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We Can All Do Better by Bill Bradley

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We Can All Do Better by Bill Bradley

  1. 1. We Can All Do Better By Bill BradleyFrom one of the foremost political andcultural thought leaders of our time,New York Times bestselling author BillBradley, comes We Can All Do Better, agame-changing and thought-provokingbook about how we can break thepresent cycle of despair, frustration, andcynicism permeating our country, andhow American voters now have aunique opportunity to partake in amore participatory form of democracy.
  2. 2. We Can All Do Better"These pages were largely inspired by apassage in Lincolns second State of theUnion address, in which he said, "Wecan succeed only by concert. It is notCan any of us imagine better? but Canwe all do better?" That is a question forus as a nation and for each of usindividually."—Senator Bill BradleySenator Bill Bradley will be appearing at several locations duringMay and June for his We Can All Do Better Book Tour.Click here to check for a location near you.
  3. 3. We Can All Do Better“At his best there is no better and BillBradley is at the top of his game inpointing us toward the renewal ofpolitics with practical ideas and ahopeful spirit. His many years as apublic man and private citizen groundhis optimism in realistic possibilities ofwhat we can do to make America onceagain work for all of us.”— Bill Moyers, New York Times Bestselling Authorand Host of Moyers & Company
  4. 4. We Can All Do Better“Bill Bradley’s We Can All Do Better is aclarion call to Americans of everypolitical stripe and walk of life to standup and demand of themselves and oftheir leaders the fair play, idealism,discipline and optimism that madeAmerica a beacon for the world. Thisthoughtful book deserves wideattention.”— Dr. Henry Kissinger, former Secretary of State
  5. 5. We Can All Do Better“Every American should read thiscourageous book. It’s full of historyand heart and solutions that can giveus all hope. It reminds us of our betterselves and represents citizen leadershipat its best.”— Howard Schultz, Chairman, President and ChiefExecutive Officer Starbucks Coffee Company
  6. 6. We Can All Do Better"For all of us who care about therenewal of our country and therevitalization of our politics, thisextraordinary book provides anindispensable guide. Bradley speakswith unusual clarity, candor, insight andpassion about the problems we face andthe road we can take to move forward.This book should be widely read."— Doris Kearns Goodwin, Pulitzer Prize WinningAuthor and Presidential Historian
  7. 7. We Can All Do Better"Bill Bradley is gone from the NBA andSenate but in this timely book hereminds us that the demands ofcitizenship never stop -- and he offers aplan to get America back in the game."— Tom Brokaw, Former NBC News Anchor and NewYork Times Bestselling Author
  8. 8. We Can All Do Better“Bill Bradley has bravely and frankly examined themost important issues America must deal with forits economic future, its foreign policy and itspolitical system. He is trenchant in his criticism ofwhat was allowed to happen to the economy leadingto a near financial and economic catastrophe . . . Heis particularly incensed with the gridlock in thepolitical system, that Congress is more interested inscoring partisan points rather than moved by whatis for the common good. Bradley has a good grasp ofthe huge challenge China poses for America . . . andwhat it takes for America to compete with China.”— Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore
  9. 9. We Can All Do BetterIn We Can All Do Better, for the first timesince the financial meltdown and sincethe worst of the intensifying politicalgridlock, Bradley offers his own concise,powerful, and highly personal review ofthe state of the nation. Bradley arguesthat government is not the problem. Hecriticizes the role of money in politics,explains how continuing on our existingforeign policy, electoral, and economicpaths will mean a diminished future,and lays out exactly what needs to bedone to reverse course.
  10. 10. We Can All Do BetterBill Bradley is a Managing Director of Allen &Company LLC, a member of the board of directors ofStarbucks Company, and the host of American Voices,a weekly show on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio thathighlights the remarkable accomplishments ofAmericans both famous and unknown.Senator Bill Bradley served in the U.S. Senate. Beforeserving in the Senate, he was an Olympic goldmedalist and a professional basketball player withthe New York Knicks during which time they wontwo NBA championships.
  11. 11. We Can All Do Better By Senator Bill Bradley Order Today! Amazon B&N Indiebound