course My Way To Success 3_2013- Work ethics IEEE workshop of Internet Of Things* Java course and I got a certificate* -CISCO network device* *Android course Matlab skills* Linux operating system How to treat with* *CCNA course Objectives: • Looking forward to an opportunity for working in a dynamic, challenging environment where I can utilize my skill for developing my career and for the growth of the organization. • I want to learn elevated myself and serve my nation, to the satisfaction of my Lord. • I want to work diligently to discharge my duties in the organization.


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