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Rupert 4.5 UDL and Backwards Design, Jan 2014


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An afternoon session building on the morning's co-taught class as we introduced journals to guided reading groups in a 3/4/5 class.

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Rupert 4.5 UDL and Backwards Design, Jan 2014

  1. 1. It’s All about Thinking – Collaborating to Support All Learners Reading, Writing, Thinking Strategies Grades 3-5   Prince  Rupert   January  8,  2014   Faye  Brownlie  
  2. 2. Learning  IntenAons   •  I  have  a  plan  to  collaborate  with  someone  in   the  classroom.   •  I  have  a  plan  to  try  a  different  strategy  or   sequence  that  focuses  on  literacy  and   engagement.   •  I  have  a  plan  to  conAnue  to  ask  the  quesAons,   ”How  is  what  I  am  doing  supporAng  the   learning  of  all  my  students?”  and  “How  do  I   know?”  
  3. 3. Great  idea  from  COMOX!   Buddy  Reading   •  In the “Read to Someone” chapter of the Daily Five, student reading coaches are encouraged to ask if their reading partner would like, “time or coaching?”
  4. 4. Hand-­‐held  Strategy  Cards   •  Using hand-held strategy cards the listener or coach has an active role … flipping through these little cards the coach must determine which strategy best fits the current context and be ready to share it should their buddy ask for coaching.
  5. 5. •  Making sense and decoding strategies are literally in the hands of our students! •  When reading with younger buddies, these cards offer important review for our older students.  
  6. 6. Gr 3 Joni Cunningham, Richmond •  •  •  •  •  Building  vocabulary  from  pictures   Establishing  ficAon/non-­‐ficAon   PredicAng     Directed  drawing   WriAng  to  retell  and  connect  
  7. 7. The Swaps Who   Give  away   Want   scarecrow   hat   walking  sAck   badger   walking  sAck   ribbon   crow  
  8. 8. Planning What  are  you  going  to  try  ASAP?   Who  will  you  work  with?   How  will  this  support  student  engagement  and   increased  literacy?