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Steps of a questionnaire in surveymonkey


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Steps of a questionnaire in surveymonkey

  1. 1. Click to registerClick to register
  2. 2. Enter user nameEnter user name Enter passwordEnter password Re-enter passwordRe-enter password Enter your emailEnter your email
  3. 3. To CreateTo Create new surveynew survey
  4. 4. Write Title of surveyWrite Title of survey
  5. 5. Change color showChange color show Fordesign surveyFordesign survey Add questionAdd question Worklinkto theWorklinkto the questionnairequestionnaire To analyzeTo analyze the resultsthe results
  6. 6. Choose the type of questionChoose the type of question
  7. 7. View sample questionsView sample questions
  8. 8. Select the NextSelect the Next button to work linkbutton to work link
  9. 9. Copy the link and put itCopy the link and put it in writing to thein writing to the circulation of thecirculation of the questionnairequestionnaire