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Finance for non financial managers


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Finance for non financial managers

  1. 1. LAHORE KARACHI 08-09 February, 2011 11-12 February, 2011FacilitatorChartered Accountant, Business Advisor & Author
  2. 2. Facilitator LAHORE KARACHI 08-09 February, 2011 11-12 February, 2011BACKGROUND The dynamic and cut-throat business environment of the modern era presents unique challenges to management professionals engaged in diverse fields of operation. The concept of bottom-line is now ever increasingly important and every decision is evaluated on the impact it is expected to have on the financial indicators of an entity. The key success factor in improving financial performance of organizations is to equip all individuals with a comprehensive knowledge base of how finance affects their individual portfolios. How do you acquire the skills needed to meet this challenge? In this program you will learn: The key principles of Financial Accounting Management Accounting Principale Financial Analysis tools & techniques To use financial information for decision making The art of asking the right questionWHO SHOULD People working in non-financial management positions Personnel working in departments linked to Finance ATTEND? Those inspiring to progress to the next level of managementMETHODOLOGY The programme will be highly interactive and adopt a combination of learning techniques and tools. These include simulation of real world experiences through the case method of teaching and experiential learning techniques. The participants will be required to work both individually and in groups. OBJECTIVES Participants attending this program will: Gain an in-depth understanding of Accounting Principles Understand and be able to prepare, interpret and analyze Financial Statements Understand the role of Finance in Strategic Decisions
  3. 3. Facilitator LAHORE KARACHI 08-09 February, 2011 11-12 February, 2011 PROGRAM OUTLINE Day 1 – Basics of Accounting Day 2 – Financial Modeling Accounting Principles at Work for Strategic Decision Making Introduction to Financial Accounting Basics of Managerial Accounting The need for Financial Modeling Accounting Process Flows and Controls Techniques and Methodology Preparation of Financial Statements Use of Spreadsheets Budgeting Developing a Financial Model Analysis of Financial Statements Utilizing the financial models for decision Profitability Indexing making Segment/Departmental AnalysisAmir’s ProfileAmer is an Australian Chartered Accountant, Author and business advisor. Amer is a graduate of the Australian National University, andhe has also completed an Executive Education Program at the Harvard Business School. Amer until recently was the Chief FinancialOfficer at MiNC Property Enterprises, Dubai, UAE. He was Director of the Entrepreneurship and SME centre at the Lahore University ofManagement Sciences (LUMS) before that.Prior to returning to Pakistan after an absence of almost 30 years and joining LUMS, Amer was the Managing Director of the Accountingand Business Consulting Firm, QCO International in Australia. Previously Amer had worked for international accounting firms includingKPMG and Deloitte for approximately seven years.In order to effectively train people in Accounting, Finance and Management related areas, what is needed is not just theoreticalknowledge but a wealth of practical and hands on experience gained over many years of management experience. Yet knowledge andpractical experience alone are not sufficient either, you need exceptional presentation skills, a good and thorough understanding of thelocal business environment and an awareness of international best practice. Amer Q is one of the rare business professionals, who has acombination of all these qualities.His international experience combined with his passion and love for training have made Amer a highly sought after facilitator andspeaker.Investment 02 Feb 18, 500 per participant 17, 500 2-3 per participants 15, 500 4 and above (includes courseware, networking lunch, refreshment and participation certificate) For registration please contact Fatima Rizvi Cell: +92 321 4333387 406-Century Tower, Gulberg III, Tel: +92 42 3591 3961-2 Lahore-Pakistan