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Codes & conventions of a website


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Codes & conventions of a website

  1. 1. Codes & ConventionsOf a WebsiteBY FATIMA IFTIKHAR
  2. 2. Layout and DesignUsability: Easy to use site with clear areas for navigation around the website.Grid System: Separate sections of a website to present information in small, easy toaccess segments.Centre of Page: Used for main content with navigation tools on the left and/or acrossthe top of the page and links to more information on the right.Background and Font color: Used to separate different types of information.Images: Used to illustrate as much as possible to add visual interest.
  3. 3. Technical Codes UsedCertain technical codes are now a common place on websites. Most websites havemoving images or audio content and something for the audience to do on the website forinterest or integration. This content are provided dependent on what the website is like amusic website would have downloadable music/ videos or downloadable content.ContentWebsites with factual information may look different compared to a site for entertainment.There are different titles on different sites as they would be focus on only one type ofinformation.GenreWebsites are based on existing genres (e.g. Broadsheets or Tabliod Newspapers) the webdesign uses recognizable codes and conventions to ensure that the audience recognizethe genre.Target AudienceMost audiences may find a certain layout and design appealing compared to others. Akey issue with websites is the way they attempt to encourage audience activity andinteractivity to attract audiences in and persuade them to return or pass on informationimportant to the site.
  4. 4. Technical CodesContentGenre: BroadsheetTarget Audience: This site looks like its designed to attract teenagers due to itsimage and layout. It can be surely said because it a music site and most of itsaudience in young aged groups.
  5. 5. Technical CodesContentGenre: TabloidsTarget Audience: The Main Image on thewebsite is the most important content in order toconnect with and attract the potentialAudience. If the image is attractive the clientwill be more interestedly want to read and knowmore about your business and site
  6. 6. Technical CodesContentGenre: Broad SheetTargetAudience:House Buyer orRenters.