Music Magazine Evaluation


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Music Magazine Evaluation

  1. 1. Music MagazineEVALUATION
  2. 2. Q1. In What ways does your Music Magazine use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real music magazines?
  3. 3. Color Scheme The color scheme of my magazine cover is based on black and red background which makes the image in the center stand out while in the Billboard and Q Magazine the images are too mixed in the background and so they divert the readers attention. Mast Head Cover Story My Heading of the cover The Cover story in page is positioned at theBillboard and Q are top centre of the pagewritten in a way that which looks alike the onethey don’t stand out on Billboard. Q on the then the rest of the other hand has placed its text on the cover masthead completely where as the cover across on the top left side story on my mag is of the page. Cover Imagepresented in bold to The Cover Image is round about Barcode the same type as in Billboard And attract attention. I have given the barcode on the Q Magazine as it shows that the extreme left hand side corner so that it image attracts the whole attention generates as less of attention as pssible on its audience and it also where as Billboard and Q both have potray’s the character of the artist not presented the barcode,
  4. 4. TextImage I have used Stencil Font over theI have given a single image on Content page in order to give it athe page that starts from the left symmetrical look when coming indownwards corner and spreads to combination with the image andalmost 75% of the page giving the the style of the a very strong look unlikethe other magazines that haveimages cornered that make thepage go dull. Color Scheme Its some what close to the scheme of the two magazine as they too have limited colors and good combinations. My whole page is based on only three colors with different tones Black, White & Red.
  5. 5. ImageThe Image of my doublefold is inspired by theimage of Miley Cyrus InBillboard which looksreally nice and gives agood impact. Color Scheme The color Scheme of Text the page is based on I have used Times New Roman Black, Red & White Font on my Double Fold similar to the Rolling Spread to give it a simple yet Stone and Billboard elegant look. Double Fold
  6. 6. Q2.How does your music magazine represent different social groups
  7. 7. This Genre is up for Gender My Magazine isreading for all age oriented for all malesgroups and sects. and females as Pop Music is heard world wide by all genders. Age group My magazine is aimed to appeal the age Income Groups group of 18-25 years The Price is kept old as POP Music is reasonable in order to one of the most heard keep it in range for all by the teenagers and target audience from the most of the teenagers Middle to Upper Middle prefer listening to POP and Upper Class Music.
  8. 8. Q3. What kind of mediainstitution might distributeyour music magazine and why?
  9. 9. These are some on the distributors of POP MAGAZINESMain inspirationof my Magazinewas taken fromBillboard andRolling Stone.
  10. 10. INSTITUTIONS THAT MAY DISTRIBUTE MY PRODUCTAs these companies distribute most of the POP Magazines so its possible that they might Distribute my Magazine too.
  11. 11. Q4. Who would be the audience for your magazine?
  12. 12. Before the construction of my Music Magazine I conducted a research on the Target Audience and what kind of music they prefer most and so below are the results which concluded in the Construction of My POP Magazine.Age Groups Income Group
  13. 13. HOW OFTEN DO PEOPLEACQUIRE MUSIC MAGAZINES Internet Magazine Readers Genre Preference of the Audience
  14. 14. Q5. How did you attract/address your audience?
  15. 15. Language Informal mode of Plug address in used to A free T-Shirt of the artist is connect with the given with the magazine audience. as a gift for the consumer and fans.Color scheme ImageVibrant and hard colors The Image of the Artist is inare used keeping in mind such a style that it feels as ifthe aspect of attraction for he is in direct address withthe audience. the audience which will increasingly Attract the audience Artists The dressing of the characters is kept casual and they are from Price the same age group (18-20 years) The price is kept so that the teenager group can reasonable enough to relate themselves with the Artist attract the audience from the wider range.
  16. 16. Q6. What have you learntabout technologies from theprocess of construction this music magazine?
  17. 17. IN THE PROCESS I LEARNTCameraThe use of a DSLR (Digitalsingle lens Reflex) Camerato conduct the shoot forthe magazine Editing Software Photoshop CS 3 to edit the image and construct the magazine pages for example adding & removing a background to or from the picture and other editing techniques.BloggerCreating and maintaining an online blogon blogger. editing a blog , adding apost and updating the blog
  18. 18. Q7. Looking back at your preliminary task, what doyou feel you have learnt inthe progression it to the full production?
  19. 19. Through The process of this portfolio forming I have I have also improved my improved on Photoshop editing my vision due to skills, I have learnt the extensive research and background working placement, picture processes. touch up, effects over the text and the page as aOther then that I whole etc. also improvedmy photography skills in comparison to the preliminary task my main task had a much betterexposed image.
  20. 20. Better placement of masthead. Adding Background on a better manner. Better Writing style and placement of side stories. The Cover Story is placed in a better mannerBar code placed Plug In placed in an attractive manner.
  21. 21. Better Presentation Of the text Background AdditionPlacement of Image in a Better way. More ContentBetter Color & Style Representation.