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  1. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers FattoreMamma and digital mums Connect with the true decision-makers 07-2015
  2. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers Context FattoreMamma Our Network Our events Our offer Our clients 
  3. m fattoremamma o  They spend more than 3.5 hours a day on the Internet o  88% have a smartphone, 53% a tablet, 86% a PC o  Internet is the best means of finding information for shopping for 74% of mums (against 41% women and 50% total) o  They have a more pronounced multichannel outlook than other women: 48% Open Minded mums, 30% Reloaded mums o  No longer Gate-Keeper mums but Game-Changer, they change the rules of the game Sources: Nielsen-Connexia Multichannel Observatory 2011; Nielsen Digital Family Research 2012 - McCann Research The Truth about smart moms 2012; FtatoreMamma – GNResearch 2015 CONTEXT Mums are digital
  4. m fattoremamma In all advanced countries, women and mums in particular are the driving force in the use of social media, particularly dominant within image-based channels Mums like to read other mums' opinions, much more than other target segments. Mums promote the brands they like much more effectively than the media. CONTEXT Mums, social media protagonists Sources: = Osservatorio Multicanalità - Osservatorio Mamme I LIKE READING OTHER CONSUMERS' OPINIONS ON PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT INTEREST ME, ON BLOGS, FORUMS OR ONLINE COMMUNITIES. Mums 0-6 Women All respondents
  5. m fattoremamma Blogger mums are mums who – through their channels on the Net, their passion and their creativity – talk every month with hundreds of thousands of other mums just like them. They represent the most advanced version of digital mums and run web channels that, for the traffic they generate, can often compete with specialist sites from the leading publishers. They have a relationship of trust with their target audience. CONTEXT Blogger mums are the new influencers
  6. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers Context Fattoremamma Our Network Our events Our offer Our customers
  7. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma is the first agency specialising in communication and marketing WITH mums. It was founded at the end of 2008 with the experience of Jolanda Restano (passionate about content for children and highly skilled in fostering online connections and relationships) and Paolo Prestinari (digital communications expert). Today FattoreMamma is the market leader and collaborates with a unique team of highly professional mothers and women, using an innovative and highly digital working method. FATTOREMAMMA Who we are
  8. m fattoremamma A company providing consulting, marketing and communication services for companies targeting mums. A publisher of websites and apps for families, developing a wide range of interaction points online and offline. An advertising broker specialising in the “Mums and family” target audience. COMMUNICATION AGENCY ON-LINE PUBLISHER ADV ONLINE BROKER FATTOREMAMMA Who we are
  9. m fattoremamma PUBLIC COMPANY ON-LINE OFF-LINE LISTENING DIALOGUE ACTIVATION UNDERSTANDING WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIP Connecting means knowing how to listen, understand and have a respectful dialogue, all on a continuous basis. The relationship can create value for both sides: company and mums. We create communication projects which connect companies and mums and build positive relationships. We collaborate with agencies and companies in different market sectors, bringing our specific expertise and experience with mums as a target audience. OUR APPROACH The win-win relationship
  10. m fattoremamma FATTOREMAMMA and digital mums 2 31 200 2000 2,5ml 2 times a year we gather together Italian blogger mums who converge on Milan from all over Italy for the Mammacheblog Social Family Day (May) and for Mammacheblog Creativo (November). FattoreMamma Network brings together the 31 most important blogs by Italian mums, forming an advertising opportunity unique of its kind, among the market leaders in terms of reach. Each year we collaborate with the 200 blogger mums with the most followers, selected from the more than 1300 members registered with our web aggregator and we develop and produce online and offline engagement projects. With FattoreMamma Active we have 2,000 influencer mums who are particularly active on the Net and whom we involve in our projects through a program dedicated to them. We reach over 2,5 million mums (single users) a month through mum-generated sites and blogs within our network.
