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Forget me not final


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Forget me not final

  1. 1. " Forget Me Not" <br />Based on the screenplay “Black Widow” by<br />Kurtis Morris<br />INTERIOR HOUSE NIGHT<br />SCENE 1:  TAKES PLACE AT DANNY AND DEBBIE’S HOME AND DANNY'S JUST GETTING BACK AFTER A LATE NIGHT.<br /> <br />DEBBIE<br />Danny, where have you been?<br />DANNY<br />I've been out with friends.<br />DEBBIE<br />But it's three in the morning!<br />DANNY<br />I don't have to report to you every time I leave the house Debbie.<br />DEBBIE<br />Is there someone else? I mean…this is the fourth time you've stayed out this late.<br />DANNY<br />I don't have time to argue with you!<br />DEBBIE<br />But you've just got here! (SIGH) If it's another woman… just tell me. Don't be such a coward!<br />DANNY<br />You need to watch what you say to me.<br />DEBBIE<br />I know you’re not man enough to admit it to me anyway! I just know I better not catch you with her! I don't need a gutless coward like you! I can find someone better. I will not be treated like a doormat by someone who’s not even man enough to confess.<br />CUT: EXTERIOR LAKE NIGHT<br />Police Officer #1<br />This seems kind of odd… a man is knocked unconscious by a lake in the middle of the night.<br />Police Officer #2<br />There must be somebody else nearby that’s responsible for this. Do you think it was premeditated?<br />Police #1<br />He has a wedding band on. So, the question is… where is his wife?<br />CUT: INTERIOR AMBULANCE<br />SCENE 2: AFTER DEBBIE AND DANNY'S CONFRONTATION, EVERYTHING GOES BLACK. THEN, DANNY WAKES UP IN AN AMBULANCE WITH NO MEMORY OF WHAT HAPPENED.<br />PARAMEDIC #1<br />He's waking up!<br />DANNY<br />What happened?<br />PARAMEDIC #1<br />We found you on the ground, unconscious and bleeding.<br />DANNY<br />Where's Debbie?<br />PARAMEDIC #1<br />Who's Debbie?<br />DANNY<br />She's my wife. Where's is she?<br />PARAMEDIC #2<br />We only found you, sir.<br />PARAMEDIC #1<br />Sir, do you remember what happened?<br />DANNY<br />No.<br />PARAMEDIC #2<br />You’re going to be alright, buddy.<br />PARAMEDIC #1<br />Yeah! He's going to be fine. We just need to get him to the hospital.<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br /> SCENE 3: AT RICHARD’S HOUSE.<br />Danny<br />Thanks for letting me stay here while the cops investigate my house.<br />RICHARD<br />Danny, what happened to you?<br />DANNY<br />I don't know, all I remember is arguing with Debbie and all of a sudden, I woke by a lake surrounded by cops and paramedics. Did you hear from Debbie?<br />RICHARD<br />No! I haven't heard from her. Are you sure you don't remember anything?<br />DANNY<br />Yeah. I'm sure.<br />RICHARD<br />I'll let you know if I hear anything…alright.<br />DANNY<br />Alright.<br />Exterior Restaurant Day<br />SCENE 4: ONE YEAR GOES BY BUT DANNY STILL DIDN’T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO HIS WIFE. STILL, HE TRIES TO MOVE ON WITH HIS LIFE.<br />JESSICA<br />Is something wrong, Danny?<br />DANNY<br />No. I'm fine. Nothing’s wrong.<br />JESSICA<br />Are you sure? You look like something’s on your mind.<br />DANNY<br />I'm sure.<br />JESSICA<br />It seems like something's bothering you.<br />DANNY<br />Let's just enjoy the rest of the evening, okay. I'm fine. Nothing’s wrong. <br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />(BACK AT JESSICA’S HOUSE) <br />I'm sorry about my behavior at the restaurant. I was thinking about something.<br />JESSICA<br />What is it? You can tell me anything.