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Assignment 15 final draft


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Assignment 15 final draft

  1. 1. Assignment 15: GroupResearch
  2. 2. Michael IvesFatou Panzout - Ingrid De Souza – Jhané Ormsby – Kingshott- 7433 7500 7329 7380
  3. 3. Inspiration from real film openingsequence • The film starts of as him in a dream • Obviously he’s dreaming of the worst that’s going to happen during then scene • This links to our opening sequence as we’re adapting this type of opening sequence
  4. 4. Inspiration from real film opening21st Jump Street. sequence.21-jump-street/ Establishing the main characters. • Having all the credits the same size and font. • Having things that involve what the film is about on the opening sequence.
  5. 5. -Inspiration from real films.‘What Happens in Vegas’ In ‘Half Nelson’, Nelsonbecause after the excessive was woken by the loudusage of drinking she was noise of the alarmunaware of what happened clock(shown as he is inthe following morning(you his bed).can see she just woke up asshe’s in bed). In this scenethe use of zooming showsher facial expression which In ‘4321’, the blurred effect was added inwas shock. the club showing she was unaware of her surroundings after she was drinking the alcohol.
  6. 6. Inspiration From Real Films Movie Why? White Chicks. ‘Date Rape Drug’ is used in the movie and shows a small insight into what the drug does and the effect it has on the human body. This Is England. The young boy is easily influenced into making bad decisions by his friends. Peer pressure is highly evident.
  7. 7. -Genre and conventions. • The Genre which we are doing is Drama.Convention Explanation Example from real filmSexual Contact Some sort of like towards a 4321 character is usually formedConflict/Arguments Conflict occurs tends to ‘What Happens in Vegas’ happen between a main character and someone within the movieExcessive use of drugs Excessive use of drugs is ‘What happens in Vegas’ usually the tool to conflict or a added element for argument.
  8. 8. Genre & ConventionsConvention Explanation Example from real filmOrdinary teenage girl Because it’s Mean Girls - Cady reinforcing the audience expectation of a smart girl being used, but also challenging because nerdy girls don’t usually go to parties
  9. 9. GenreDrama• To address hard hitting topics• Rape• Abortion• Murder• Alcohol and Drug abuse• Domestic Violence• To provide the audience with a moral message.Conventions Explanation Example From Real FilmAlcohol abuse • The girl is at a party drinking. Project X. Excessive amounts of underage drinking takes place.Teenage girl • The victim in drama movies Juno. tends to be a female. Teenage girl becomes pregnant.Drugs • The girls drink is spiked with White Chicks. the ‘date rape’ drug. In the club scene the man attempts to slip the date rape drug into his dates drink.
  10. 10. Themes/Topics
  11. 11. Research on topic/themesDangers of alcohol (Alcohol Abuse)• Alcohol abuse is defined as a pattern of drinking that results in one or more of the following situations within a 12-month period:• Failure to fulfill major work, school, or home responsibilities• Drinking in situations that are physically dangerous, such as while driving a car or operating machinery• Having recurring alcohol-related legal problems, such as being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or for physically hurting someone while drunk• Continued drinking despite having ongoing relationship problems that are caused or worsened by the drinking.
  12. 12. Different types of alcohol Here shows the different types of alcohol How much calories and units are being consumed in each and every different one
  13. 13. Long Term Effects In this clip, it explains the long term effects of alcohol and how it affectsXp4&safe=active men and women in different ways, as we have different bodies from each other
  14. 14. Where alcohol is being used morelikely This article explains how much teenagers consume alcohol. Its seen that teenagers are always at the heart of alcohol in universities, as it’s the hotspot for them.
  15. 15. Symptoms include• Drowsiness or light-headedness• Difficulty concentrating• Feeling confused or disorientated, particularly after waking up (if you have beenasleep)• Difficulty speaking, or slurring your words• Loss of balance and finding it hard to move• Paranoia Blurred Vision• Amnesia or a "black-out" of events• Temporary loss of body sensation (feeling like you are floatingabove your body, or having an "out of body" experience)• Visual problems, particularly blurred vision• Hallucinations• Nausea and vomiting• Unconsciousness Loss of Nausea and Balance Vomiting
  16. 16. GHBVideo On GHB.
  17. 17. Here is an article from Frank, a websitewhich focuses on different types of drugsand there effect on the human body andmind.
