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Codes & conventions of a

  1. 1. By Fatima IftikharCodes & Conventions of aNewspaper
  2. 2. List Of Codes & Conventions Logo: A logo is used to show the name of the publishing company or the newspaper itself. Slogan: A Slogan is a catchphrase for a newspaper something that can easily be identified with anewspaper. Masthead: The tittle of the newspaper. Headlines or Crossheads: Tittle of the story which also helps locating a particular story. Bylines: Credits/the reports name. Date line: The date or information like website address and the issue number etc. allocated with themast head in small font size. Lead Story: This is seen as the most important story featured in the newspaper and this will be themost coverage. The story will also be of interest for the audience. Lead Paragraph: A Lead paragraph is at the beginning of an article and it provides the readers withinformation on what the article is about. Images and captions: Images related to the story with a small heading usually placed at the bottomborder of the image. Columns: They help to display text in a neat and a representable manner across the page in orderto make it easier for the reader to read it.
  3. 3.  Reversed Type: A white or light color type font placed on a black back ground. Kicker: Headlines in smaller fonts which are often underlined. Hammer: Large headline place above the main headline of the page. Deck: Summery of articles and stories usually at the edge of the newspaper. Font Types, Colors & Sizes: The Style chosen particularly for a newspaper as its signature font itafter some times becomes its signature. Initial & Drep Caps: Stylize the text into something different. Pull Quotes: Quotes within an article to attract the readers e.g. advertisements Push Quotes: Awareness Quotes, A Quote to repel the readers to do a particular thing e.g. Smoking,taking drugs etc. Display Advertisement: This is an advertisement included in a newspaper which includes writingabout the service or product and along tis will be a photo. Small Advertisement: This is a different and a less important advertisement then the Displayadvertisement.
  4. 4. History, Ideology & Dissectionof5 Different Local NewsPaper’s
  5. 5. The NewsHistory & Ideology
  6. 6. MastheadHeadlineDate LineImageDisplay AdvertisementColumnsDeckBaylineReversed TypeLead ColumnSmall Advertisement
  7. 7. Jung NewspaperHistory & Ideology
  8. 8. LOGO &Masthead all inone.SLOGONHeadlineCreditsDate LineLead StoryLead PhotographImages & CaptionsColumnsReversed TypeHammer
  9. 9. Pakistan Today NewspaperHistory & Ideology
  10. 10. MastheadHeadlineCreditsDate LineLead StoryColumnsReversed TypeKickerDeck
  11. 11. Dawn NewspaperHistory & Ideology
  12. 12. HeadlineMastheadDate LineSub HeadingsBay LineLead StoryLead ParagraphReversed TypeImagesColumnsDeckDisplay Advertisement
  13. 13. The NationHistory & Ideology
  14. 14. Small AdvertisementsMastheadHeadingSubheadingColumnsDate LineBy LineLead StoryDeckImagesReversed Type
  15. 15. MastheadHeadlineCreditsDate LineLead StoryLead PhotographImage & CaptionColumnsDeckSmallAdvertisement