  11. m fattoremamma The mum blogging phenomenon is also very widespread in Italy: in recent years, blogger mums have acquired a role as influencers over a considerable audience. More and more readers follow the posts on their blogs and their channels on main social media, listening to their advice and recommendations, trusting their opinions. FattoreMamma has established a privileged relationship with blogger mums whom we know, listen to, support and train, involving them in projects specifically created for companies' different communication requirements. OUR PARTNERS PAR EXCELLENCE Blogger / influencer mums
  12. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers Context Fattoremamma Our Network Our events Our offer Our customers  
  13. m fattoremamma A network of vertical sites dedicated to the world of mums and kids: OUR NETWORK The best mum-generated websites in Italy 31 Websites/blogs 2,5 mln Monthly unique users Monthly page-views 8,5 mln www In partnership with: fattoremamma N E T W O R K
  14. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers Context Fattoremamma Our Network Our events Our offer Our customers
  15. m fattoremamma 2011 FM organises the first BarCamp dedicated to Mums 2.0 FM organises a meeting between blogger mums in Italy and USA with Maria Bailey FM and Hagakure organise the Momcamp in Milan with a record number of visitors 04/2010 05/2009 The great Italian gathering for blogger mums in Milan in spring (2-day event) The grand gathering/event and showcase for creative blogger mums Two blogger mums sent to Sanremo talk about the Festival on social media OUR EVENTS/GATHERINGS Key reference points for blogger mums PASTFORMATS(notactiveatthemoment) 2014 III edition Since 2012 CURRENTandACTIVEFORMATS 2015 IV edition Since 2012 2015 IV edition Since 2013 2014 II edition Since 2013 A training course for women who want to be successful on the Web
  16. m fattoremamma The most important gathering for blogger mums in Italy: an open conversation among mums 2.0 to spark and develop ideas and services for the web OUR EVENTS/GATHERINGS MammacheBlog Social Family Day
  17. m fattoremamma The gathering for blogger and social mums, inspired by creativity and DIY: workshops, talks, prize for creativity... OUR EVENTS/GATHERINGS MammacheBlog Creativo
  18. m fattoremamma OUR EVENTS/GATHERINGS Momsweek A meta-event, a week long and dedicated to mums, which took place in Milan between 8 and 14 May 2015, joining together 73 events momsweek milano
  19. m fattoremamma OUR EVENTS/GATHERINGS MomKeting The first Italian conference entirely dedicated to marketing with mums. A one-day business-to-business conference on the theme of the evolution of direct marketing to a mum-family target audience. First edition, Milan 14 May 2015
  20. m fattoremamma A journey of female social empowerment, dedicated to all women who want to develop their talents through the energy of the web. OUR EVENTS/GATHERINGS Women's Talent
  21. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers Context Fattoremamma Our Network Our events Our offer Our clients 
  22. m fattoremamma FOR MUMS AND FAMILIES Both directly and through the network of mum-generated blogs, FattoreMamma provides the dissemination of information along with a dialogue among peers. A form of communication that mums and families seem to appreciate more and more, versus traditional media. FOR MUMS UNDERTAKING VENTURES ON THE NET FattoreMamma invests in the growth of mums active on the net and in their projects. We are their partner, we promote them and enable their growth through training. We work alongside them and grow with them: that's why we have their trust. For companies FattoreMamma proposes innovative and impactful communication formats, maximising all the engaging opportunities of the new social media environment, and aimed at triggering a relationship with mums through the web. FOR COMPANIES OUR OFFER A winning relationship
  23. m fattoremamma OBJECTIVES to get to know bloggers and establish a positive relationship with them to elicit ideas from the dialogue with influencer mums, indications concerning the company, the brand, the product to gain exposure on the web through sharing on social media and published posts CHARACTERISTICS OF THE EVENT activities that allow the company to share their message in an unusual and playful way, half-way between educational and entertainment creation of video and photo materials to attract further attention to the event online defining a #hashtag for sharing on social networks. FattoreMamma holds events with bloggers that combine a more “formal" offering alongside elements focused more on play and experience to create a positive relationship between companies and bloggers. SERVICES AND FORMATS Events for companies with blogger mums
  24. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma creates and manages communities that bring mums together via a brand to share their experience and create content SERVICES AND FORMATS Creation and management of online communities OBJECTIVES to communicate with the target of mums/parents using bespoke and relevant language and tone of voice to form a group of mums who want to relate with the company to gain insight into the company, its products or specific themes to create user generated content for sharing through company channels (e.g. product reviews) COMMUNITY CHARACTERISTICS a virtual space where mums can share their ideas and enter into a dialogue with the company, alongside "public" content to reach a wider target appreciable rewards for mums (products to test, exclusive previews...) online surveys to gain insight on interesting themes potential face to face meetings to further strengthen the relationship
