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  • Bullying is a real problem that needs to be solved as a family. The best thing you can do as a parent is that listen to what your child has to say, being a good listener is an important piece of your role when your child is being bullied and try to be supportive and neutral when they are talking. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great application which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button. Check it here: http://safekidzone.com/eMail/ProtectorPlus/SafeKidZone/
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  • The change in technology created by the virtual world has been like a run away train filled with chemicals. Our society has gotten much more insensitive with regard to the level and the depths of negative interactions such as Bullying. Government programs have been slow to respond ,if at all.
  • Definition http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/bully
  • Clayton R. Cook, PhD, of Louisiana State University
  • http://obesitythunderbay.ning.com/video/misdirections-in-bullying-prevention-response
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ4v7R3MbrU
  • As a victim of Bullying and during witnessed interactions fellow staff members asked me “ What did you do to cause this ?”
  • Please contact administrators and politicians to do more on the complex issue of Bullying.
  • Bullying that feature workable plans will require a thorough understanding of the issue and programs that are locked into a fragmented mindset can become part of the problem.
  • Bullying 101

    1. 1. Bullying 101Your Difference is the Difference
    2. 2. Bullying IncludesDefinition of bullynoun (plural bullies)a person who uses strength or influence to harm orintimidate those who are weaker: he is a ranting,domineering bullyverb (bullies, bullying, bullied)[with object] use superior strength or influence tointimidate (someone), typically to force them to dosomething: a local man was bullied into helping them
    3. 3. Bully & Victim Characteristics“A typical bully has trouble resolving problems with othersand also has trouble academically,” said Cook. “He or sheusually has negative attitudes and beliefs about others,feels negatively toward himself/herself, comes from afamily environment characterized by conflict and poorparenting, perceives school as negative and is negativelyinfluenced by peers.”“A typical victim is likely to be aggressive, lack social skills,think negative thoughts, experience difficulties in solvingsocial problems, come from negative family, school andcommunity environments and be noticeably rejected andisolated by peers,” said Cook.
    4. 4. Misdirected Bullying Prevention And Intervention Strategies Zero Tolerance (Also called Student Exclusion Policies) Conflict Resolution/Peer Mediation Group Treatment for Students Who Bully Simple Short-Term Solutions Teen Suicide (BullyCide)cannot be totally linked to bullying, Issues are most complex for victims.
    5. 5. Misdirected Programs on Bullying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ4v7R3MbrU
    6. 6. Tools of SupportBullying victims are often reluctant to report suchevents and when they do systems may be unable tograsp the scope of the issue/issues. Functionalresources may be lacking due to scarce fundingfinancial commitments.I recommend all schools adopt and adapt to an online reporting tool.
    7. 7. Bullying Survey Stats Nov 201282% Report Being a Victim of Bullying57% Report Bullying Someone94% Believe More Needs to Be Done82% Report Society and Response ToolsAre Lacking to Address Cyber BullyingEffectively
    8. 8. Big Brothers and Big Sisters Survey Feb 2012- 1,034 Respondents 95 %Believe people they have a responsibility to action to stop bullies 89% Believe Bullying a serious threat to the long-term well-being of children 50% Were former victims of bullying 62 % Believed that they would have benefited from having a mentor to help them cope 30% Believe the bullying left lasting affects upon them 87% Believe actions to reduce bullying strengthens communities over time
    9. 9. Be The ChangeRecent Deaths due to Bullying.Amanda Todd- CanadaFelicia Garcia-Paige Moravitz-HayleyFentress U. S.–Erin Galagher –Ciara Pugsley-LaraBurns (12) Ireland are just a fewchildren under the age of 16 that havesuicided due to Bullying.
    10. 10. Bullying Task ForceI am calling for a national debate on thesubject of Bullying.Social Networks may be employed toPromote itSharing with fellow students as to theneedsPromoting EducationConducting a Needs Assessment
    11. 11. Feedback from Dr William Ury AuthorDear Paul,Thanks for your email.Dr. Ury is delighted to hear you are enjoying Geting to Yes andthat its proving useful for your own work in bullying andchildhood obesity. He always appreciates hearing fromwonderful people working on service of deeply importantissues.He wishes you great fulfillment, success and peace in all you do!
    12. 12. You CanVolunteerRequest for More EducationShare Your IdeasWrite Letters of SupportUse FB ,Twitter and other Social NetworksRequest a Needs Assessment from Your School or CommunityAsk your school to create an online reporting window and builda better programBecome an AdvocateVolunteer with www.obesitythunderbay.ning.com
    13. 13. Your Difference is The Difference.