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Inspiring Kids


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Introduction to how we inspire children to take action.

Published in: Education
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Inspiring Kids

  1. 1. Illustrated stories connecting people and inspiring action.
  2. 2. steps to inspire kids to take action 1 2 3
  3. 3. 1. Let them learn from your actions Children copy your actions faster than they follow your words. 2. Encourage them in what they do! 3. let them learn from their peers. Children look for affirmation from their parents and care takers. Children want to fit in, they quickly pick behaviour from peers.
  4. 4. Story telling.
  5. 5. Story telling has been effective in inspiring generations.
  6. 6. Illustrated stories appeal to children’s creative minds.
  7. 7. We illustrate stories of children from around the globe.
  8. 8. Share A story with us: We will illustrate it.