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Photo Album


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Photo Album

  1. 1. Photo Album.The pictures I used and didn’t use for my DVD cover and Poster to promote my Music Video including the costumes for my music video. Farzana Begum.
  2. 2. This is my first choice of costume I wanted to my artist to wear in my music video, as you can see the top is hot pink and the trousers are black, from my questionnaire this is what my audience wanted, however I did not use this in my music video as I believe the top was too plain as well as the trousers and it didn’t really come under the R&B codes and conventions in clothing as women in R&B usually have very little clothing. therefore within my own knowledge I decided not to use this consume.
  3. 3. As you can see, the colour palate is the same which is hot pink and black, this is because I wanted the first part of my music video as the colours are important which relate to the storyline of the video. However again, this consume don’t really cover the R&B clothing conventions and the top don’t look mature enough to be worn by an RnB artist.
  4. 4. Within the same colours, this is another costume, the reason I never told my artist to wear this in my music video, is mainly because the shirt looks to childish as it has big dots all over the shirt, it also looks like a sleeping top which is an disadvantage and doesn’t met my aims.
  5. 5. This is what I made my artist wear at the very end of my music video, I chose this costume because its something different, her plain black trousers emphasize the darkness she is in, as she was unhappy having arguments with her husband, but the white top contrasts with it and make it not so boring, I added a pink and white stripy cardigan to make all fit in together.
  6. 6. This is my main costume which I made my artist wear through the first part of my music video, I choose this mainly because it simple but very eye catching, it looks lush and very attractive and the hot pink blends in with the black. Its nice fitted which made my artist look very comfortable in it and it matched the codes and conventions of RnB fashion for women.
  7. 7. I never chose theses costumes because It looks very busy, as her dress has blue flowers all over it, and then on top she has a stripy cardigan with doesn’t seem to match the dress and doesn’t really match the codes and conventions.
  8. 8. This is what a typical women would wear normally when she's going to go out or normally just wear at home, so I used this in some of my flashback she's having with her husband, the reason I chose this is because the top is stripy which is something different to the other clothes she wore, and the blue matches her blue tight jeans, her jeans cover the codes and conventions as it shows the shape of her legs and makes it looks attractive.
  9. 9. This the last costume she wore during my music video, mainly everything is white, this emphasizes the purity and that she's come out the darkness, also the little butterflies shows the peace and that she's free from the relationship she was in with her husband. To make it all fit in I put a little white cardigan to make her white jeans which makes it look for more professional.
  10. 10. Throughout the music video, my artist wore two types on heels during the music video, first par are black and the next pair are white; the black pair are to match the black and hot pink dress, as the white pair are to match the white dress. This is mainly because most R&B females wear very high heels to elongate their legs because if they are wearing hardly any clothes the higher the shoes the longer their legs will look which makes it look very attractive.
  11. 11. For my artist to look all artistic and match the R+B codes and convention, I put make up on her which very bold and defined, especially her eyes they had dark coloured eye shadows with gold's which makes her eyes very alluring. To show power some females wear red lipstick in their videos. Therefore I did the same to establish that she is the main person in my music video and she has all the power throughout it all. Most RnB artist, their hair is always styled in a very dramatic way which is very eye catching, another reason many people make the hair style that is very attractive, is because it may attract many females as they may use their ‘celebrity’ as a role model and they may act and try to dress in the way the music video portrays them. The hair style mainly has to be step by step, firstly I has to curls my artists hair to make it look realistic, and then I made it into a bun to make it look for seductive. After I made it into a bun, I got some hair out at the front which made it look like a fringe to make it look fashionable, and I gave it the last few touches, by adding a black bow to match the dress, and included the accessories such as big earrings, necklaces this is to prove and show that I am breaking gender stereotypes because it is usually R&B males that wear that much jewellery.
