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national and international news agencies


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its all about news agencies of pakistan and also about international news is very useful for every one

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national and international news agencies

  2. 2. NewsAgenciesof pakistan:
  3. 3. APP(Associated press of Pakistan): ▪ APP, Associated press of Pakistan is the federal news agency of Pakistan.The news agency works under the ministry of information and broadcasting. A general manager appointed by the ministry runs the organizational setup.The department has a staff of more than five hundred staff members, which include reporters, camera operators, journalists, writers, newscasters and finance staff.The office of the department is in the capital, Islamabad.APP has its offices in three main cities, which include Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore and a vast network of linked offices in small cities. ▪ The firm has faced serious economic and financial crisis due to lack of funds in the early years until October 2002 when through an ordinance, it was converted in to a corporation and renamed as APPC Associated Press Pakistan Corporation. With annual budget of 140 million rupees, the organization generates its income from print and electronic media. Being a federal administrative body all newspapers and different news networks work under its supervision. Dawn,The Nation PakistanTimes,The News International are major English newspapers while Nawa-e-waqt, Khabrain and Jang are Urdu newspapers having readers throughout the country. APPC provides all news of different issues including official, political, local, marketing and business.The APPC has close allies with more than 35 different news agencies of the world and it is official source of International news for other nations
  4. 4. PPI(Pakistan Press International): ▪ Pakistan Press International (PPI), the country's independent news agency, was established in 1956.The agency enjoys the respect of national and international media and has distinguished itself as an instrument of credible, objective, and ethical journalism. ▪ PPI has an extensive news file prepared by over 300 staffers and stringers in all parts of the country. All major newspapers, radio and television stations in Pakistan and a number of international news and database organisations subscribe to PPI's text, photo and audio news services in English and Urdu. ▪ Besides political news, PPI also lays special emphasis on the coverage of economic, social, cultural and sports news, particularly projection of activities in the rural areas. PPI has one of the most extensive coverage of rural Pakistan of any media organisation. ▪ The agency encourages news of social programmers', such as human rights, women's empowerment, literacy, children's rights, family planning and environmental issues. PPI's policy is to help make people aware of social problems such as dangers of drugs, smoking and other health hazards.
  5. 5. INP(INDEPENDENT NEWS PAKISTAN) ▪ is among the Pakistan leaders in online news and information delivery. Staffed 24 hours, seven days a week by a dedicated staff in INP Capital headquarters in Islamabad, and in bureaus Lahore, Peshawar, Karachi , Quetta & Azad Kashmir, with more than 1000 correspondent all our the Pakistan and world, relies heavily on INP's team of almost 100 news professionals. features the latest technologies, to searchable archives of news features and background information.
  6. 6. PPA(PAKISTAN PRESS AGENCY): ▪ Pakistan Press Agency (PPA) was established in 1990 in Karachi by Mr. Akhtar Jamal (an experienced journalist who served several reputed international news organizations for more than ten years in Ankara,Vienna and Beirut)) as its Chief Executive and Mr. M. N. Deen, (who had retired as director of Press & Information Department, Government of Pakistan) as its managing editor. (Unfortunately Mr. Deen expired in 1998). ▪ Initially PPA started its work with Jang Group of Newspapers for which Mr. Jamal had already worked for years.Apart from more than a dozen Urdu newspapers, several English dailies, including Pakistan Observer (Islamabad), The News International (Karachi), Jang London, Frontier Post (Peshawar) and Daily Statesman published PPA stories. In 1998 PPA published its first book “Who isWho in Pakistan” edited by Akhtar Jamal. PPA has two main offices in Pakistan, Islamabad and Karachi.
