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Sagacious Business Consultancy Profile


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Sagacious Business Consultancy is a new entrant in the market but firmly believes that it’s a resource battle; company can only win the battle if they have good and quality resources. Sagacious Business Consultancy has specialized in identifying and plugging the right position with the right candidate through its massive PR, Professional Contacts, along with a large database that is continuously updated. We are young in the market but enthusiastic passionate, knowing our work from its core we have an aggressive approach towards the task that’s why we call ourselves… “The Battlefield Strategists”

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Sagacious Business Consultancy Profile

  1. 1. Business Consultancy||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  2. 2. ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  3. 3. SBC –WHO ARE WESagacious Business Consultancy is a newentrant in the market but firmly believes thatit’s a resource battle; company can only winthe battle if they have good and qualityresources. Sagacious Business Consultancyhas specialized in identifying and pluggingthe right position with the right candidatethrough its massive PR, ProfessionalContacts, along with a large database that iscontinuously updated. We are young in themarket but enthusiastic passionate, knowingour work from its core we have an aggressiveapproach towards the task that’s why we callourselves… “The Battlefield Strategists” ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  4. 4. “To serve as a Source of Information and Expertise that provides quality services to our clients and their ever changing needs”Vision ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  5. 5. “We Want to be a Fortune 500 Company by the year 2025”Mission ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  6. 6. SBC – THE ARMY SK Afridi Chief Executive Officer S K Afridi has 40 years of experience in Sales & Marketing with various local & multinational FMCG companies. His Diversified experience from mergers, acquisitions, re-structuring, rationalizing of trade channels and hands on experience in providing operational leadership as General Manager, Marketing Manager, Business Manager, and Consultant for various organizations makes him an expert in various fields. He has expertise in New Product Development, New Market Development Strategy, Change Management, Business Re-engineering, Team Building, Development of Operational Systems, Development of Brand Architecture, Development of Sales and Distribution Operational Management System and Channel Management.Team ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  7. 7. SBC – THE ARMY Wardah Asif Recruitment Officer Completing her Masters degree in Human Resource Management from CBM, Wardah brings a fresh feel to the business with her innovative theology and creative thinking. This energy, coupled with insight in her relevant subject matter and appropriate attention to detail, enables her to deliver results exceeding client expectations frequently. Wardah has previously had work experience in the HR departments of ICI Pakistan and GEO Tv, during which she was recognized for her value addition to the organization.Team ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  8. 8. Rabeeta Afridi Psychologist A Psychologist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, Organizational Psychology & HRM, passionate about the work that requires psychological assistance, and facilitates & evaluate the resource in identifying the inner capabilities resulting professional and personal growth. Previously worked with different Psychiatry Hospitals. She is currently working with HSBC as a Learning and development Officer.Team ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  9. 9. “To grow, companies need to break out of the vicious cycle of competitive benchmarking and imitation” by, (Tom Peters) We are committed to originality and aggressive approach towards work along with integrity, self-respect, social ethics and honesty. Our core values are to follow belligerence and boldness with professional expertise and capabilities through our commitment & dedication.Values ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  10. 10. Human Resources is an evolving function which will take a leadership role and provide service in support of Company’s Vision by promoting the concept that employees are the most valuable resource and should be treated as stakeholders of the Company. Sagacious Business Consultancy will act as catalyst in Selecting the right candidates and inhibiting core values of the organization’s mission to contribute at optimum levels towards the success of the business.Human Resource ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  11. 11. Job Development Functions Recruitment Relationship & Selection ManagementWhat we do? ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  12. 12. Recky The Recruitment Acceptanc Plan e The Bulls Eye Offer Referenc Candidate e Check EvaluationProcess ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  13. 13. RECKYLearning more about organizations requirements,environment, corporate culture and how SagaciousBusiness Consultancy can facilitate you. We ask the rightquestions so we can target your needs precisely and tryexceeding your expectations with the right solutions. RECRUITMENT PLAN Look for the Right Candidate for the Right Job. BULLS EYE Our large database, combined with our teams extensive network, gives us access to the industries’ best talent. As we connect with candidates for you, we go beyond assessing their professional qualifications — close understanding of their career goals and motivations. Process ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  14. 14. CANDIDATE EVALUATIONResulting in a short list of candidates who best matchyour requirements, we clearly document for you whyeach candidate is interested and why we recommendthem. REFERENCE CHECK Including detailed written documentation for each reference contacted, on every finalist, available to you upon your request. OFFER AND ACCEPTANCE After your offer is accepted, staying in touch with you and each candidate to support a smooth transition and a successful start with your company.Process ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  15. 15. Sagacious Business Consultancy firmly believesin building long terms relationship thus weoffer our services on a very competitive price.We can assure you a quality resource which willcertainly help the organization to achieve itsgoals.One Month Gross Salary of the selectedcandidate will be taken from the client. In caseof Mass hiring, a particular fee could be chargedbased on negotiations.Compensation ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  16. 16. Partners ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||
  17. 17. Telephone +92 21 35240164 & 35842066 Fax: +92 21 35240165 Email URL ||Sagacious Business Consultancy|| ||The Battlefield Strategist||