Rolling Stone Magazine Analysis


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Rolling Stone Magazine Analysis

  1. 1. IdeologyThe Rolling Stone Magazine is bothcontemporary and classic culture.However the Magazine features all fromthe music sector. Television programs,films and much more of the mediaproducts.
  2. 2. Target AudienceThe Audience of Rolling Stone Magazine isthe young and very mainstream audience of15-24, with the magazine content beinglargely popular culture often focusing onactors, television and pop music.
  3. 3. Publishing InstitutionsRolling Stone is a U.s based magazine, whichdevotes it’s content to music, politics andpopular culture, it is published bi=weekly. It wasfirst published in 1967 by founder Jann Wennerand Ralph J.Gleason and is currently on it’s1118th issue. It reaches a circulation of 1.4millionand is published by the company Wenyer Media.The Magazine is based in New York
  4. 4. The front cover of this editionis featuring Shakira a musicalartist known all over for heroutstanding work. The wayshe is presented on the covercanvas a message of herbeing a very modest andnatural women.The right hand sideis also reservingspace for extrainformation but isn’timportant enough tobe on the left side.The main cover line aboutthe artist is significantlyyet is still in front of linesand is attracting moreattention towards it.The color scheme of themagazine is based on verysimple bunch of colors such asGrey and White with the artistimage in contrast with darkercolors such as black etc.The Rolling Stone logo onthe top of the cover is atraditional tittle for therolling Stone Magazinecarried out since a longtimeThe left hand sidewriting is the mostimportant section of themagazine front cover asit contains most visibleand importantinformation of the coverpage.
  5. 5. The heading line ofthe content pagewritten is white on thered stripe attracts theaudiences eyetowards it.The writing format of thispage is very simple yetelegant and is written indifferent font sizesaltogether but at thesame time it looks veryeye catching.The date of themagazine is also giverat the bottom of thepage.The background of thispage is plain white whichenhances the writings andpictures presented on it.There is no center Imageand so the three pics on theleft are given in order tomake up for that lack.These three images alsoprovide more info about theImages in the magazinethen one single picture cando.The page numbers at thebottom help the readernavigate itself through thepages to articles that arelistened and allocated tocertain pages.
  6. 6. The tittle of thiscontextrepresents themotive and theissue of the storythat’s writtenbeneath it’s boldwriting patternalso attractsattention towardsit.The writing beingbold and in asimple font seemsvery neat andorganized and soit feels like mucheasier to be read.The girl with themain image in thisdouble fold iswearing a casualshirt with egostyling whichconnects theteenaged audienceincreasinglyconnected with thearticleThe backgroundbeing plainwhite is boastingthe impressionon the image,tittle and thestory.As the tittle in very simple and a common problem ofthe teenagers of these days that they are easily missjudged in to being of wrong personality and character.This tittle will connect a lot of people to the article andso more audience will be attracted.