  7. 7. SABAH(SOUTH ASIAN BROADCASTING AGENCY): ▪ The Saba News Agency (SABAH) also known as theYemen News Agency, is the official state news agenc ABA was founded on 16 November 1970 as the official news agency of northYemen, and is headquartered in the capital Sana'a. On 22 May 1990 the agency was merged with the Aden News Agency (ANA) of SouthYemen to create theYemen News Agency SabaThe agency provides news on the Middle East and region. It is a member of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA)
  8. 8. ANN(Asia News Network): ▪ The Asia News Network (ANN) is one of the world’s biggest media alliances. Founded in 1999 with seven members, ANN now comprises 21 leading media, mostly leading national English-language daily, from South, Southeast and Northeast Asia. ANN’s main activities are daily exchanges of news, photos and a host of other collaborations. ▪ The networking of newspapers in Asia was first discussed informally by Asian editors who participated in the first Asian-German Editors' Forum organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Manila. Encouraged by the forum’s success and the warm fellowship among them, the editors decided to pursue a more permanent professional and business relationship. With the goal of improving coverage of Asian affairs by Asian media, ANN was born.
  9. 9. ONLINE INTERNATIONAL NEWS NETWORK: ▪ ONLINE is Pakistan's first bilingual news and photo wire service, dedicated to issues that are neglected by the mainstream media.We focus on national and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of the people of Pakistan in particular and the region in general.We disseminate genuine as well as useful information to the nation and the people across the globe. ▪ OINN is different from contemporary Pakistani news agencies in many ways.There has been a very strong feeling in the outside world that there is no credible and independent source of information in Pakistan, chiefly because the electronic media, including radio and television networks are state-owned. ▪ It was in this background that Mr. Mohsin Baig, the company's Chairman thought of setting up a news network worthy of credibility at home as well as in the foreign world. Mr.Baig, who has been a journalist in his own right and now Chief Executive Online initiated this project in January 1999.
  11. 11. PTI(PRESS TRUST OF INDIA): ▪ PTI named as press trust of India. It is the largest news agency of India. It was founded in 27 august 1947. Its key people are Riyadh Mathew. Its headquarter is in new Delhi .It has more than 1000 employees. PTI is a non profit cooperative among more than 500 Indian newspapers and has more than 1000 full time employees. A few correspondents located in most of the districts headquarter in country. It provides news coverage and information in both English and Hindi. It exchange news information with more than 100 news agencies outside India.
  12. 12. BERNAMA ▪ The National News Agency of Malaysia or BERNAMA, a statutory body, was set up by an Act of Parliament in 1967 and began operations in May 1968. A five-member Supervisory Council appointed by theYang di-Pertuan Agong is created to ensure that BERNAMA is always guided by the provisions of the Act in implementing its objectives. BERNAMA is managed by a Board of Governors appointed by theYang di-Pertuan Agong.The Board comprises a Chairman and six representatives each from the Federal Government and Newspapers that are subscribers of BERNAMA.They each have alternate members who are also appointed by theYang di-Pertuan Agong. The BERNAMA management is headed by a General Manager who is assisted by a Management Committee that implements all programmes and activities as well as decisions of the Board of Governors. The agency has its offices in all the states in Malaysia and correspondents in Singapore, Jakarta, Bangkok and stringers or retainers in United States Of America, Nepal and Europe. Equipped with fully computerized operations, it provides general and economic news services and screen- based real time financial information services to subscribers in Malaysia and Singapore. BERNAMA’s role as a source of reliable and latest news is well known among local and international media including government agencies, corporations, universities and individuals nationwide.