<br />DANNY<br />It's nothing important. Let's just finish what's left of our night.<br />INTERIOR BEDROOM NIGHT<br /> <br />SCENE 5: DANNY HAS A DREAM THAT GIVES HIM A LITTLE CLUE OF WHAT HAPPENED TO DEBBIE ONE YEAR AGO.<br />INTERIOR HOUSE NIGHT<br />“ONE YEAR AGO”<br />DEBBIE<br />NO! STOP IT. STOP! LET GO OF ME!<br />A man is seen grabbing Debbie around her neck. He shakes her. Then, he rams her face into a mirror hanging on the wall… it breaks and glass falls to the ground.<br />CUT: INTERIOR BEDROOM NIGHT<br />DANNY<br />NO! (DANNY JUMPS UP IN BED)<br />JESSICA<br />Are you alright?<br />DANNY<br />I'm fine. It was just a bad dream. Go back to sleep.<br />Interior House Day<br />SCENE 6: DANNY MEETS HIS FRIEND RICHARD AGAIN AT HIS HOME AND DICUSSED THE DREAM HE HAD ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO DEBBIE.<br />RICHARD<br />Hey Danny, How’s it going?<br />DANNY<br />Richard! I need to talk to you…I had a dream about Debbie last night.<br />RICHARD<br />What kind of dream?<br />DANNY<br />She was being strangled. The look in her eyes… She looked like she saw a ghost. She just kept screaming ‘til she was nearly unconscious. Then, he rammed her face straight through the mirror. Then, I woke up.<br />RICHARD<br />Did you see who did it?<br />DANNY<br />No! I think she was killed.<br />RICHARD<br />Well you haven't heard from her in over a year. So, it's possible… but why are you having this dream now?<br />DANNY<br />Maybe it's trying to tell me what happened to her. I need to check that house… to see if any of this is true.<br />RICHARD<br />What if someone is living in that house?<br />DANNY<br />I'll take my chances.<br />RICHARD<br />I'm coming with you.<br />EXTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />A car pulls up in front of an old abandoned looking house. Danny and Richard get out of the car, they head towards the house.<br />SCENE 7: DANNY AND RICHARD GO INSIDE. THEY ARE SHOCKED TO SEE THE CONDITION IT IS IN.<br />RICHARD<br />Man, whatever happened here must have been really, really bad.<br />DANNY<br />No kidding.<br />SCENE 8: THEY MEET IN DANNY AND DEBBIE'S OLD BEDROOM AND THEY BOTH SEE THE DAMAGED MIRROR.<br />RICHARD<br />Didn't you say her head was rammed through a mirror?<br />DANNY<br />Yeah.<br />RICHARD<br />That's insane. Who would do something like that?<br />DANNY<br />That's what we are here to find out… There's got to be some kind of clue or something to find out who hurt Debbie. Let’s look around...<br />(AS DANNY AND RICHARD SEARCH AROUND THE HOUSE, RICHARD NOTICED A FOLDED PIECE OF PAPER ON THE FLOOR.)<br />RICHARD<br />Hey Danny, look what I've found...What do you think it's from?<br />DANNY<br />I don't know.<br />RICHARD<br />It can't be a phone number because it only has six digits.<br />DANNY<br />It's got to mean something. It can't have anything to do with what happened to Debbie.<br />RICHARD<br />Do you want me to see if there is a phone number similar to this?<br />DANNY<br />Yeah and let me know if you hear anything, okay.<br />INTERIOR HOUSE NIGHT<br />SCENE 9: DANNY ARRIVES HOME LATE AND STILL HASN'T HEARD ANY THING FROM RICHARD ABOUT THESE MYSTERIOUS NUMBERS.<br />JESSICA<br />Where were you? I was worried sick.<br />DANNY<br />I'm fine. I've just been out with Richard. Everything’s Okay. Let’s just get some sleep.<br />(LATER THAT NIGHT RICHARD CALLS DANNY TO GIVE HIM THE INFORMATION HE FOUND OUT)<br />NM<br />DANNY<br />Hello?<br />RICHARD<br />Hey Danny, I’m sorry to wake you. I just wanted to tell you… those numbers were not from a phone number.