Assignment 7 narrative analysis in a scene


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Assignment 7 narrative analysis in a scene

  2. 2. PART 1
  3. 3. FREEDOM WRITERS ysErin Grunwell starts The characters have she tries to earnto work in a school have severe family their respect andwhere there is a problems and gives it back tolarge amount of nearly all the them, byracist and gang students have either sacrificing a lot ofproblems amongst been part of gun her personal timethe teens crimes just for her new studentsAs time progressesthey begin to And for the rest ofrespect one and their school career,another and the she fights to remainteacher as well, to be their teacherbecoming better
  4. 4. IS THIS A WHOLE NARRATIVE, ASECTION OR AN ENIGMA? Section. • This is only a 2:35 minute section from the film This is during the scene where Eva has confessed in court that her boyfriend Paco killed the victim. After confessing the truth, her group members came and verbally and physically (to an extent) attacked her.
  5. 5. IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT A SECTION OF A NARRATIVE, WHAT FUNCTION DOES THIS SECTION HAVE FOR THE NARRATIVE? (THINK ABOUT THE WHOLE) As she’s As she walking out the school They begin looks to give her she begins around to run warnings she away from and stumbles her group threatening members her. to confess the truth She then admits As she They thenShes in leave hercourt in the the truth that runs, by dashingwitness box Paco killed the she gets her on the boy caught ground by them The function of the END scene is to answer all enigmas that were answered at the: -beginning (which is who did he kill) -through the film (why did he kill him and how did he find him)
  6. 6. DOES THE FILM FOLLOW THE CONVENTIONAL NARRATIVE (3 PART)? EXPLAIN YES OR NO (JHANE) Narrative Structure of film Due to FailingA teacher A Teacher Ms Students knowledge, all previously,comes to a faces Grunwell open up to cultures within Ms Grunwellrural area not racial realises her the class all teachesknowing prejudice theres a expressing unity in the themwhat shes problem elements of hope the historicalgetting into and trys to there passed community truths. unity would unity cultures. also. The film is non linear with changing the order of time in a very confusingNo way to create enigmas for the audience however the order of time was used only in flashbacks.Interested Angry as Slightly Sympathy Interested Satisfied asas to what the frustrated due to the as they the endthe movie innocent as the traumatic are result wasis about is cultures occurrences educated ‘unity in the victimised clash community’ Audience emotions
  7. 7. DOES THE CLIP FALL INTO A CONVENTIONAL NARRATIVE STRUCTURE? EXPLAIN YES OR NO• Yes it does fall into a conventional structure• Because it doesn’t have any flashbacks, flashforwards orforking paths.
  8. 8. IS IT LINEAR? HOW? OR IS IT NON-LINEAR? HOW (DOES IT HAVE FLASHBACKS, FLASH- FORWARDS, OR EPISODICALLY)Start Chronologic Chronologic Chronologic Chronologic Chronologic(in the al al al al alcourtroom) LINEAR STRUCTURE
  9. 9. IS IT BEING PRESENTED IN SEGMENTS,SEPARATED BY CHANGES IN LOCATION ORTIME? LOCATION TIME IN COURT In real time ROOM Immediate cut to next scene Having the In real time courage to tell Ellipsis (a few the truth moments later) TELLING THE In real time TRUTH Going to the next scene GETTING In real time CHASED Continue
  10. 10. IS IT BEING BROKEN UP OR LINKED BYGRAPHICS? No graphics are present in this clip.
  11. 11. IS THERE A SINGLE NARRATIVE (EVEN IF DIFFERENT ASPECTS IN THIS NARRATIVE ARE BEING SHOWN)? OR ARE MULTIPLE NARRATIVES BEING SHOWN? Single NarrativeEva is about As Eva looks Eva Eva is on her Eva is Eva getsto make her around at the confesses way home running away confronted statement different the truth from her and harassed families that family as they are involved chase her Only scene in different location/time (but relates to the single narrative)
  12. 12. IS THERE A SINGLE NARRATIVE (EVEN IF DIFFERENTASPECTS IN THIS NARRATIVE ARE BEING SHOWN)?OR ARE MULTIPLE NARRATIVES BEING SHOWN? Narrative 1 Narrative 2 Ms Grunwell starts Eva’s father off in a school in dies and she such a rural area. experiences it. Eva is used to not Ms Grunwell is taking school faced with seriously and is racial prejudice within her showing her true class. colours. Eva experiences her To understand her ‘brother from the hood’ class she trys to gets shot and has seen connect to her the killer. Ms Grunwell connects with Ms Grunwell connects students understanding with students them, working with them as understanding them. well as Eva .
  13. 13. ARE THERE CLEAR CHARACTER ROLES AND FUNCTIONS BEING ESTABLISHED, SUCH AS A HERO OR VILLAIN? HOW DOES THEIR ROLE(S) CONNECT TO THE NARRATIVE? HERO VILLAINROLE/REPRESENTATION Feminine, Quite Masculine, attractive unattractive Black Hair, Older, casual/unstylish Dark brown clothes eyes, formally Worried look on dressed face Serious look on faceTHEIR FUNCTION -To get sympathy and -To be hated by audience understanding from audience Because he killed the Asian Girl character’s She is a witness, but can’t lie so she must tell the boyfriend and didn’t confess to the truth and truth in order to restore justice expected Eva to keep it secret. -To get sympathy and understanding from audience -To be admired by audience She is a victim, as she gets confronted by her She is attractive and told the told about who the family real killer was.CONNECTION TONARRATIVE
  14. 14. IN WHAT WAYS IS THE NARRATIVE CONSTRUCTING THE IDEOLOGY OF THE TEXT? IS THIS EXPLICIT/OBVIOUS (LIKE IN A LOT OF ADVERTS) OR IS IT IMPLICIT/HIDDEN? (JHANE)IDEOLOGY Evidence Implicit Explicit √Racial Prejudice There were the racial issues between the Latinos and Black Characters √Cultural Honour Eva feels pressure to honour the people in her culture as they are seen as the family of the communitiesSeeking revengeand justice √ Due to the betrayal in court on her own family (same culture), they chase Eva and disowned her from √ the familyConsequence todeceit and bad Consequently, the Black charactersBehaviour begin to put up with other cultures and are open to accept them more(not seen in this scene).
  15. 15. STORY TIME DISCOURSE TIME STORY TIME & DISCOURSE TIMEScreen Grab N/AExplanation No evidence but probably within an hour - Seconds to confess, -seconds to come out Takes 2:35 minutes to the court room narrate this scene -minutes to run away from the people -daylight remains (light looks the same = only difference is her clothes)
  16. 16. IDENTIFY ALL TYPES OF TIME BEING REPRESENTED:Types of Screen Grabs/Evidence ExplanationTimeSummary Clip is only 2:35 long, therefore by editing Scene takes place over approximately one day from time it has represent a day over only 2 the courts to the consequences. minutes.Ellipsis 1) Eva is in the witness chair 2) Reactions to the end result in court. 3) Eva getting chased 4) Eva being caughtScene When Eva has been questionedStretch N/AFlashback N/A N/AFlash- N/A