  18. 18. Statistics and clues to being a victim.• In 2003, there were 5,278 women who reported to have been victims of drug related rape and sexual abuse through their drink being spiked.• The figures show a continuous rise through the years for both women and men.• Some clues to whether your drink has been spiked could be:• Your drink tastes salty or bitter• You feel like you’re losing control• You experience hallucinations or an odd dizziness• You or your friend loses more inhibition than usual• Memory loss, loss of understandable speech, aggression
  19. 19. Statistical Breakdown:• Survivors Gender 2007 - Male 54; Female 573 = 627 Total Culminate Figures Male 983; Female 8,573 = Total 9,887 Year of Reported Attack 1940s - 3; 1960s -19; 1970s -37; 1980s -56; 1990 -39; 1991 -53; 1992 - 89; 1993 -144; 1994 - 169; 1995 -232; 1996 -345; 1997 -393; 1998 -538; 1999 -779; 2000 - 884; 2001 - 932; 2002 - 959; 2003 -1016; 2004 - 991; 2005 - 846; 2006; 649; 2007 -613 Total 9,887 *These figures are added to the appropriate yearly breakdown above. In 2007 18 people reported attacks in previous years* *Please note the figures are those people who reported being victims in Britain - the figures of British people reporting being drink spiked abroad are 49*
  20. 20. Statistical Breakdown:• UK Regional Breakdown: 2007 Total UK Reports* = 578 (less the figures (49) of victims drink spiked abroad) North East = 68 North West = 54 Midlands = 68 East Anglia =18 London/Greater London = 109 South East = 123 South West = 37 Wales = 35 Scotland = 29 Northern Ireland = 20 Unknown = 8
  21. 21. Newspaper article of a victim who died.
  22. 22. Research on topic/themes What drugs are used for drink• spiking? Rohypnol is a popular drug for drink spiking.• The symptoms of this drug is slurred speech, inability to concentrate, poor condition, dizzy feelings, lack of inhibition, nausea and amnesia.• It takes between 15 to 30 minutes for this drug to start having the effect.• This drug is easier to be spiked on to drink since it comes in a form of a pill.• Users say that mixing it with beer enhance the feeling of ‘drunkenness’.• Some users also mix this drug with marijuana, cocaine and also heroin.• There has been no confirmed case of the use of Rohypnol in a sexual assault in the UK.
  23. 23. • Ketamine is meant to be used among veterinarians as an anaesthetic for animals.• It normally comes in a liquid form.• The use of this drug brings an ‘out of body experience’ .• The drug don’t last long but until they do, they would paralysis of the muscles.• It’s been recently found out that the ketamine can cause very serious bladder problems with severe pain.• It can cause confusion, panic attacks, depression, plus when taken in a large doses it can make existing mental health problems even worse.
  24. 24. • GHB contains the similar effect to ecstasy.• It often comes in the form of a liquid or even powder.• The effect takes place within 10 – 20 minutes.• It will include the inability to speak properly, poor motor coordination, sleepiness, amnesia, hallucinations and short-term comas.• The drug can kill someone and are particularly dangerous when used with alcohol and other depressant or sedative substances.
  25. 25. The websitewww.watchyoudrink.comHas a page of facts of drink spikingfor those who don’t know what it isor what it involves. They also showthe different types of drugs that ismostly/mainly used for ‘drug rape’. Shows statics about the drink spiking, and how 85% are people who know the victim.
  26. 26. Inspirational Characters • Pandora • Skins • She is quite a vulnerable character • During an episode in Skins, she held a small pyjama party for her and her friends • But things get chaotic as unexpected guests turn up and food gets spiked with drugs • She links to our main character as she’s very similar to her and in a way goes through the same thing
  27. 27. -Inspirational charactersShe’s an insecure young girl, ofwhich leans towards drink forcomfort. Also with her use of This woman within ‘What happens inbody language and facial Vegas’ really inspired me because sheexpression this expressed that played the wife who was unaware ofshe was unaware of what was her newly wed husband and whathappening at the club. For they got up to the night before. Herexample; once she drunk the exaggerated facial expressionsalcohol, she kept blinking as if emphasise the confusion. A primeher vision was not clear which example of this would be the imagewas then followed by her above.placing her head in her arms asif she was hopeless.