<br />DANNY<br />That's all you wanted to tell me?<br />RICHARD<br />No, that's not all I wanted to tell you Danny. I found this envelope on my table and it had your name on it. So I asked myself, why would an envelope, with your name on it, be at my house? So I opened it and there was this letter inside. I read it and it turns out that the numbers were about you. So, I kept reading and I couldn't believe what it said.<br />DANNY<br />Richard...what did it say?<br />RICHARD<br />Oh I bet you would like to know. You want to know what it said! I'll tell you! It said..........<br />(DANNY WAS JUST SECONDS FROM HEARING ABOUT THIS LETTER. INSTEAD, HE HEARS THE PHONE DROP AND THE SOUND OF RICHARD STRUGGLING WITH SOMETHING OR SOMEONE).<br />DANNY<br />RICHARD! RICHARD! ARE YOU THERE? RICHARD!<br />JESSICA<br />What's wrong?! What is it? Is everything okay?<br />DANNY<br />Something happened to Richard. I have to go see if he's alright. I'll be right back… <br />CUT: INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br /> <br />Richard slowly crawls away from a hooded figure, with blood gushing down his neck. The hooded figure walks towards him holding a knife that’s dripping blood and stabs him again in the heart.<br />SCENE 10: DANNY RUNS TOWARDS HIS CAR<br />EXTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />(HE ARRIVES AT RICHARD’S PLACE.)<br />DANNY<br />Richard, are you in there? Richard, are you all...<br />HE PICKS UP THE LETTER RICHARD HAD IN HIS POSSESION. HE PUTS IT IN HIS POCKET<br />DANNY HEARS KNOCKING AT THE DOOR<br />POLICE OFFICER #1<br />Is anybody in there?! It's the police; there's been a call about a disturbance at this address.<br />(DANNY TRIES TO FIND A WAY OUT BUT HE GETS CAUGHT BE ANOTHER COP WATCHING BACK)<br />POLICE OFFICER # 2<br />FREEZE!<br />(POLICE OFFICER #1 RUNS TOWARDS THE BACK OF THE HOUSE)<br />POLICE OFFICER #2<br />I saw him trying to sneak out of the window.<br />DANNY<br />I was scared.<br />POLICE OFFICER #1<br />Did you do this?<br />DANNY<br />No, I didn't. I swear. He was like that when I got here.<br />POLICE OFFICER #1<br />Alright, we’re gonna go down to the station ‘til we sort this whole thing out.<br />SCENE 11: ON THE WAY TO THE CAR, POLICE OFFICER # 2 SEES A MAN IN A BLACK HOODY FLEEING THE SCENE. HE YELLS AT THE PERP.<br />POLICE OFFICER #2<br />Hey stop right there. (HE TURNED AND STARTED TO RUN AFTER HIM)<br />POLICE OFFICER #1<br />Hey Buddy. Where you going?<br />POLICE OFFICER #2<br />I saw someone running. This might be our guy… bring the car around.<br />(THE POLICE OFFICER #1 TURNED AROUND AND NOTICED THAT DANNY WAS GONE)<br />POLICE OFFICER #1<br />This guy is somehow involved in the wife’s disappearance, and now people are dying. What the hell is going on.<br />POLICE # 2 PULLS UP IN THE CAR POLICE OFFICER ONE GETS IN.<br />EXTERIOR STREET DAY<br />SCENE 13: DANNY RAN DOWN THE STREET, PERIODICALLY LOOKING BEHIND HIM.THE POLICE OFFICERS WERE NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. HE RAN HOME AND BAMMED ON THE DOOR.<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />DANNY<br />Jessica... Open up. It's me… Danny. Open the door!!!<br />JESSICA<br />Danny? Are you alright? What happened?<br />DANNY<br />Jessica… Listen to me! I think someone's trying to set me up!<br />JESSICA<br />Who?<br />DANNY<br />I don't know, but we need to lock all the windows and doors.<br />JESSICA<br />Danny, what happened?<br />DANNY<br />Richard's dead.<br />JESSICA<br />Oh my god.<br />DANNY<br />You just need to pack your things and go somewhere safe.