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  • Evaluation for school magazine

    1. 1. Evaluation For My School Magazine.<br />By: Farzana Begum <br />
    2. 2. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? <br /><ul><li>The programs that i use to create my school magazine was adobe in design and adobe Photoshop. I used these two programs because i believe that they are good, fast and they made my school magazine look as professional as possible. I used abode photo shop to edit my pictures such as, crop the pictures and to change the background colour and then i build my layers on abode in design and used the text in that program too because it doesn't not blend in to the images and give it a unique touch. My school magazine did not break all the codes and convention, as it is a school magazine and doesn't need all the codes and convention that may be needed in a music magazine. My school magazine challenges some aspects of a real school magazine, this is because of my front cover , i tried to make it look as professional as possible, by including a main images and information to attract the audience which is the student, staff and parents, so they can pick my magazine and read it. I kept the entire school magazine look, by looking at my questionnaire i mostly included what people wanted to see, such as the colours for my front cover and contents page; Red, blue, green and purple. Students & teachers, would know that its a school magazine just by looking at the colours because its to head of house colours. I analyzed all the questionnaire and I took time thinking about which colours to choose because the colours are one of the main codes and convention and has a big impact to my magazine, i think this because i feel that the front cover has to be the most attractive so the readers picks the magazine up straight away and reads it instead of just looking through it or throwing straight in the bin. The format and layout was changed slightly, i couldn't go exactly with my plan because i decided to change it and include more pictures in instead of having one main image, because i thought it looked better and different to all the other school magazines.</li></li></ul><li>How does your media product represent particular social groups?<br />The social groups which i was trying to reach out to the school magazine is students from all age group starting from 11-16 and teachers are the perfect target audience for my magazine. My Magazine Promotes the everything to do with school such as after school clubs, important school examination dates, changes around the school, competitions between school houses etc thus making Students and Young Adults my Audience. The Colours that have been used are all represents the school in some ways. The parents adult social group would be perfect for my magazine however this does not mean that the product is not aimed at the staffs and teachers, as there is a huge number of teachers and staff that are like students that want to know what going on in the school and what is new. The Information and Topics covered would Seriously Attract the Target Audience as Students love to be informed on new things that is happening around the buildings. The Image on my front cover is bound to catch the audiences attention amongst the social group I am targeting. I used a loads of different pictures on the right hand side of teachers; this would definitely catch the attention of My Young Teenage Audience and the teachers themselves to pick the magazine up and read it. The Content Within my magazine would Interest the all genders. <br />
    3. 3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?<br />I think that the main media institution for my school magazine would be the school, as it is to do with school and is a form of publicity and a guideline for parents when they are unsure to send their children to what school, there is no really a company that do school magazine, as where school magazine are mostly free and due in school but if i was to sell my school magazine i would choose IPC Media because as they have a huge profile of a variety of magazines and are a Huge Company who do know what they are doing. IPC Media produces over 85 iconic media brands, with their print brands alone reaching almost two thirds of UK women and 44% of UK men – almost 27 million UK adults – while their online brands collectively reach 20 million users every month. My magazine is similar in many ways to other magazines that have or are being distributed by the Institutions; As IPC does offer something for anyone and everyone. Institutions also look for potential and a large audience that a magazine could be marketed at. <br />http://www.ipcmedia.com/<br />
    4. 4. Who would be the audience for your media product? <br />I think the audience for my school magazine would be students and teachers from holy trinity as My magazine is not aimed at any specific gender, its for both girls and boys so i tired looking at my questionnaire and make it balanced with the male and female colours. However, i think that parents might be my audience for the school magazine because they would want to know the quality of work that their child is producing and also what their child gets involved in such as after school clubs etc.<br />
    5. 5. How did you attract/address your audience? <br /> I used many Techniques, Codes and Conventions to get through to My Audience and address them in the way I thought would be best. Through the Use Of Colour, Image and the Use of Language, To try and keep a Realistic Approach I kept in mind other school magazines and Related Every so Often to them, at the research i analyzed three different school magazine from the internet so i knew when i was going to my one how i wanted it and what i wanted in it. My Masthead was a very Important factor as I kept it Big and Bold, Fashionable but readable. The Image without a Doubt is a Key Factor of the Enticing and Influence used within the Magazine to catch the eye of the Right Audience. I Used different pictures for my school magazine but on my flat plan i was planning on to have one main image but when i was doing my school magazine it didn't look right so instead i put few different pictures of school and buildings at the bottom and fours pictures of the head of houses on the left hand side. The Lighting on the Image was used to make the Image Stand out and Represent more than what it actually is. The Camera Shot that I had used for my Main Image was a mid shot, trying to catch the Expression and Emotion being expressed. High Key lighting is excellent for Representing, a Mood such as an Enjoyable mood, Excited or Happy Mood too. Giving Free Offers is an Absolutely Brilliant way for catching the Audiences Eye. I sometimes, along with others, see it as a Bribe, ‘THERE IS A FREE REVISION BOOK INSIDE’. I made the Pug Stand out using colours Like purple against a Bit of Black.<br />
    6. 6. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?<br />I was asked to create a school magazine which included a front cover and contents page. At first i had to analyse three other school magazines from the internet so this can help me with the codes and convention when i was to make my magazine . What more then i had to plan my own magazine, to do this i needed some information on my own, so i made a questionnaire, where i put questions asking about what the readers would want to read in the magazine, looking at the questionnaire results i made 7 pie charts, where there was 7 questions. I took my results and tired my best to include everything in my front cover and contents page. After making my plan and i had to take original pictures of the school building, students and teachers around school. Which wasn't really any hard work because all the students was wearing what you wanted them to wear which was school uniform. During the process of making my school magazine, i learnt how to use adobe in design. At first i didn't know what to use it at all, with help of teachers and students i learned how to use it, and made it easy for me to use. I knew how to use adobe photo shop but during this process i learnt how to use it more and now is very confident in using it. Further more, i learnt how to set up good quality pictures, they were all done behind the green screen, the reason for this is when you upload them and edit them on adobe it is easy for to take the background off or to change the background colour instead of going through the long process in using the rubber. I ignored some of the codes and conventions of the magazine and all the codes and convention didn't really fit with the front cover and contents but in my music magazine, i wont make that mistake and will surely include all the codes and conventions. <br />
    7. 7. Mistakes that i have made in my school magazine.<br />I have made mistakes in my school magazine because of the time that was given will not make in my music magazine and some of the mistakes were : <br />Forgot to write ‘Love to learn, Learn to love’.<br />The banner at the bottom – left it white and doesn't look as professional as it should.<br />Pictures – used most of them the same time, didn't use of all my pictures because i didn't know which one would look better.<br />Never edited all my pictures, left them most original.<br />Planned on to have a main image but ended up with loads of different image and i didn't stick to my plan. <br />Didn’t stick to my plan – changed the front cover where it said house battle dates beacuse it started to look more like a contents page.<br />