  28. 28. Inspirational Characters(Hanna from Pretty Little Liars) Hanna is a hard Like a normal teenager working study who she always have her studies a lot. phone in her hands. She is also in love She shows a lot of with fashion and emotions through attract many guys her facial attention upon her. expression. I think that the character ‘Hanna’ inspires me for the opening sequence because: • She is an average teenage girl who doesn’t party a lot • She enjoys dressing up • And also because she is similar to the girl from our opening sequence.
  29. 29. Inspirational Characters Character Why? 1. Throws parties. Poppy; Wild 2. Causes problems for her parents. Child. 3. Drinks. 1. Falls into the wrong crowd, Cady; Mean resulting in a personality change. Girls. 2. Throws parties. 3. Focuses on partying and boys and allows her education to slip. 1. Falls in with a bad crowd. Hannah; 2. Almost gets rapped at a party. Shes To 3. Defies her parents. Young.
  30. 30. Actors.• The actors for our opening sequence would be Jhané and Ingrid.• We think they would be good for the role since they enjoy acting and will take the responsibility to put in effort and attend every filming sessions• Ingrid and Jhané both will be available to film on Saturday and Sunday mornings• The strength would be the fact that they know the responsibility they’re taking towards themselves by making this choice, and will be willing to put as much effort as they should.• The weakness would be the pressure on doing well in the opening sequence by the other members of the group.
  31. 31. Costume & Props Main Character
  32. 32. -Titles and Credits The style of font was a representation on ethnic grouping and the transition used was wipe which gave that assumption of it being wiped or removed off screen by a karate move which was reflecting on the move as it was an action film. The font size varied. The colouring used also defined the countries colours as its red and white which are also colours which are from the flag.
  33. 33. • The style of font was in bold which could possibly highlight the seriousness of the situations. Also it could be foreshadowing elements of the film such as the seriousness of specific deaths (which is also highlighted within the colour choice as it’s red). The fonts where then shot off the screen through animations of the bullet and gun which was targeted at a woman figure. These animations may be a representation of the use of killing
  34. 34. Titles and CreditsMovie EvidenceThe War Of TheRoses.This Is England.The Bonfire OfThe Vanities.
  35. 35. -Music/sounds Sky fall uses a sound • Dirty Harry has portrayed track to establish non- non-diegetic sounds and diegetic music within the• Snakes in the are portrayed through the opening sequence which Monkey’s Shadow animation during the just simply highlights the consists of opening sequence. gravity and death or diegetic music as • The special effects were each karate move hopelessness within the used to imitate the sounds was based on a situation portrayed. of bullets being loaded in specific beat. In The slow music played the gun and was just about other words, the links to the setting as the character could to load up and be shot. main image of the man heard the music • This happens at the and also the rest of the within there beginning when the gun underwater characters or world. was being targeted at the creatures float around
  36. 36. Music and Sound Music in party Bleeping of mobile phone scene to create to signal there is a new ambient message. sound. Speaking and laughing in party Upbeat music to be scene to create used to make the ambient sound. background sound like there is a party taking place Alarm clock to wake the girl up from her dream in ending scene.
  37. 37. Mainstream or Independent• Our opening sequence shall be a independent.• As we’re doing a drama film, its more for a niche audience and it won’t be advertised as much as mainstream films• It would obviously be more towards the target audience
  38. 38. BBFC & Film Ratings The BBFC stands for British Board of Film Constitution The British Board of Film Classification is an independent, non- governmental body which has classified cinema films since it was set up in 1912 and videos/ DVDs since the Video Recordings Act was passed in 1984.
  39. 39. -Production companies• Possible Production Companies of which I find interested in and would like to use would be• Paramount Pictures• 20th Century Fox
  40. 40. Distribution Companies• Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation is a North American entertainment company.• The company was formed in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 3, 1997, and is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.• As of 2012, it is the most commercially successful independent film and television distribution company in North America and the seventh most profitable movie studio.
  41. 41. Distribution Companies Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., also known as Warner Bros. Pictures or simply Warner Bros. (though the name was occasionally given in full form as Warner Brothers during the companys early years), is an American producer of film, television, and music entertainment.
  42. 42. -Distribution companies• Distribution Companies from similar films which I have looked at and are inspiring to me are;• Sony Pictures- involved in ‘D’Jango’, ‘Smurfs 2’, ‘After Earth’.• Fox Distribution Company- involved in ‘The Croods’, ’The Heat, Turbo’.