<br />(DANNY HEADS INTO HIS ROOM HE TAKES THE LETTER OUT OF HIS POCKET, HE OPENS IT. HE WONDERS WHAT THE LETTER WOULD REVEAL ABOUT THE NUMBERS AND WHAT RICHARD WAS TRYING TO TELL HIM. <br />DANNY<br />Dear Danny, I thought you would have figured it out. That paper with the numbers 452295 written on it is the last six numbers of your social security number. If you change the numbers to letters, you'll see that it spells Debbie and that date 9-25-08… That was the day you tried to kill me, but you didn't succeed. I'm closer to you Danny... a lot closer than you think.......<br />(THERE'S SCRAPPING SOUNDS AND A LOUD BANG)<br />DANNY<br />Jessica… Don't open the door! Jessica… Are you okay?<br />JESSICA<br />(She screams) DANNY BEHIND YOU!<br />(THE PERSON BEHIND JESSICA GRABS HER AND DRAGS HER OUT OF THE ROOM (WITH KNIFE IN HAND). JESSICA SCREAMS. ANOTHER PERSON CLOROFORMS DANNY FROM BEHIND.)<br />INTERIOR GARAGE DAY.<br />DANNY COMES TO AND IS TIED UP. HE SEES DEBBIE)<br />DEBBIE<br />Rise and shine.<br />DANNY<br />Debbie? (He mumbles)<br />DEBBIE<br />You remember my name... do you remember what you tried to do to me Danny?<br />DANNY<br />No.<br />DEBBIE<br />Well let me refresh your memory.<br />CUT: INTERIOR HOUSE NIGHT<br />SCENE 14: TAKES YOU BACK TO DANNY AND DEBBIE'S FIGHT AND IT SHOWS THAT IS WAS DANNY THAT WAS CHOKING HER AND RAMMING HER HEAD INTO THE MIRROR, BUT THAT’S NOT ALL THAT HE DID. HE ALSO TRIED TO DROWN HER IN A NEARBY LAKE, BUT SHE SURVIVED. THE CALL THAT DANNY RECIEVED AFTER THE ATTEMPT IS WHAT BOTHERED DEBBIE THE MOST.<br />CUT: INTERIOR GARAGE DAY<br />DEBBIE<br />If I didn't wake up in time, I would have been dead… What was more surprising than you trying to kill me was the phone call.<br />CUT: EXTERIOR LATE NIGHT<br />AS DANNY TALKS TO A WOMAN ON THE PHONE DEBBIE COMES TOO, SHE BEGINS TO CRAWL OUT OF THE LAKE SHE NOTICES A BIG STICK AND PICKS IT UP <br />WOMAN<br />So did you do it?<br />DANNY<br />Yes, I've killed her. She is out of our lives for good.<br />WOMAN<br /> Good, you did great. I love you.<br />DANNY<br />I love you too... Jessica.<br />DEBBIE KNOCKS DANNY OVER THE BACK OF HIS HEAD<br />SCENE 15: GOES BACK TO THE PRESENT AND NOW DANNY KNOWS WHAT HE DID AND HE LEARNS THAT HE'S BEEN WITH JESSICA BACK THEN AS WELL. AS DEBBIE RECALLS WHAT HAPPENED DANNY SLOWLY UNTANGLES THE ROPE TIED AROUND HIS HANDS.<br />DEBBIE<br />Now I know you and I had our problems, but I didn't think that you would do what you tried to do to me.<br />DANNY<br />Debbie, I'm sorry. I didn't think I would even be capable of doing something like that.<br />(DEBBIE REACHES INTO HER POCKET AND PULLS OUT A RING)<br />DEBBIE<br />Look what I took off your little girlfriend's finger. Did you know that it has my name engraved in it? See… things were great till this Jessica woman came into our lives.<br />DANNY<br />I'm sorry Debbie. Please. Forgive me.<br />DEBBIE<br />Forgive you? You nearly killed me and your little friend Jessica was in on it. I will never… ever forgive you for what you I'm going to do to you what you tried to do to me...<br />(DANNY AND DEBBIE GET INTO A BIG FIGHT AGAIN BUT THIS TIME DEBBIE HAS THE UPPER HAND AND NOW THE TABLES HAVE TURNED. IT IS NOW DEBBIE WHO IS ATTEMPTING TO DO WHAT DANNY TRIED TO DO TO HER A YEAR AGO)<br />DEBBIE<br />You want me dead Danny! You've got it, but I'm not dying alone.....I'm taking you with me!