Draft 3 - Research and Planning


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Draft 3 - Research and Planning

  1. 1. Fatou PanzoutCandidate Number: 7433ColourCode: Purple
  2. 2.  Mid shot Close up Long shot Two shot Wide shot Overhead shot Over the shoulder
  3. 3. Sophie is onthe steps,staring intospaceSophie thenputs thebottle downand gets upand to walkSophie is walkingtowards the busstop to get ontothe arriving busSophie getsonto the busand goes tosit downWhen seated,Sophie then getsverbally abused by apassenger on thebus who claims “shestinks”Sophie thenwalkstowards ashoppingcentreSophie walks toa particularposh shop thatshe looks insideitSophie then has aflashback of her andher previous friend whohappens to come outthe same shop she’slooking intoThen from theflashback goes backto Sophie’s face andthen a posh ladycomes out the shopand bumps intoSophieSophie then walksdown an isolated road,where she gets drunkWhilst walking a youngboy comes walking pastand then she bumps intohimSophie then wakes upin a mysterious roomand gets up to gotowards the windowSophie thengrabs her stuffin panic andleaves theroomTimeline
  4. 4. Conventions Reinforced, Used, Developed orChallengedTeenage Alcoholic Used, as it is one of the main focuses oftoday’s society and is something thatappeals to a certain audienceAlcoholAbuse Reinforced, as it is the main focus of theopening sequenceDomesticAbuse Challenged, as it may have been used asan enigma to show why the maincharacter has pushed themselves to goonto such a stateThe teenager is a female victim Used, as our main character is a femaleand it meets with the commonstereotypes
  5. 5. Age 15-18Gender FemalesRace/Ethnicity White, Black etcLocation Northern EnglandSocialClass Middle/WorkingInterests/Hobbies Party person, girls who are into hair andmake upSexuality Straight, Gay, Lesbian and BisexualsProfession/Role Students
  6. 6.  Our particular target audience would be interestedin our opening sequence as it is something thateveryone and anyone can relate to. Its also based on a realistic situation, so people mayunderstand the circumstances and how it effectsthe main character. Also, it has a range of conventions throughout and ithelp the audience to understand it better and reachout towards them.
  7. 7. •Adulthood• Kidulthood• Elephant• Paranoid Park•These films are very similar to ourchosen opening sequence as it is thesame genre. Also the fact that in each ofthese films they try to concentrate onone particular character and how theircurrent situations and thecircumstances can affect them.We tryto inherit such a style in which peoplewill be able to reach out and connectwith it.
  8. 8. Location:Wembley Park StationIn this location we decided to do thescenes where the main character issitting down just finishing off a drinkWe decided to place themain character just nearthe bottom of the steps
  9. 9. Location: Sudbury – 18 Bus StopIn this Location, this is where wecarried out the Bus scene as to wherethe character has to get on.It is Public
  10. 10. Location:Whiteleys ShoppingCentreThis is where we had to scene wherethe main character enters into theshopping centreIt is a Public sector
  11. 11. Location:InsideWhiteleysShoppingCentreThis where we did theflashback scene and alsothe Posh ScenePublic Sector
  12. 12. Location:South Kilburn Estate – Stafford RoadThis is where we did the Boy scene,where the character had to bump intothe young boy who was walking pastPublic Sector
  13. 13. Location:One of the Candidates housesIn this location we had to thebedroom scene, where themain character ends upPrivate Sector
  14. 14. Before AfterCharacter name: SophieActor Name: MichaelaHair tied upCasual clothing is wornCharacter not reallybothered to dress up, asthey don’t care abouttheir appearance
  15. 15. Before AfterCharacter Name: Rosie (The PoshLady)Actor Name: IngridFormally Dressed to represent hersocial classAnd also to emphasize the fact thatshe comes from a very high status
  16. 16. Before AfterCharacter Name: ShaniyaActor Name: JhanéCasually dressed,She challenges the stereotypes ofbeing a posh friend, as you wouldn’texpect for them to being wearing suchcasual clothing
  17. 17. Before AfterCharacter name: JayActor Name: FatouInformally dressedBaggy clothesRepresents the working classstatusMeets the stereotypes of what atypical working class young manwould be like
  18. 18. Before AfterCharacter Name: n/a – Passenger on thebusActor name: FatouInformally dressedVery casual clothing on
  19. 19. Coat – New Look- £12 WhiteT-Shirt £5Black Bodycon skirt-Amazon - £4.75Tights – Primark -£2.50Doc Martens - £75
  20. 20.  How does it connect to the representation? The costume and props that we used, connect tothe representation of this character, as theclothing style emphasizes the fact the she’s notreally bothered about our current appearance. Also its more explicit to the audience, why she isdressing like that and connotes with the way sheacts as well
  21. 21. Pink Blazer – Zara- £35Jeans – NewLook - £20Heels – New Look -£20Black Posh Bag -£20
  22. 22.  How does it connect to the representation? The costume and props connects to therepresentation of this character, as it reinforcesthe fact that she is of a Higher social class The formal dressing connotes that she is better ofand has more authority overall
  23. 23. White vest top- £15Jeans - £35WhiteConverses -£34.50
  24. 24.  How does it connect to the representation? The costume and props connect to therepresentation of this character as she issupposed to be the main characters flashbackfriend, but in a way, we have challenged thisrepresentation as she is dressed more casuallyrather than emphasizing the fact that she’ssupposed to be of a higher social status
  25. 25. Snapback - SQClub - £15Jacket –Sports Direct-£34Sweatshirt – Primark-£14Vans –Vans store- £35Jeans – H&M -£26
  26. 26.  How does it connect to the representation? The costume and props connect to therepresentation of this character, as we’rereinforcing the idea of a young working class boy. The casual dressing shows how much of aworking class boy he is.