Absolut Vodka - Marketing Strategy


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Presentation about the history, development, two marketing campaigns and the world of Absolut Vodka (2011)

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Absolut Vodka - Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. AGENDA Basic information The marketing strategy of Absolut Vodka A real story of success begins Two different campaigns over 30 years It is all about to support the Brand Conclusion 2 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  2. 2. BASIC INFORMATION Absolut Rent Bränvin was founded by Lars Olsson Smith in 1879 Ahus, Sweden In 1979 Absolut Vodka was launched in the US- Market Available in over 150 countries Worldwide sales 2010: 99million litres Pernod Ricard took over Absolut in 2008 3 Fourth largest spirit brand in the world November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  3. 3. TARGET GROUP Contrarians and minorities Youth Working people 4 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  4. 4. COMPETITORS Vodka: Smirnoff Grey Goose Belvedere Bacardi Rum Johnnie Walker 5 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  5. 5. MARKETING STRATEGY Mixture between: advertising, PR and sales promotion => all communication is to enhance the brand image! The strategy believes in continuity combined with variety 6 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  6. 6. A REAL STORY OF SUCCESS BEGINS In 1979 Absolut Vodka introduced its product in the US-Market Faced with few challenges: Most competitive market in the world Who would buy a vodka from Sweden? Absolut is a premium vodka in a higher price level Totally unknown 7 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  7. 7. ABSOLUT BOTTLE AD The first marketing campaign of Absolut Started 1979 and ran over 25 years The Bottle shape should be unforgettable One of the famous marketing campaigns which ever existed Absolut won over 350 awards in the last years for its „Bottle Ad Campaign“ 8 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  8. 8. EXAMPLES BOTTLE AD 9 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  9. 9. IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD Second marketing campaign discontinued 2010 No establishing of the brand anymore Focus is on the message What happen “In An Absolut World” Sale increased by 9% 10 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  10. 10. EXAMPLES IN AN ABSOLUT WORLD AD 11 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  11. 11. IT’S ALL ABOUT TO SUPPORT THE BRAND Long marketing campaigns Seventeen different flavours Hundreds of different limited edition bottles Cooperation with artists and musicians Overexposure of Absolut Vodka in the media, magazines, bars, stores and unlikely locations 12 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  12. 12. ABSOLUT FLAVOURS Seventeen different flavours One premium flavour – Absolut Elyx 13 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  13. 13. ABSOLUT LIMITED EDITION Hundreds of limited editions bottles and second skins Special design and low quantities 14 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  14. 14. ABSOLUT ART AND MUSIC Absolut started many projects with artists and musicians to become more popular Famous partners: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Philipp Plein, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Lenny Kravitz 15 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  15. 15. ABSOLUT IS EVERYWHERE Overexposure of Absolut in media and magazines Spent much money to present the brand in tv shows, movies and series 16 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  16. 16. CONCLUSION Present on every channel to become more popular Absolut has to encourage the european market Absolut Vodka is a symbol for clever marketing 17 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany
  17. 17. November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION18
  18. 18. ABSOLUT GUERILLA MARKETING Absolut targeted consumers in a vulnerable situation 19 November, 2011 Fe Lix - Germany