  25. m fattoremamma OBJECTIVES to create online exposure through posts written by blogger mums to incentivise readers for comments/involvement to create original content for company blogs/sites/social channels CHARACTERISTICS the bloggers write original posts dedicated to the service/product on their own blogs and launch them on social media as well as on their own sites, bloggers create content/product reviews for the client site or ad hoc landing page a hashtag is created and communication on social media is encouraged FattoreMamma involves blogger mums so they can become first person ambassadors of a project/product SERVICES AND FORMATS Ambassador Mums
  26. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma selects bloggers suited to the proposed message each blogger writes the post in her own personal way, and in keeping with the editorial style of her blog. In this way, the article is integrated into the site and followed by her readers just like the other non-sponsored articles the post bears the #hashtag of the theme so it can easily be identified by tracking and searching at the end of the post there is a graphic banner and a text element identifying the sponsorship and referring to the sponsor's site at the end of the project, a storify is created with all the contributions published MeMe is a format created by FattoreMamma in order to communicate advertising messages effectively, but also in a way that is not invasive and fully respects the blogger's editorial choices. SERVICES AND FORMATS Inspired Sponsored Post - MeMe
  27. m fattoremamma Facebook pages are an interesting channel for creating and nurturing a relationship with mums SERVICES AND FORMATS Management of social channels PREPARATION OF AN EDITORIAL PLAN researching themes and planning post frequency identifying and creating content creating processes (supply, response, escalation) ONGOING EDITORIAL SUPPORT ongoing management and publication based on the frequency established in the editorial plan creation and management of fb ads campaigns
  28. m fattoremamma techinical definition and ideation of prizes: technical conception and search for potential partners/suppliers for the prizes creativity and graphic artwork: creation of ad hoc graphics, in line with the company image and the product to be promoted hosting and advertising: hosting the pages on a dedicated server, creation of a database with participants' details managing all the competition requirements: management of all the practicalities for requesting ministry authorisation (in collaboration with a specialised partner) supervising and putting contributions online supervising the moderating and publishing of content promotion and engagement of the target FattoreMamma holds on-line competitions specifically planned for the mums target audience, dealing with all phases from conception to realisation. SERVICES AND FORMATS Online competitions
  29. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma holds product tests involving mums interested in giving reviews on their blog SERVICES AND FORMATS Product tests with blogger mums OBJECTIVES posts on blogs and social networks with product reviews effective mum-to-mum communication reviews by influencers who write original posts in keeping with their own style and their own editorial approach TEST CHARACTERISTICS FattoreMamma selects a panel of tester mums to whom the product is sent the bloggers test the product and publish a post about their experience using it an online questionnaire is also provided, to obtain insight about the product
  30. m fattoremamma The RECOMMENDED BY MUMS Sticker is a quality certification, issued by FattoreMamma to products or services that have been tested by a group of at least 100 mums, of whom more than 70% have declared that they are willing to "recommend the product to another mum". SERVICES AND FORMATS “Recommended by mums” Sticker FattoreMamma selects 120 mums (to have at least 100 respondents) The mums receive the product at home (or a good discount to use on a service) and they test it The mums fill in an online questionnaire If at least 70% of the mums confirm that they "would recommend the product to another mum", the sticker is assigned
  31. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma creates blogs with mum-oriented content for companies that want to acess, alongside their traditional communication activity, new channels that are closer to users SERVICES AND FORMATS Company blogs OBJECTIVES to publish "hot" and permanently up to date content to enrich the official site with a communication channel more open to dialogue to use the point of view of mum editors to create empathy with the target CHARACTERISTICS Among the best bloggers, FattoreMamma selects the mum editors who create the content an editorial plan is defined and the key topics are agreed on the editors also deal with publishing and constantly updating the blog, including the moderation of comments and replies to users in accordance with company directives
  32. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma collaborates with companies and agencies to develop and manage ad hoc structured projects or provide support for existing projects. We deal with all the stages of the project (from strategy to implementation) or collaborate in the realisation of pre-existing projects, working in synergy with other agencies or media. SERVICES AND FORMATS Special projects
  33. m fattoremamma Connect with the true decision-makers Context FattoreMamma Our Network Our events Our offer Our Clients 
  34. m fattoremamma SOME OF OUR CLIENTS
  35. m fattoremamma FattoreMamma Via Guercino 9 20154 Milano Tel.: 02.314639 Fax: 02.91390995  E-mail: info@fattoremamma.comParte del team FattoreMamma al Mammacheblog 2015