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Quesnel.Adolescent Literacy.Feb 2016


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UDL and Backwards Design in junior and senior English classes. Focus on inclusion of all learners in highly diverse communities. Inquiry and questioning framework, post-it note explosion, encouraging reading, writing and thinking.

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Quesnel.Adolescent Literacy.Feb 2016

  1. 1. Adolescent Literacy Quesnel, Jr/Sr School ELA & RT Feb. 24, AM, 2016 quesnel/adolescent/feb
  2. 2. Frameworks for Learning It’s All about Thinking (English, Humanities, Social Studies) – Brownlie & Schnellert, 2009 It’s All about Thinking (Math, Science)– Brownlie, Fullerton, Schnellert, 2011
  3. 3. Universal Design for Learning MulGple means: -to tap into background knowledge, to acGvate prior knowledge, to increase engagement and moGvaGon -to acquire the informaGon and knowledge to process new ideas and informaGon -to express what they know. Rose & Meyer, 2002
  4. 4. Backwards Design •  What important ideas and enduring understandings do you want the students to know? •  What thinking strategies will students need to demonstrate these understandings? McTighe & Wiggins, 2001
  5. 5. Inquiry and Thematic Teaching •  EssenGal quesGon •  Gradual release of responsibility •  Open-ended quesGons •  Co-creaGng criteria for journals •  Journal selecGons used for AoL •  Krista, Mehj & Leyton in It’s All about Thinking (English, Social Studies, Humani;es) •  Grade 8 English
  6. 6. Essential Question •  How are hope, knowledge, and friendship necessary for the survival of the human spirit?
  7. 7. Right There Factual Ques1ons: -can locate an answer by finding it directly in the text…poin1ng Think and Search Interpreta1ve Ques1ons: -search for details, then put them together to shape an answer Author and Me Personal Input QuesGons: -search for informaGon in the text and fill in knowledge gaps with their personal background knowledge On My Own EvaluaGve or AppreciaGve QuesGons: -ongoing inquiry quesGons that can be applied to many situaGons…search for outside sources of informaGon to support your opinion
  8. 8. Right There Factual Ques1ons: -What are some ways that the guide uses his knowledge to help others? Think and Search Interpreta1ve Ques1ons: -Is the guide’s knowledge unique or special in some way? Author and Me Personal Input QuesGons: -In our society, or in your experience, do you know of people who have knowledge like the guide? On My Own EvaluaGve or AppreciaGve QuesGons: -Is knowledge the same as wisdom?
  9. 9. Assessment of Learning - Journals •  Students choose 3 journal responses for their mark. •  Students may rework any of their responses. •  Self-regulated learning: deciding on and pracGcing what you feel is most important – gives control.
  10. 10. Encouraging Literate Conversations •  The post-it note explosion☺ – The author used exquisite language. – The author created strong emoGon in you! – You have a clear image. – You have a quesGon. – What happened causes you to say “Wow!” – You have found phrase you want to use. – From Student Diversity, 2nd ed.
  11. 11. Beginning with images…
  12. 12. Marco Cianfanelli, of Johannesburg, sculptor 50 ten metre high laser cut steel plates set into the landscape, represen5ng the 50 year anniversary of when and where Mandela was captured and arrested in 1962 (prior to his 27 years of incarcera5on). Standing at a par5cular point (presumably the spot where the people are standing in Photo #2), the columns come into focus and the image of Mandela can be seen. At Natal Midlands
  13. 13. •  Brownlie, Fullerton, Schnellert – It’s All about Thinking – Collabora1ng to support all learners in Math & Science, 2011 •  Brownlie, King - Learning in Safe Schools – Crea1ng classrooms where all students belong, 2nd ed, Pembroke Publishers, 2011 •  Brownlie, Schnellert – It’s All about Thinking – Collabora1ng to support all learners in English & Humani1es, 2009 •  Brownlie, Feniak, Schnellert - Student Diversity, 2nd ed., Pembroke Pub., 2006 •  Brownlie, Jeroski – Reading and Responding, grades 4-6, 2nd ediGon, Nelson, 2006 •  Brownlie - Grand Conversa1ons, Portage and Main Press, 2005 •  Brownlie,Feniak, McCarthy - Instruc1on and Assessment of ESL Learners, Portage and Main Press, 2004