  12. 12. 1. This picture is of a female alone, all of the pictures are, this is because the female is the main character in the music video so as a result in my DVD cover and music poster, however the reason I didn’t use this picture as mainly because I don’t like the angle the camera took this picture, and unfortunately her eyes are actually closed which give the picture a poor look which isn't really attractive for the audience. 2. When I retook the picture as I made a mistake in my previous one, I kept the camera straight and angle as a mid shot and I realised that the picture was very successful as she gives a intense look and her eyes are down in the picture which could advantage as you can see the dark eye coloured eye shadow which looks very lush and attractive, and the effect was again also very successful within the photo album.
  13. 13. 3. The lighting in this image is very high and bright, the difference from the previous image is that her eyes are up which promotes sexuality and a sense of lust. It also creates a form of levels to show a variety of shots, however, it looks like her head is in a awkward position and she is very uncomfortable which makes the image look unprofessional. 4. The artists face doesn’t look very engaging and doesn’t really promote what I want and what I'm looking for, however as she is sitting down it gives a different level of attraction and shows all her clothing.
  14. 14. 5. This is a different level/pose as the artist is standing up with her against the wall which her hands on the wall close to the camera, and her eyes looking down. Overall this image gives a lush effect and with her eyes looking down promotes that she's upset as her and her husband broke up. The one disadvantage with this image is that you can see the shadow at the back so when I erase the green screen it will be difficult for me to erase the shadow. 6. In this image, she is standing up straight, and is a longshot this shot excludes and the bottom half of the artist’s legs, it also shows her dress and it shows that she has good body language and facial expressions that appeals.
  15. 15. 7. The artist is on a different level as she is sitting on her heels, this again gives a lush effect as she's engaging with the camera and by her putting her hands and her knees shows the levels of her legs. However this is not the type of pose. 8. This image is very poor, as her eyes are closed which emphasizes that there is no connection with the camera and she's lost. Another reason Is that her body language, facial expressions is all wrong and doesn’t really match the expectations.
  16. 16. 9. This image looks like a mug shot as she wasn’t ready to take the image and she is looking up as she is day dreaming about something and because she isn't looking at the camera looks like she's not engaging or there is no connection, the angle the image was taken was a mid shot only showing the top of her dress, so the main focus is on the face, but because her facial expressions are wrong, this image looks very unprofessional. 1O. Again, her eyes are closed which shows that this image cannot be used as it makes it look very unprofessional.
  17. 17. 11. In this image and beyond, she has changed her clothes as in the music video she has changed them also, the reason she is wearing white is to show the purity as the end of my music video. This image is looks like she is upset as her eyes are down again and she has a straight face which sometimes may not look as effective and attractive. 12. She's looking up in this image with a slight smile on her face, as she is looking up is shows the connection with the camera and as the shot is a mid shot you can see her dress, and If you look close up the ring on her finger is very eye catching, the same ring is used in the music video as her wedding ring, so this shows the connection.
  18. 18. 13. This image captures the top of her dress and shows her necklaces and all her other accessories, again with her eyes looking down it shows her eye shadows colours which matches the dress, which is an advantage as it looks professional. 14. This high shot make the artist look vulnerable, but my aim was to show happy times and link it with sad times later throughout the music video. Also I know that the audience’s eye will draw toward the hair as it the close to the camera but that’s something I don't want, as my aim was to show the emotions of my artist through the use of images.
  19. 19. 15. The camera is on a slanted angle which gives the image a firm effect, as her hand is by her hair it shows her bracelets another use of accessory which contrasts with her dress. Her facial expression is deep and shows the emotions through her eyes as she is looking straight down. 16. This is a close up image of her face, the audiences eyes will draw mainly into her lips as they are dark red, this is to emphasize the power of women in the music video.
  20. 20. 18. This picture captures a shocked look that happens to be unprofessional and it generates comedy, not joyfulness. 17. This image is a mid shot which shows her face looking straight at the camera, her body language, facial expression is lush which make the image look professional and eye catching for the audience, it also promotes the emotion as she is smiling, which shows that she's happy.