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Rock and rollfsfsf

  1. 1. Intended Audience
  2. 2. • The audience for my final piece music magazine would mainly be teenagers around the ages of 17 + as it reaches out to a target audience of people that would be able to attend a music festival. Also the magazine offers modern bands that teenagers may be more interested in compared to adults..
  3. 3. • My magazine is directly aimed at people that are interested in rock and indie styles of music, you can see this from the style of my magazine as I have stuck to a certain colour scheme of red and black. This then draws attention the fact that the magazine will probably not reach out to people that enjoy classical music or pop music, but people that may enjoy indie and rock music, as these colours are often represented with the style of music. It is also directly aimed at people that enjoy going to music festivals, as on my front cover, you can see that it mentions winning tickets to a festival, and also that the magazine hold a 10 page Leeds Festival special.
  4. 4. The types of artist that I have featured on the front cover of my magazine are artists such as Foo Fighters and Paramore, this also brings a strong influence towards the aspect of my magazine being aimed towards more of a indie and rock style audience, other than pop. As in a pop magazine you may expect to see artists such as Lady GaGa and Rihanna. I have also used these bands as it brings an older band into the magazine, this being Foo Fighters, which may also appeal to a slightly older audience maybe in the 20's, but also a more modern band being Paramore, which fits in with the initial
  5. 5. • My chosen cover image also links in with this, as I made it black and white so it still fits in with the overall house style of my magazine, but I also made it appealing as it fits in with the festival theme.