<br />EXTERIOR WOODS NIGHT<br />SCENE 16: DANNY BREAKS FREE AND RUNS OUT OF THE FRONT DOOR. HE RUNS THROUGH SOME HOUSES AND INTO THE WOODS. HE STOPS TO CATCH HIS BREATH, LOOKS BEHIND HIM AND SEES DEBBIE ONLY A FEW FEET AWAY WITH THE KNIFE. AS HE BEGAN TO RUN AGAIN, HE REALIZED HE WAS RIGHT BY THE LAKE HE TRIED TO KILL HER IN A YEAR AGO. HE STOPPED. SHE RAN TOWARDS HIM WITH THE KNIFE AND LUNGES IT AT HIM. DANNY GRABS THE HANDLE OF THE KNIFE AND PUSHES DEBBIE. SHE LOSES HER STEP, STUMBLES DOWN THE HILL AND FALLS INTO THE LAKE. SHE IS UNCONSCIOUS AND DROWNS. (DANNY FELL TO THE GROUND SOBBING)<br />TWO MONTHS LATER<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />(DANNY IS BACK IN HIS BED AT HOME. HE HAS A NIGHTMARE ABOUT GETTING SMOTHERED BY A PILLOW AND IT TURNS OUT TO BE DEBBIE SAYING HE WILL NEVER KILL HER. AS HE WAKES UP, HE COMES ACROSS ANOTHER MYSTERIOUS LETTER WITH HIS NAME ON IT)<br />DANNY<br />Danny, you thought you could get away with it. I know you killed my mother. We have unfinished business... See you soon… your daughter, Danielle.<br />ONE YEAR AGO<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />SCENE 17: SHOWS WHAT HAPPENED A YEAR AGO WITH SUPRISES AND SHOCKING TWISTS.<br />DANIELLE<br />Mom, why would dad try to kill you?<br />DEBBIE<br />I don't know. Maybe, he thought that I would find him with this woman he's seeing behind my back. She must have wanted him to kill me. That’s probably explains why your father kept leaving, but his days of sneaking around on me will come to an end.<br />DANIELLE<br />But mom it's been a month since then, he could have moved out of the state.<br />DEBBIE<br />He's still here.<br />DANIELLE<br />How do you know?<br />DEBBIE<br />Because I've hired someone to spy on him and he knows where Danny is.<br />(TWO WEEKS EARLIER)<br />EXTERIOR RESTURANT DAY<br />DEBBIE<br />I need you to find Danny.<br />PATRICK<br />You just want me to tell you where he is?<br />DEBBIE<br />Yes and when you find him… call me.<br />PATRICK<br />I got it.<br />DEBBIE<br />Now, Patrick when you see him, don't do anything. Just tell me the address.<br />(BACK AT DANIELLE PLACE)<br />DEBBIE<br />He left me for dead and now both of them will pay and may god help whoever gets in my way.<br />(ONE WEEK EARLIER: AT RESTUARANT)<br />PATRICK<br />I've got the address now. Are you going to tell me why you need it?<br />DEBBIE<br />Let's just say him and I have some unfinished business. Did you see him with someone?<br />PATRICK<br />As a matter of fact, I did. He was with a woman. Debbie...did he hurt you?<br />DEBBIE<br />Thanks for the address.<br />PATRICK<br />Debbie I'm your brother… you can tell me. Did he touch you?<br />DEBBIE<br />Thanks Patrick, but this doesn't concern you.<br />PATRICK<br />We’re is my concern.<br />DEBBIE<br />I'm sorry Patrick, but this is between me and him.<br />PACTRICK<br />Debbie wait... whatever you’re thinking about doing... I want in.<br />DEBBIE<br />Patrick I told you this doesn't.......<br />PATRICK<br />It is my concern… you want to know why? Because the woman that he is with is my girlfriend. I did all I could to make our relationship work, but she acted like I was no good for her. So she would go out and stay out all night, every night. So, one day I got paranoid and start thinking she was with someone else. I just didn't know who it was ‘til now. So, what are we going to do?<br />DEBBIE<br />He tried to kill me, so I want him to feel scared. I want him to feel paranoid and I want him to know it's all me. So, you get anyone who gets in our way and leave clues. I'll tell you what kind.<br />PATRICK<br />Why would you want to remind him?<br />DEBBIE<br />Because… There's a good chance that he won't remember.