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The uk

  1. 1. The total area of the UK isapproximately 245,000square kilometres (94,600sq mi), comprising theisland of Great Britain, thenortheastern one-sixth ofthe island of Ireland(Northern Ireland) andsmaller islands. England isthe largest country of theUnited Kingdom, at130,410 square kilometres(50,350 sq mi) accountingfor just over half the totalarea of the UK.
  2. 2. The British Isles areseparated from theEuropean continentby the North Seaand the EnglishChannel. Thewestern coast ofGreat Britain iswashed by theAtlantic Ocean andthe Irish Sea.
  3. 3. Rivers The THAMES is the deepest and the most important one.The SEVERN is the longest river.
  4. 4. St. Paul´s Cathedral – One of thelargest cathedrals in the world
  5. 5. England Scotland The UK Wales Northern Ireland
  6. 6.  The population of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is over 57 million people. The population lives mostly in towns and cities and their respective suburbs. The distribution of the population is quite uneven. Over 46 million people live in England, over 3 million in Wales, a little over 5 million in Scotland and about 1.5 million in Northern Ireland. The most densely populated areas are Greater London, the South and the Southwest. Only Londons population is over 7 million.