  13. 13. XINHUA: ▪ Xinhua News Agency, the state and worldwide news agency in China, is a backbone with global influence among key national websites. On the strength of Xinhua's 150 subsidiaries all over China and the world, has formed a global news and information gathering network to provide authoritative, substantial and timely news and information, as well as a large amount of on-the-spot reports, exclusive reports and brilliant multi-media reports. ▪ consists of the Beijing head network, 32 local channels throughout China and 10 subsidiary websites of the Xinhua News Agency.With sophisticated technology and equipment, and a safe and reliable system, ranks first in China in the network platform and is known as an "aircraft carrier" for Chinese websites. ▪ Collecting news and information around the world and covering major events at home and abroad, releases news around the clock in seven languages, namely, Chinese (GB, Big5), English, French, Spanish, Russian,Arabic, and Japanese and updates more than 4,500 news items every day. It is thus known as the "collector of on-line news and information in China
  14. 14. SANA(SYRIAN ARAB NEWS AGENCY(SANA): ▪ SYRIAN ARAB NEWS AGENCY(SANA)(SYRIA)The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) is a news agency in Syria. It is a public- owned media organization linked to the Ministry of Information. It was established in June 1965.Website: SANA launched its website in 1997.Up until November 2012, SANA's website was hosted in Dallas,Texas by the United States company SoftLayer. Due to sanctions related to the Syrian Civil War, which make this hosting illegal, the SoftLayer company was obliged to terminate its hosting responsibilities with SANA.
  15. 15. IRNA(THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC NEWS AGENCY): ▪ The Islamic Republic News Agency *(Persian: ‫اسالمی‬‫جمهوری‬,)‫خبرگزاری‬ or IRNA, is the official news agency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is government-funded and controlled under the Iranian Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. *The agency also publishes the newspaper Iran. As of 2010[update], the Managing Director of IRNA is Mohammad Khodaddi. IRNA has 60 offices in Iran and 30 more in various countries around the world
  17. 17. AFP( ASSOICATED FRANCE PRESS): ▪ AFP) • Agence France-Presse (AFP) is an international news agency headquartered in Paris, France. • Founded in 1944,[2][3]AFP is the third largest news agency in the world, after the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters. Journalists of the French Resistance established the AFP in the headquarters of the former "Office Français d'Information", aVichy news agency, following the liberation of Paris. • Currently, the CEO is Emmanuel Hogg (fr) and the News Director is Michele Léridon.[4]AFP has regional offices in Nicosia, Montevideo, Hong Kong, andWashington, D.C., and bureaux in 150 countries. AFP transmits news in French, English,Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and German. • Established as a state enterprise, AFP devoted the post-war years to developing its network of international correspondents.One of them was the firstWestern journalist to report the death of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin on March 6, 1953. AFP was keen to shake off its semi-official status, and on January 10, 1957 the French Parliament passed a law establishing its independence. Since that date, the proportion of the agency's revenues generated by subscriptions from government departments has steadily declined. Such subscriptions represented 115 million Euros in 2011
  18. 18. REUTERS: ▪ Reuters was set up in 1851 by Paul Julius Reuter, a German-born immigrant. He opened an office in the City of London which transmitted stock market quotations between London and Paris via the new Calais- Dover cable.Two years earlier he had used pigeons to fly stock prices between Aachen and Brussels. Reuters, as the agency soon became known, eventually extended its service to the whole British press as well as to other European countries. It also expanded to include general and economic news from across the world. Its reputation rapidly gained ground thanks to a series of major scoops.The one Reuters journalists love to cite most was in 1865 when the company was first in Europe with news of US President Lincoln's assassination. Advances in overland telegraphs and undersea cables allowed the news wire to expand into the far east in 1872 and South America in 1874. In 1883 Reuters started transmitting messages electrically to London newspapers and in 1923 it pioneered the use of radio to transmit news internationally.The new owners, the British national and regional press, formed the ReutersTrust, with independent trustees who must safeguard the group's independence and neutrality
  19. 19. AP(ASSOCIATED PRESS) ▪ Associated Press (AP), cooperative 24-hour news agency (wire service), the oldest and largest of those in the United States and long the largest and one of the preeminent news agencies in the world. Headquarters are in NewYork, N.Y. ▪ Its beginnings can be traced to 1846, when four NewYorkCity daily newspapers joined a cooperative venture to provide news of the Mexican-AmericanWar. In 1848 six papers pooled their efforts to finance a telegraphic relay of foreign news brought by ships to Boston, the first U.S. port of call for westbound transatlantic ships. By 1856 the cooperative had taken the name ... (100 of 619 words)