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8 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate - BrightonSEO April 2019 - Faye Watt

  1. 8 Ways to Increase your Ecommerce Conversion Rate Faye Watt // Edico Media // @fayewatt
  2. @FayeWatt Who am I? • Digital Marketing Specialist • Edico Media • @FayeWatt • Bristol SEO Meetup
  3. @FayeWatt Why CRO at BrightonSEO?
  4. @FayeWatt It doesn’t matter how amazing your SEO is or how much traffic you get if those users don’t convert
  5. @FayeWatt
  6. @FayeWatt
  7. @FayeWatt There are 100s of ways you can increase your ecommerce conversion rate…
  8. @FayeWatt We are going to look at just 8
  9. @FayeWatt 1. Personalisation
  10. @FayeWatt Personalising your homepage can increase sales by 7%
  11. 35% of Amazon’s sales come from personalised recommendations
  12. @FayeWatt Previous browsing history
  13. @FayeWatt Current cart contents
  14. @FayeWatt Gender
  15. @FayeWatt Previous purchase history
  16. @FayeWatt Don’t over do it!
  17. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  18. @FayeWatt HP Homepage
  19. @FayeWatt HP Product page
  20. @FayeWatt Where has Jonathon Banks gone?
  21. @FayeWatt Good Example
  22. @FayeWatt Wayfair Current cart contents
  23. @FayeWatt Wayfair Previous browsing history
  24. @FayeWatt 2. Cross-sells
  25. @FayeWatt Compatible products can be essential to a user’s purchase
  26. @FayeWatt Offer alternative products in different styles, colours, price, etc.
  27. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  28. @FayeWatt Oasis No alternative or compatible products
  29. @FayeWatt Good Example
  30. @FayeWatt River Island Both alternative and compatible products
  31. @FayeWatt Beware of Ad blockers!
  32. @FayeWatt Ad blockers hide secondary products on 26% of ecommerce websites
  33. @FayeWatt Debenhams Without ad blocker
  34. @FayeWatt Debenhams With ad blocker
  35. @FayeWatt 22% of UK users have an ad blocker installed
  36. @FayeWatt 43% of users aged 18-24 will use an ad blocker this year
  37. @FayeWatt 3. Product Images
  38. 56% of users interact with product images before any other page element
  39. @FayeWatt Have at least 3 product images
  40. @FayeWatt Products in scale
  41. @FayeWatt Product features
  42. @FayeWatt Lifestyle image
  43. @FayeWatt Accessories
  44. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  45. @FayeWatt Sainsbury’s Only have 1 small image
  46. @FayeWatt Good Example
  47. @FayeWatt John Lewis • 8 photos • 1 video • In scale • Lifestyle • Feature • Accessories
  48. @FayeWatt 4. Reviews
  49. @FayeWatt 95% of users rely on reviews to evaluate a product
  50. @FayeWatt Users are more likely to choose a product that has a 4.5-star rating from 50 reviews than a product with a 5-star rating from only 4 reviews.
  51. @FayeWatt Make it as easy as possible for users to leave a review
  52. @FayeWatt Don’t require account login or creation
  53. @FayeWatt Require minimum personal information
  54. @FayeWatt Explain why personal information is required
  55. @FayeWatt Remind users to leave reviews
  56. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  57. @FayeWatt Nike Require users to create an account to leave a review
  58. @FayeWatt Good Example
  59. @FayeWatt Adidas • Don’t require user account • Only ask for email • Explain why
  60. @FayeWatt 5. Shipping Costs
  61. 55% of users abandon checkout due to high delivery costs
  62. @FayeWatt Absorb the cost of delivery into the price of the product
  63. @FayeWatt Display shipping fees on the product page *even if it’s free!*
  64. @FayeWatt Include the shipping cost on the cart page and total cost *even if it’s free!*
  65. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  66. @FayeWatt Ancestry Don’t specify the cost of shipping
  67. @FayeWatt Ancestry Force users to create an account before shipping is known
  68. @FayeWatt Ancestry Don’t explain the high-cost shipping fee
  69. @FayeWatt Good Example
  70. @FayeWatt Apple Display the free delivery on product pages
  71. @FayeWatt Apple And include it in the cart total
  72. @FayeWatt 6. Guest Checkout
  73. @FayeWatt 25% of websites don’t offer a guest checkout
  74. @FayeWatt 34% of users abandon checkout if there is no guest checkout option
  75. @FayeWatt Delay account creation until the order confirmation page
  76. @FayeWatt List benefits of creating an account
  77. @FayeWatt Make the guest checkout the first option on the page
  78. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  79. @FayeWatt Topshop Require users set up an account and don’t list any benefits
  80. @FayeWatt Good Example
  81. @FayeWatt Debenhams Allow users to checkout as a guest
  82. @FayeWatt Debenhams Allow account owners to also checkout as a guest
  83. @FayeWatt 7. Checkout Interruptions
  84. @FayeWatt 26% of users abandon their cart because the checkout process is too long or complicated
  85. @FayeWatt Minimise the number of form fields
  86. @FayeWatt Display each step in the checkout process
  87. @FayeWatt Use shipping address as billing address by default
  88. @FayeWatt Hide coupon field behind a link
  89. @FayeWatt Don’t have character limits or restrictions
  90. @FayeWatt Keep password requirements to a minimum
  91. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  92. @FayeWatt Apple There are 35 form fields
  93. @FayeWatt Apple Don’t indicate required form fields
  94. @FayeWatt Boots Character limit on address fields
  95. @FayeWatt Boots Don’t set billing address by default
  96. @FayeWatt River Island Don’t hide coupon field behind a link
  97. @FayeWatt Good Example
  98. @FayeWatt ASOS Have only 12 form fields
  99. @FayeWatt ASOS Hide coupon field behind a link
  100. @FayeWatt ASOS Apply billing address by default
  101. @FayeWatt ASOS Auto-complete address
  102. @FayeWatt 8. Promoting Trust
  103. @FayeWatt 17% of users abandon checkout because they don't trust the site with their credit card information
  104. @FayeWatt Security icons
  105. @FayeWatt Security badges
  106. @FayeWatt Reassuring copy
  107. @FayeWatt Bad Example
  108. @FayeWatt American Eagle Outfitters No security icons, badges, or copy
  109. @FayeWatt Good Example
  110. @FayeWatt Tesco Reassuring copy ‘secure card payment’
  111. @FayeWatt Tesco Multiple security badges
  112. @FayeWatt Tesco Tooltip explanation
  113. @FayeWatt The 8 Ways
  114. @FayeWatt 1. Personalise your homepage
  115. @FayeWatt 2. Promote alternative and compatible products on the product page
  116. @FayeWatt 3.Use multiple product images
  117. @FayeWatt 4.Provide user reviews
  118. @FayeWatt 5. Display shipping costs on product and cart pages
  119. @FayeWatt 6. Always offer a guest checkout
  120. @FayeWatt 7. Simplify your checkout process
  121. @FayeWatt 8. Promote trust with icons, badges, and copy
  122. @FayeWatt Thanks for Listening! @FayeWatt