<br />PATRICK<br />How do you know?<br />DEBBIE<br />Because… on the night he tried to kill me, I knocked him out with a stick pretty hard. So, it's possible that he forgot what he did… but I want him to remember what he tried to do to me and when he does... I’ll kill him.<br />(A FEW MONTHS LATER)<br />EXTERIOR HOUSE DAY <br />PATRICK (ON THE PHONE)<br /> Debbie! It's me… Patrick. I’m right outside your house.<br />DEBBIE<br />Why?<br />PATRICK<br />Because I’m following Jessica and she just went inside.<br />DEBBIE<br />What is she doing there?<br />PATRICK<br />I don't know, but I'm going to find out.....<br />DEBBIE<br />No! Patrick, wait!<br />PATRICK HANGS UP THE PHONE AND FOLLOWS JESSICA INSIDE.<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />PATRICK<br />What are you doing Jessica?<br />JESSICA<br />Patrick, what are you doing here? Have you been following me?<br />PATRICK<br />Does it matter, just tell me why you are here Jessica? And why are you with my sister's husband?<br />JESSICA<br />You've been stalking me too?<br />PATRICK<br />Jessica just.....<br />JESSICA<br />Patrick don't you get it, it's over! I love him but what I'll love more is his money.<br />PATRICK<br />So is that why you’re with me?<br />JESSICA<br />Please, if it was about money with you, I would have been gone a long time ago. I felt sorry for you Patrick. You’re so pathetic like a stray dog, just needing someone to love him. Well, at least with Danny, I'll have a great sum of money now that his wife is gone… your beloved little sister. I'll get rid of Danny just like I got rid of you.<br />PATRICK TRIES TO STOP HER BUT THEY END UP GETTING INTO A FIGHT. PUSHES PATRICK DOWN HE FALLS AND HURTS HIS ANKLE. SHE SETS THE HOUSE ON FIRE BUT PATRICK MAKES IT OUT. (SHE WANTED TO MAKE SURE THAT DANNY DOESN'T SEE ANYTHING THAT REMINDS HIM OF DEBBIE)<br />CUT: EXTERIOR RESTUARANT DAY<br />DEBBIE<br />What happened?<br />PATRICK<br />It was Jessica; I went to see what she was doing at your house. She's obviously in on it.<br />DEBBIE<br />I know.<br />PATRICK<br />So I confronted her. I asked her what she was doing there.<br />DEBBIE<br />Then what did she do?<br />PATRICK<br />She just lost it. We got into a fight and she.....she set your house on fire.<br />DEBBIE<br />I think I know why?<br />PATRICK<br />Why?<br />DEBBIE<br />Don't you see, Patrick? She knows that Danny's suffering some memory loss about me. She's willing to burn my house down.<br />PATRICK<br />She thinks you’re dead. She could take Danny’s money and try to take whatever kind of insurance she can from your home being damaged.<br />DEBBIE<br />She could try, but she won't get much because I maxed out all Danny's cards and took all the money that me and Danny had saved in our accounts. Patrick, this woman is trying to take everything away from us and now we’re going to take everything away from the both of them.<br />(THE PRESENT, JUST DAYS BEFORE DEBBIE AND DANIELLE ATTACK DANNY AND JESSICA)<br />PATRICK<br />Debbie, do you remember when you told me we were going to use clues? Well, what are they?<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />(SCENE SHOWS PATRICK PLANTING THE SMALL CLUES AROUND BUT DURING HIS CLUE AT RICHARDS HE DISCOVERS A SECRET OF HIS OWN)<br />PATRICK<br />Debbie! It looks like Danny isn't the only guy that she was with.<br />DEBBIE<br />Well… Who else was she with?<br />PATRICK<br />It looks like she was with Danny's friend too.<br />(IT SHOWS PATRICK HOLDING A PICTURE OF RICHARD AND JESSICA)<br />BACK AT RICHARDS HOUSE, THE NIGHT RICHARD VISITED DANNY.