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Bulkley valley.jan.2014.leadership


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The next day's session for those educators who are willing to not only examine their own practice but also to help others, if requested, in examine effective teaching practices (UDL and BD).

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Bulkley valley.jan.2014.leadership

  1. 1. Bulkley Leadership Group 2013-   14 Current and Effective Strategies across the grades and across the curriculum   January  17,  2014   Faye  Brownlie  
  2. 2. Learning Intentions •     I  can  design  lesson  sequences  using     the  principles  of  universal  design  for   learning  and  backwards  design  to   support  all  learners.   •    I  have  a  plan  to  work  to  present  at  the   district  day  or  to  my  staff  (SD54)   •  I  have  a  plan  to  try  something  that  is  new  to   me.    
  3. 3. •  Intro/check  in  –  quick  write   •  I  tried…with…   •  What  worked?    What  didn’t?    What’s  next?   •  Report  out:  commonaliTes  &  quesTons   •  Strategies   •  Team  planning   •  Report  Out  &  ReflecTons    
  4. 4. Four Minute Reflective Write Think about what you know about your class as you begin this next term. What are the strengths of your class as a whole? What are some areas to strengthen of your class as a whole?
  5. 5. Synthesize •  What are two key words/phrases from your write? •  Pick ONE to share & to explain why you picked it.
  6. 6. Note-making •  Topic:    Life  in  New  France   •  Model   –  Drawing  the  notes,  labeling   •  PracTce  with  a  partner   •  ConTnue  to  pracTce  on  your  own   •  Exit  slip:   –  Who  would  you  choose  to  be?    Why?   With  Thom  Borle,  Alderson  
  7. 7. Social Studies 9 with Caitlin Langford, Centennial •  The  kids  have  been  to  the  computer  lab  and  they   have  begun  to  research  3  people  evolved  in  the   rebellion.     •  The  goal  is  for  them  to  find  out  the  following  info:   –   Background  (who  were  they)   –   Involvement  in  Northwest  Uprising   –   Credibility  as  a  witness   –   Assess  strength  as  a  witness  for  prosecuTon  or   defense   –   Answer  main  argument  for  why  Riel  is  innocent  and   why  Riel  is  guilty  
  8. 8. Witnesses   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  Louis  Riel               Major-­‐General  Frederick  Middleton   Captain  Arthur  L.  Howard       Madeleine  Dumont         Chief  Poundmaker           Lieutenant-­‐Colonel  William  D.OJer   Effie  Laurie             Robert  Jefferson           Wandering  Spirit           Major  Samuel  B.  Steele   Theresa  Delaney   Elizabeth  McLean    Evelina  Barnabe    Marguerite  Monet  Riel    Father  Alexis  Andre    John  A.  Macdonald    Chief  Crowfoot    William  Henry  Jackson    Superintendent  Leif  Crozier    Gabriel  Dumont    Charles  Nolan  
  9. 9. Learning Goal: impact of Louis Riel on Canadian history •  Whip  around:  what  do  you  know  about  the  Riel   rebellion?   •  Hot  Seat  to  build  background  knowledge   •  Discussion  Web     –  Louis  Riel  was  a  Canadian  hero.   –  10  minutes:    balance  of  +/-­‐  evidence   –  5  min.  cp  with  partner:    keep  balance   –  5-­‐10  min.  group  of  4,  consensus   –  Share  1  powerful  piece  of  evidence   –  10  min.  write  with  3  pieces  of  evidence.    Take  a  stand.  
  10. 10. Team Planning •  What  will  you  do?   •  Who  will  you  work  with?   •  What  arTfacts  will  you  collect  from  the  students   to  provide  evidence  of  how  they  are  learning  –   i.e,  student  samples  for  your  porfolio?   •  Reflect  on  the  quesTons:   –  What  are  we  doing?   –  How  is  it  going?   –  What  next?  
  11. 11. access