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Gift-Giving Madness: Finding The Perfect Gift For Special Occasions



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Shopping for the perfect gift sounds like a thing of the past. Consumers are always more concerned with the latest gadgets and upcoming trends that we forget how important it is to gift someone with the things that matter most.

For some of us, it is less about spending cash on those we love, and more about spending time with them. And yes, there are items out there that can help strengthen your bond for less than $20.

This segment of MTME Reports highlights gift-giving tips for special occasions.

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Gift-Giving Madness: Finding The Perfect Gift For Special Occasions

  1. 1. MTME reports Gift-GivingMadness: FindingThePerfectGift ForSpecialOccasions
  2. 2. Shopping for the perfect gift sounds like a thing of the past. Consumers are always more concerned with the latest gadgets and upcoming trends that we forget how important it is to gift someone with the things that matter most. For some of us, it is less about spending cash on those we love, and more about spending time with them. And yes, there are items out there that can help strengthen your bond for less than $20.  Whether you decide to drive to a local store or simply make your way to the computer,  there are a variety of options to shop for your desired items.   You could head over to a department store, fill up your online cart, try your luck at a discount store, or even help a mom and pop shop. But there are some things you will need to keep in mind. Before You Shop Prior to searching any of these options, it is important to start with a list of items that may be of interest to your loved ones.  Thefivefollowingquestions havehelpedmeinthepastwith narrowingdownmylistof giftsforfamilyandfriends: 1.Whatdotheyneed? 2.Whatdotheywant? 3.Wherewouldtheyliketogo? 4.Dotheyhaveanyfavorite things? 5.Whatdotheyliketodo?
  3. 3. Once you have answered the different questions about the person, you should focus on how much you are willing to spend. My rule of thumb is to spend no more than $50. It may not sound like much, but if you do some research on different products and options available, you will see how much you can get with a set budget.    Understanding a person’s needs and wants is crucial to finding the perfect gift. Whether you are searching for a small gift for someone or one their entire family will love, having a budget in mind can help narrow down your search. I am a firm believer in gifts that brings that family together, such as a board game or an outdoor activity, but I think some gifts should be personal. Opting for a more personal gift might bring up a number of questions. Be sure to contact close family and friends who may be able to fill in the blanks.  Going Personal QuickTip: Creatinggiftbasketsaremygo-topresents.Ifyoucannotseemtofigureoutwhatwouldbethebestgiftfor someone,youcanalwaysgowithagiftbasket.Useamultipurposecontainerasathebasket,andcarefullyplace itemstheyuseonaregular.Thinkofthedifferentthingsthepersonusesonadailybasis.
  4. 4. MTME reports Motherhood Through My Eyes (MTME) is a family & lifestyle blog created by Fatima Torres, which highlights her struggles and thoughts on motherhood, tips for moms­to­be and new moms, as well as occasional product reviews and giveaways. MTME Reports are published once a month on a variety of topics, including gift­giving tips, family travel and more.