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Microservices Architectures with Docker Swarm, etcd, Kuryr and Neutron


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Microservices architectures are revolutionizing the way software is envisioned and built. OpenStack has started to play a key role in enabling the microservices architectures and focused groups inside OpenStack community are working towards this goal: Magnum, Kuryr etc.
Docker is one of the key components here and combining them all, we get to build microservices architectures using tools like Docker Swarm, Etcd, Kuryr and Neutron. This workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain experience with various Docker features and uses cases integrated with the OpenStack ecosystem. The lab will cover wide range of topics:

Introduction to Docker and OpenStack
Docker Swarm: Architecture and usage
Kuryr and Neutron: Architecture and usage with DevStack
Deploying Microservices
Breaking Docker, Kuryr and debugging it!

Attendees simply need to come in (with their laptop). Workshop speaker/organizer will provide instructions and will be available to answer any questions.

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Microservices Architectures with Docker Swarm, etcd, Kuryr and Neutron

  1. 1. Hands-on Workshop | OpenStack Summit, Barcelona Learn About Microservices Architectures with Docker Swarm, Etcd, Kuryr, Neutron
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  4. 4. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 Introduction to Microservices Enter the world of containers! 4 ContainersVirtual Machines Start/Stop time Workload Density Seconds to minutes Milliseconds 1x 10x-100x
  5. 5. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 Introduction to Microservices Monolithic services vs Microservices 5 • Monolithic • All in one application with single big unified code base • Comprises of multiple small components packaged as one • Entire application grows overtime with each component growth • Harder to maintain overtime, especially upgrades and troubleshooting • Microservices • Divide and conquer • Move each component into a separate service entity • Connect via APIs • Code base is easier to manage • Deploying is easier and upgrade downtimes are reduced • Easier to scale/replace a component
  6. 6. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 Docker Swarm Architecture 6
  7. 7. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 • Distributed K/V store based on directories • Service definition queried using JSON-based HTTP APIs • Clients handle failure or load balancing themselves • Allows watch on changes etcd 7
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  13. 13. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 Virtual Network Functions 13 Distributed Virtual Network Functions Description Connector • Connectivity: External, Port Bundle (“Multi-gateway LAG”), Appliance and Inter Virtual Domain Bridge • Distributed Layer 2 network function • Connects VMs on same IP subnet inside Virtual Domain • Include Private VLAN functionality Router • Distributed Layer 3 network function • Connects VMs from different subnets inside a Virtual Domain • Includes Dynamic Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP) DHCP • Distributed DHCP function for dynamic IP Address allocation • Associated on per Bridge basis NAT • Distributed Network Address Translation function • Supports Inbound / Outbound, Many to One, One to One NAT Security Policies • Distributed Layer 4 Security network function • Substitute for Layer 4 ACLs / Firewalls DNS • Distributed Domain Name Service
  14. 14. Any Questions? Before we move on to the hands-on workshop 14
  15. 15. HANDS-ON WORKSHOP 15
  16. 16. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 Hands-on Workshop Environment 16
  17. 17. Copyright © PLUMgrid, Inc. 2011-2016 Content Overview 17 Docker, Kuryr, Neutron Microservices using Docker Compose Service Registration and Service Discovery
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