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Health education

  1. 1. Health Education & Health Promotion Fayza Rayes (MBBCh. Msc. MRCGP (UK Consultant Family PhysicianJoint Program of Family & Community Medicine – Jeddah
  2. 2. Health education: Objectives1. To improve your skills in health education2. To make use of all available aids in our clinics to deliver more effective health education messages
  3. 3. : DefinitionHealth education is the process by which individuals and group of people learn to: Promote Maintain Restore health. Health Education is the primary and dominant measure in Health Promotion.
  4. 4. : DefinitionHealth promotion is any combination of educational, organizational, economic and environmental support for behaviors and conditions of living conducive to health .”Health Promotion is a widely used term to encompass various activities e.g. : Behavior & lifestyle, Preventive health services, Health protection directed at environment, Health related public policy, Economic & regulatory measures.
  5. 5. Health promotion
  6. 6. Health promotion
  7. 7. Health Education ((during consultation
  8. 8. Find out the 10 mistakesDiabetes is a killing disease , it cause arteriosclerosis, myocardialinfarction and stroke. You need to take care of your diet and … body weight, do physical exercise and stop smoking
  9. 9. Explanation Health EducationWhat for  Controlling the disease  Putting the patient in the picture  Improving compliance  Preventing complications  Involving patient in the management  Reassurance
  10. 10. Health Education Skills Checklist1. Introduction 9. Organized & limited2. Exploration 10. Feedback3. Patient participation 11. Invite questions4. Empathy & listening 12. Response to cues5. positive attitude 13. Repeat if necessarily6. Simple & clear, 14. Use demonstration if7. Appropriate to patient’s education 15. Give hope and support8. Convincing message
  11. 11. :Tips in Education Skills Health education & level of education Written materials & face to face Health care team 3 T Role 7 Message Role Dialogue not monologue
  12. 12. T Role 3 Repeat important points:T1: Tell him what you will tell him (Introduction(T2: Tell itT3: Tell him what you have told them (Summery(
  13. 13. Positive Attitudes towards the diagnosis Hypertension is a start for a healthy life style
  14. 14. The basic skills for HealthEducation & Health PromotionEmpathy
  15. 15. A good tip on motivating patient to exercise regularly Put it in writing TheMessageshould beSpecific &Organized
  16. 16. The Patient Is the Headof the Treatment Team
  17. 17. The patient has the right to know allimportant details
  18. 18. Don’t use jargons“ It’s only a fungal infection
  19. 19. Demonstration
  20. 20. Demonstration
  21. 21. Exercise Contents of the Health Education MessageWhat issues do you need tocover in patient with DM ??
  22. 22. ExerciseDiabetes Mellitus: Health Education What is diabetes mellitus? How common and how controllable? Signs & symptoms Prognosis (in a positive way) Red flags Complications Management options Importance of compliance ……
  23. 23. Role-PlayDM Health Education
  24. 24. Using computer forhealth education Power point Animation Video …???
  25. 25. The benefit of audiovisualUsingcomputerfor healtheducation
  26. 26. The benefit of audiovisual ?? Why using audiovisual aids in HE1. “When I hear I forget , when I see I remember”2. To match with different types of learning ability3. Audiovisual aids convey more organized message4. It reflect care, respect & interest5. Picture can make very strong positive suggestions6. Picture convey message more clear, more exciting and with less effort7. Video is useful for demonstration of skills e.g. insulin injection8. …
  27. 27. The Benefit of AudiovisualTo simplify the message
  28. 28. ‫‪The benefit of audiovisual‬‬ ‫لماذا أنا أصاب بالسكري؟‬ ‫الجينات الوراثية‬ ‫السكري‬ ‫البيئة‬‫مناعة الجسم‬
  29. 29. The benefit of audiovisual
  30. 30. The benefit of audiovisual
  31. 31. The benefit of audiovisual
  32. 32. The benefit of audiovisual
  33. 33. The Benefit of AudiovisualTo make strong positive suggestions
  34. 34. ‫‪The benefit of audiovisual‬‬ ‫النظام الغذائي‬ ‫+‬ ‫الرياضة‬ ‫+‬ ‫الدواء‬ ‫=‬ ‫عل ج السكري‬
  35. 35. The benefit of audiovisual I love healthy food
  36. 36. The benefit of audiovisual Healthy food is lovely
  37. 37. The benefit of audiovisual
  38. 38. The benefit of audiovisual
  39. 39. The benefit of audiovisual To make strong positive suggestions If children can do it I should be able to do it
  40. 40. The Benefit of AudiovisualTo give more self awareto the patient’s behavior
  41. 41. The benefit of audiovisual‫تصلب الشرايين‬
  42. 42. The Benefit of Audiovisual For explainingcomplicated issues
  43. 43. ‫‪The benefit of audiovisual‬‬ ‫مقاومة السنسولين‬ ‫الغلوكوز )السكريات(‬ ‫ل تذهب إلى خليا‬ ‫الجسم‬‫السكريات‬ ‫خليا الجسم‬ ‫مقاومة السنسولين‬ ‫السنسولين‬
  44. 44. The Benefit of Audiovisual To practice healtheducation with less effort
  45. 45. ‫‪The benefit of audiovisual‬‬ ‫كيف تعتني بقدميك؟‬ ‫* افحص قدميك جيدا كل يوم بحثا عن الخدوش، الجروح، التقرمحات، المحمرار‬ ‫* افحص دائما ما بين اصابع القدم.‬ ‫* اذا كاسنت رؤيتك ضعيفة فاستعن بأمحد افراد العائلة لفحص قدميك.‬ ‫* اغسل قدميك يوميا بالماء الدافئ والصابون وسنشفها جيدا.‬ ‫* تجنب استخدام الماء الحار جدا أو البارد جدا.‬ ‫* تجنب غمر القدام في الماء لمدة طويلة.‬ ‫* قلم أظافر قدميك بعناية على شكل مستقيم عرضي، وتجنب ترك محافة محادة.‬ ‫* امحرص على تدليك القدمين والساقين من وقت لخر.‬ ‫* ل تستخدم المواد الكيماوية لزالة القرون .‬ ‫* ل تستخدم رباطا لصقا على قدميك.‬ ‫* استخدم الكريم المطري لتنعيم مناطق البشرة الصلبة والخشنة.‬ ‫* تجنب المشي محافي القدمين‬‫* استخدم المحذية المريحة للقدمين وتأكد بأن تكون مصنوعة من مادة طرية وأكبر من‬ ‫الحجم المعتاد استعماله.‬ ‫* يفضل استخدام الجوارب القطنية أو الصوفية ويجب ان ل تكون ضاغطة.‬ ‫* عدم الجلوس قريبا من مصادر الحرارة لفترات طويلة أو تعريضها للبرودة الشديدة‬
  46. 46. : Final Message & conclusion  Effective health education needs communication skills  using audiovisual aids makes health education more effective