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Assignment 6 (c


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Assignment 6 (c

  2. 2. Juice (Drama)  4 Harlem teens that go by the name of Q, Bishop, Raheem and Steel, are out skipping school one day, only to find out an old friend of theirs was killed in a shootout at a bar.  Hearing the news, Bishop starts to get aggravated telling his friends that they have no power, no respect or even the “juice”.  To get some of that, they rob a grocery store, but Bishop intentionally shoots the clerk for no apparent reason.  They all run into an alley where Raheem tells Bishop to give him back the gun; they fight and Raheem ends up getting shot dead.  Only Q, Steel and Bishop knew what happened that night, and Bishop was determined to get rid of the other 2.
  3. 3. A) Has the institution created a textwith a conventional (stereotypical)narrative structure Yes, there is a clear linear narrative which is broken down into:  Act 1 (Set-Up)  Act 2 (Conflict)  Act 3 (Resolution
  4. 4. B) Explain how the film is narrative implicit or explicit ?Explicit Narrative Reasons Explicit Narrative EvidenceIt all starts off showing a strong friendship between4 boys doing what they do on a daily basisThen comes a plan that causes conflict betweenthem all, jeopardizing their friendshipConflict between the two of the friends, resulting inone of them shooting the otherResolution is that one of the friends has to turnagainst the killer/friend, in order to keep his life andhis other friends life safe
  5. 5. How the film uses conventionalnarrative structure (Act 1)Act 1: Set-upHere in Act 1, what happens that it briefly introduces the 4 main charactersof the filmScene 1 – “Q” Scene 2 – “Steel” Scene 3 – “Bishop” Scene 4 – “Raheem”• Its part of the • He is also part of • He is also part of • He is also part of conventional the main the main the main structure as its characters, so characters, so they characters, so they introducing him as one of the main they introduce introduce him as introduce him as characters him as well well well
  6. 6. How the film uses conventionalnarrative structure (Act 2)Act 2: ConflictHere in Act 2, conflict begins to build up between the four.Scene 5 – “Q and Scene 6 “The Wrecking Scene 7 – “ The WC” Scene 8 – “The clerk”Bishop” Crew”• • • They both confront A plan comes about for them all to rob a corner grocery, They all are robbing • “Bishop” shoots each other about the grocery store their crew having no but it jeopardises their “the clerk” for friendship as one of them power or “juice” doesn’t want to be involved no reason
  7. 7. How the film uses conventional narrative structure (Act 3)  Act 3 – Resolution  In Act 3, two of the characters begin to confront each other about the conflict, ending with the “bad person” dying.Scene 9 – “Raheem and Scene 10 – Steel Scene 11 – Q and Scene 12 – Q and BishopBishop” Bishop• Bishop has killed • Bishop has • Q and Bishop are • Bishop just died Raheem, then robs confronting each fromfalling from a building him for what he has just shot Steel other about what has • The resolution was that Q on him • Leaving him happened between them had tried to help him but for dead • Q obviously failed even though he concerned about knows that Bishop wont Bishop and his be any trouble on the mental health tries to streets help him but doesn’t succeed
  8. 8. Why have film makers done this? So that the audience are not left confused as to what is happening in the duration of the film To make it seem more familiar to the audience So the audience know what they can expect
  9. 9. What impact does it have on theaudience? As its in chronological order, the audience can understand it better Giving them the knowledge of what it going on and how it happened It will leave the audience to feel satisfied in the end
  10. 10. What audience expectations have theyestablished or challenged by using thisstructure ? As it is a Crime Drama, it establishes the audience expectation. As the moral is that Good always overcomes evil This meets audience expectations, as it builds up to that point going in a linear structure