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Assignment 10


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Assignment 10

  1. 1. Fatou Panzout
  2. 2.  Genre: Thriller, Drama, Action/Ad venture Its about a young woman who witnessed her parents being murdered as a child in Bogota, she then vows revenge and grows up to be a stone cold assassin
  3. 3. Style & Length of Type of Colour of Animation PlacementPurpose of opening Font Font of text of TextopeningMore of a title 2:08 Bank Sans Yellow/White Professional Placed insequence but Caps Reg. writing, conn differenthas opening oting crime sections onsequence scene text the screen butelements mainly in the centre and the bottomPurpose: Why? Shows the Blends in with To show the Short and sharp edges the settings seriousness straight to the and that the and creates an of film. point of movie may illusion establishment encounter and some some action small enigmas
  4. 4. Time: 0.08PossessoryProduction Company The Production Company play a big role as they produced the film
  5. 5. Time: 0.30PossessoryDistribution The Distribution company has first credit as they’re the company that invested money into the film and have legal ownership
  6. 6. Time: 0.38PossessoryDistributing Co.
  7. 7. Time: 0:43PossessoryProduction Co.
  8. 8. Time: 0:47PossessoryProduction Co.
  9. 9. Credit 6 Credit 7 Credit 8Time: 0:52 Time: 0:57 Time: 1:02Cast Cast CastMain Actor 1 (Gets Top Main Actor 2 Main Actor 3Billing)
  10. 10. Credit 9 Credit 10 Credit 11Time: 1:07 Time: 1:12 Time: 1:18Cast Cast CastMain Actor 4 Main Actor 5 Other Actors
  11. 11. Credit 12 Credit 13 Credit 14Time: 1:22 Time: 1:27 Time: 1:32Cast Cast CastOther Actors Supporting Actor 1 Supporting Actor 2
  12. 12. Credit 15 Credit 16 Credit 17Time: 1:37 Time: 1:42 Time: 1:48Crew Crew CrewOriginal Score Line Production Produced By
  13. 13. Credit 18 Credit 19 Credit 20 (Title)Time: 1:53 Time: 1:58 TitleCrew CrewWritten By Directed By