<br />RICHARD<br />I'll let you know if I hear anything alright.<br />(AS SOON AS RICHARD WALKED OUT OF THE ROOM HIS PHONE RINGS)<br />JESSICA<br />Richard...... we have a problem?<br />RICHARD<br />What is it?<br />JESSICA<br />It's Danny's account… it's been wiped out… all of the money is gone.<br />RICHARD<br />What? How?<br />JESSICA<br />I don't know Richard. I'm starting to think that maybe he didn't kill her.<br />RICHARD<br />He had to. She's nowhere to be found.<br />JESSICA<br />Her brother Patrick… tried to stop me.<br />RICHARD<br />Is he dead?<br />JESSICA<br />Yes, I left him to burn in his sister’s house. He's been following me. I've got a feeling that someone’s on to us...maybe we should stop before this comes back to haunt us.<br />RICHARD<br />Calm down... nothing’s going to come and haunt us and Debbie and her brother are dead. So, we got nothing to worry about. We've done this before and nothings gone wrong but if you feel scared, maybe we should just settle down and lay low. You pick up Danny when he's ready and just stay at your place. I'll just keep playing the friend role, and make it seem like nothing’s changed.<br />JESSICA<br />For how long?<br />RICHARD<br />For a few months, maybe a year, so Danny doesn’t think anything’s up. Look Jessica… this won't work all the time. This scam has made things easier for us financially. Don't tell me you’re going soft on me now… are you?<br />JESSICA<br />No.<br />RICHARD<br />Alright, when we’re done settling down, we’re going to go back to business as usual, okay?<br />JESSICA<br />Okay. I love you.<br />RICHARD<br />I love you too Jessica.<br />AT THE RESTUARANT<br />DEBBIE<br />I know it's possible he has forgotten a lot and it's even possible that he forgot about his own daughter, but I'll make him remember… even if it kills me.<br />(THE NIGHT THAT DEBBIE DIED)<br />NEWS REPORTER<br /> I am on the scene where a terrible tragedy has occurred. This morning a body was discovered in the Evermore Lake. It was a woman by the name of Debbie Wilson who has been missing for over a year. According to forensics, her time of death was about eight hours ago. If that is the case, where was she for the last year? Her death has been ruled as a homicide instead of an accidental drowning. RMPD will continue to investigate the details of the case. We will let you know if there are any more developments on this sad tragedy.<br />DANIELLE STARTS TO WRITE THE LETTER AND PUTS ON THE KILLER MASK AND HOODY. SHE SNEAKS INTO THE HOUSE AS DANNY SLEEPS.<br />EXTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />(SCENE GOES TO THE DAY WHERE DEBBIE FIRST ARRIVED AT HOUSE OF DANNY AND JESSICA)<br />DANIELLE<br />Mom we don’t have to do this!<br />DEBBIE<br />Honey, I'm doing this for you and me. He not only hurt me, but he tried to destroy are family as well.<br />DANIELLE<br />I hope we don’t something we'll regret.<br />DEBBIE<br />Honey whatever happens to me... I just want you to know that I love you.<br />DEBBIE AND DANEILLE PUT THERE MASKS ON.<br />INTERIOR HOUSE DAY<br />(BACK AT DANNYS HOUSE)<br />DANIELLE WALKS OUT OF THE CLOSET WITH A KNIFE AND MAKES HER WAY TOWARD DANNY WHO IS UNAWARE SHE IS BEHIND HIM.<br />CUT: EXTERIOR DAY<br />POLICE # 1 and #2 ARRIVE AT DANNY’S HOUSE. THEY NOTICE THE OPEN WINDOW AND RUN TOWARDS THE HOUSE.<br /> <br /><ul><li>CUT: INTERIOR HOUSE DAY</li></ul>DANIELLE<br />This time I’ll finish what she started…and make sure you never wake up.<br />SHE GRABS HIM AROUND THE NECK FROM BEHIND AND STABS HIM <br />FADE TO BLACK<br />