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Energy arbitration campaign brief 2014


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Campaign targeted at the energy and offshore industry, specifically covering energy arbitration

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Energy arbitration campaign brief 2014

  1. 1. Energy Arbitration Guide Campaign brief (2014)
  2. 2. Contents 2 Summary 3 1 Objectives 5 2 Target audience 6 3 Target audience feedback 8 4 Market research 9 5 Format 10 6 Elevator pitch 11 7 Measurement of success 12 8 Email marketing 13 9 Conclusion 16
  3. 3. Summary 3 The Energy Arbitration Guide was produced as a reference tool to get the energy and offshore team in front of clients/contacts. The Guide aims to add value to clients business, and provides lawyers with something interesting to say - know-how and insight - including having a real and deep understanding of a specialist area. The Guide is a proactive and innovative offering that demonstrates that Ince & Co is an expert in the energy and offshore sector and is able to suggest new and relevant ideas. Based on feedback we believed that there was demand/interest in this type of Guide, and that it would promote our global breadth and depth of expertise whilst being a useful and practical resource for our target audience. Understanding different approaches to arbitration in the major jurisdictions is crucial to choosing a dispute resolution regime appropriate for energy and offshore contracts.
  4. 4. 1.0 Objectives 4 • Build profile of Energy Arbitration team (the core group comprised five London-based partners) • Sell the services of our energy group and arbitration service • Engagement and create/raise awareness • Share of voice • Encourage requests for ebook pdf • Meaningful and insightful • Effectively measure interest in the guide and related webpages/repeat visitors • Generate interest – campaign webpage – the energy arbitration guide is coming soon - call to action and sign-up for more information Webpage/persuasion page for Energy Arbitration: Campaign url: Redirect to resolution • Draft layout and copy for a bespoke webpage to include the Guide library/energy/energy-arbitration.pdf Also produce arbitration related articles and activities/events, reader sign-up, surveys and polls:
  5. 5. 1.0 Objectives 5 Mock-up webpage This webpage will also be used as a landing page for content around the Queen Mary UoL of London research survey/paper.
  6. 6. 2.0 Target audience 6 We identified a critical mass of receptive readers/confirmed prospects with specialist intellectual, professional and vocational interest. By concentrating on a niche area, we were able to maximise our content expertise, and reach/attract prospective readers via face to face, warm leads, website, social media and word of mouth endorsements. Our special interest audience includes decision makers and legal counsel in energy, oil and gas related companies. Targets were broken down as follows: •Updated: Energy arbitration brochure list and Queen Mary UoL project list (120 companies) – personalised letter/hard copy •Critical mass (2,110 recipients) – email campaign/ebook pdf •International offices – hard copies and ebook pdf • - ebook pdf •Social media - ebook pdf •Industry bodies, legal trade press and directories •Referral law firms in Korea, Japan, Australia, Singapore and region, USA and South America, MENA, Sub-Sahara, Europe. •LinkedIn • Ince & Co company page • Ince & Co international law firm group page • Industry groups
  7. 7. 2.0 Target audience 7 • Twitter • Facebook • Ince & Co company page • International Commercial Arbitration • International Arbitration
  8. 8. 3.0 Target audience feedback 8 Supported by feedback generated from our Queen Mary UoL exercise undertaken in April 2014 to scope and garner interest in commissioning a research paper into international arbitration in the energy world – exploring such things as attitudes to arbitration, choice of venue and institution, the cost and pricing of it and ways in which it might be made more efficient, as well any particular subjects, concerns or issues our audience would be interested to know about the way arbitration is conducted. Overall, we received positive responses and interest from contacts including a need to stay up to date, wanting to learn more about the particularities of arbitration including the cost and pricing of it, drivers to choose the venue and institution, process / stages, pre- actions stages if any, etc. One contact said that it’s a very interesting subject for study and he regularly drafts arbitration clauses and ponders the issues under scrutiny. He is also interested to know how often in their arbitration agreements parties go for the single arbitrator option; why they do this; and how satisfied parties tend to be with the outcome of single arbitrator proceedings. Our research aims to address these questions, and others.
  9. 9. 4.0 Market research 9 The research publication ‘Corporate choices in International Arbitration - Industry perspectives - 2013 International Arbitration Survey, by PwC and Queen Mary University of London,’ investigates how corporations use international arbitration - focuses exclusively on the views of in-house counsel provides the following insights for us: •Several interviewees said that a good understanding of the “commercial reality” of the matters in dispute was indispensable. •Overall, expertise in the arbitration process and commercial understanding of the relevant sector both appear to be essential •Overall, the two most important factors were (1) past experience of the firm or lawyer in contentious matters and (2) personal knowledge of the individual lawyer being selected. •The question of which firm to retain for a particular arbitration falls more often within the remit of in-house corporate counsel. •Energy-sector corporations seem to be the least concerned by costs.
  10. 10. 5.0 Format 10 The Guide will be available as an ebook pdf. This is the best format for mass production/mailing and the most economical. The more options you offer the market the more you’ll sell. We read a lot on our computers but there’s still nothing quite like a good old fashioned printed book. The Guide has been printed internally in booklet format and does not look good. The Guide has also been produced externally by Azimuth printers in draft format including perfect bound paperback and wiro bind paperback using 100gsm Multicopy Inner Pages/300gsm Gloss Cover. Generate buzz via hard copies to get readers and reviewers interested. Quote proposal: Several quotes were received from different printers, for different formats and quantities. We selected Azimuth Print Ltd, to initially provide us with 100 perfect bound copies. Numerous subsequent print orders were made.
  11. 11. 6.0 Elevator Pitch 11 Our Energy Arbitration Guide provides an overview of key aspects of the arbitration process in the major and developing arbitration centres for disputes in the energy sector: London, Paris, Hamburg, Qatar, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong. The Guide assists readers understanding of the different approaches to arbitration in the major jurisdictions - crucial to choosing a dispute resolution regime appropriate for a contract. Our expertise is the result of having a global presence. A diverse team of experts that focus on energy disputes and understanding the nuances required in individual markets.
  12. 12. 7.0 Measurement of success 12 Measurement of success: •Individual partners to contact targets •Feedback and follow-up generated for all hard-copy contacts including face to face meetings, presentations and instructions •Demand / requests for copies of the guide and further information •Introductions and new contacts •Meeting with new contacts •Generating media, conference/speaking and profile raising opportunities.
  13. 13. 8.0 Email marketing 13 Email #1
  14. 14. 8.0 Email marketing 14 Email #2
  15. 15. 8.0 Email marketing 15 Download link Thank you email
  16. 16. 9.0 Conclusion 16 This small campaign achieved much of what it set out to do. The only thing that wasn’t executed was the Queen Mary UoL research paper. However, White & Case worked with Queen Mary UoL to successfully produce the 2015 International Arbitration Survey: Improvements and Innovations in International Arbitration