Competitive Positioning


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Planning to expand your reach into new markets..?

Developing New Products..?

Looking for an edge in a mature market..?

Developing Your Competitive Positioning Strategy is important for you to gain market share, improve profits and build a competitive brand that will maximize your return on investment when you are ready to exit your business.

Are you ready..? Let's get started..!

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  • FawcettGroup Mark Fawcett
  • Competitive Positioning

    1. 1. Business Has Only Two Functions “Innovation and Marketing” Fawcett Group will help you with Both..! - Peter Drucker
    2. 2. Competitive Positioning Strategy Your competitive positioning strategy is the foundation of your entire business – it’s the first thing you should do when preparing to launch your new company or product. It’s also important when you’re expanding into a new market and looking for a new edge. If you’re already selling your product into the marketplace, the first step is to profile your market.
    3. 3. Learn Your Market - Gain Competitive Edge! Competitive Analysis
    4. 4. Project Summary Competitive Positioning is the single most important area business leaders should address for long-term sustainable growth. Market Profile: size, competitors, stage of growth Customer Segments: groups of prospects with similar wants & needs Competitive Analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats Value Proposition: the type of value you’ll deliver to the market Positioning Strategy: how you’ll position your offering to focus on opportunities When your market recognizes the difference in your product or service offerings from that of your competition, it becomes much easier to generate new prospects and successfully move them through your sales pipeline. Without differentiation, it requires significantly more resources to persuade prospects to choose you, more often than not resulting in price competitions that decrease margins and are extremely difficult to sustain over the long term.
    5. 5. Why it’s Important You need a strong understanding of your market to effectively carve out your space in the marketplace. It’s vital to match your positioning to your market lifecycle stage so you can deliver the information the market seeks. What Builds Upon it Your market understanding and the position you take affects your competitive strategy. It will also influence your Brand Strategy, and should influence all of your marketing campaigns and selling activities.
    6. 6. Projects 1. Find a New Market for an Existing Product/Service 2. Profile Your Market and Your Position 3. Understand Your Prospects Problems 4. Evaluate Your Competition 5. Define Your Value Proposition 6. Competitive Positioning and Action Plan
    7. 7. Deliverable Working together; we’ll create a positioning strategy (plan) that will gain you more market share and higher profits. Long-term, this is the foundation that will build you a highly competitive brand that will empower you to leverage a higher return on your investment when you’re ready to exit the business.
    8. 8. Are You ready..? Let’s get started…! Connect with us through Social Media Channels shown below