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Site media link building offer

  1. 1. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 LINK BUILDING STRATEGY CONTENTS Where is Your Site Now? Onsite SEO Audit Keyword Research Key Features of Our Link Building Link Building Process Internal opportunities Resource Links Competitor Links Web Mentions Broken Links Tactic Extracurricular Activities to Get links Outreach Email Formats Monthly Report Template Prices Who are we?
  2. 2. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 WHERE IS YOUR SITE NOW? GO TO CONTENTS We will firstly compare your site with top ranking sites in the same sector. We will check the total backlinks and number of edu and gov backlinks separately, as edu and gov links have huge authority in Google’s eyes as they are the most trusted sites usually. Here is an example: Website Linking Websites 32,159 19,955 426 Linking EDU Websites 143 131 2 Linking GOV websites 223 810 0 Source: backlink checker ONSITE SEO AUDIT GO TO CONTENTS If needed, we will firstly check if there is anything wrong on your site which might create problems for your site to be indexed or ranking better at search engines. SEO audit for your website will be a unique analysis of your site checking technical and editorial SEO elements. And we will report on a plain language what amendments you might need to do in terms of being SEO compliant. KEYWORD RESEARCH GO T O CONTENTS Finding those keywords that your potential customers are searching is vital in SEO. Therefore, if needed, we can offer you our services to create a database of highest search volume keywords which are relevant to your business. Keywords and phrases will be listed from highest search volume to the lowest and will also include opportunity analysis which will tell you whether you should choose those keywords with high search volume or go for the ones which have low but consistent search volume. KEY FEATURES OF OUR LINK BUILDING GO TO CONTE NT S We will be very careful in doing link building for your site; a) Careful Natural link building for WSJ Brand We are going to implement 100% Natural Link Building. We will not try to get any any kind of links which might carry even a little risk. More manual work and relationship with webmasters will be put into effort to get authority links. Below, we explain which types/ways of link building we will do. b) No easy or spam links We will not get links as comments, forum posts (except some industry leader, authority forums), or even article submissions or any grey hat or spammy looking methods. These are used to be effective methods in the past before penguin and panda updates of Google algorithm. However, now they carry a certain risk element. c) No ready made packages or automated tools
  3. 3. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 We are not going to apply any automated tools or package deals to acquire cheap and easy links. d) More engagement & relationship with webmasters Getting authority links is not easy. So, we will establish relationships with those influential web writers and webmasters. e) Carefully aligned with target keywords Our link building efforts will be optimised with high search target keyword, mainly via anchor text in the backlinks. Nevertheless, we plan to be careful with this by not placing huge emphasis on a few keywords, as having most of the links with same anchor text would be risky in terms of SEO (Google might think we are doing unnatural link building). f) Effective communication & cooperation with you We will communicate any concern in getting certain types of links such as links from competitors, etc. Besides, we also would like to communicate when there is a need for help from you. For example, we might need an article approved by you. LINK BUILDING PROCESS STEP 1: SEARCH LINK OPPORTUNITIES GO TO CONTENTS - Competitor Backlinks Research (Moz, Majestic tools) STEP 2: OUTREACH MESSAGES & ANCHOR TEXTS APPROVAL - Useful resources & links pages on relevant sites Client reviews and approves - Web mentions of your competitor and your brand - the content of email messages to be sent to link opportunities - Leading, authority & relevant directories - Various strategies like infographics, broken link tactic, offering tools, competition, press releases, etc. STEP 3: Outreach (Contacting Link Opportunities) - Target keywords to be used in anchor texts STEP 4: REPORTING & PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS - Email/Forms/Calls link opportunities with rotating anchor texts Reporting on - Suggest client other tactics they could implement themselves - Successfully added links - The list of link opportunities outreached And client assess whether it is feasible to continue
  4. 4. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 INTERNAL OPPORTUNITIES GO TO CONTENTS We will analyse if your sites have any internal linking opportunity. We will check the onsite linking structure as much as possible to ensure right target keywords are utilized in those onsite links. RESOURCE LINKS GO TO CONTENTS We will check the useful resources/links section of the websites which are relevant to your site.For example, for a newspaper or news site on economy and finance, we would email the following kinds of websites: - University/education websites - Government websites - NGO, Economic & Research institution websites - News websites links - Finance, economy & relevant websites - University professors’ blogs - Individual bloggers COMPETITOR LINKS GO T O CONTENTS We will check the competitor websites’ backlinks (who is linking to your competitors) and contact them to tell them that your site could be useful along with competitor site. This stage will actually keep us quite busy, as your competitors have backlinks probably from thousands of websites. So, we will outreach all of them. WEB MENTIONS AS LINK OPPORTINITIES GO TO CONTENTS We will also monitor:  Your site’s relevant keywords  competitor keywords  keywords around your topic and we do the following to get links: 1. If any keyword is mentioned without a reference link, we ask the author to create a link to give reference 2. If a competitor is mentioned in the context of a story that your site also covers, we write to the author to make them aware that your site has also covered the story, and they may want to reference to your site too. 3. When your site has covered a top trending story or article that we want to get links to, we will check where the keyword is getting mentioned, and we write to those authors to make them aware of your story, and ask them to reference it in their article.
  5. 5. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 BROKEN LINKS TACTIC GO TO CONTENTS Besides, we will also apply broken link tactic; we will check if there is any broken external link in a relevant website. If yes, we will email them to tell them that one of the links on their site is broken as a good web Samaritan and ask if they would link to your site while fixing their page. Many websites in your subject area have resource or useful links section in which some links are broken. So, they will be our targets.. EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES TO GET LINKS GO TO CONTENTS We also want to bring types of activities which might gather interest in the web and social world to your attention, such as: Competitions University student article competitions can be a great way to get links from education websites. Free or 50% off subscriptions/prices for students Offering free or subsidized subscription/fee for your services/products for university students will surely attract lot of links, as they will then publish it on their website. EMAIL FORMATS GO TO CONTENTS Resource & Competitor Links Hi there, I have seen that you are linking to some interesting websites on your page at …… about <SUBJECT>. I was wondering if you could add to that page, as it will be very useful for your readers. Many thanks in advance, Web Mentions & Topics Hi there, I have seen that you were mentioning about <TOPIC> on your website at ……. I thought it could be useful if you could refer to which adds an interesting point of view about <TOPIC>. Many thanks in advance,
  6. 6. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 Broken Links Tactic I have seen that that you are linking at your useful resources page is not working. I thought you might want to fix this as this is not a good user experience. Meanwhile, may I also suggest that you add which is giving great info about that topic while fixing the page? MONTHLY REPORT TEMPLATE GO TO CONTENTS We will report on a monthly basis with the following data: Sites outreached number of responses number of links created directly resulting form our outreach efforts Dec-13 Jan-14 Feb-14 This will also include a more detailed report for each potential link outreached: Site outreached Contact Date link outreach status (no response, positive response, negative response, link pending) Type (Edu, gov, resources, competitor, content, etc.) PRICES Our prices usually depend on each project, but generally speaking we like to charge much less than those UK or USA SEO agencies. In a typical link building project, our charge depends on how many outreaches you want (how many website, which could potentially link to your site, you want us to outreach).
  7. 7. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 Definition of Outreach A relevant and authority website contacted by us with a request to add our client’s site into their page as a useful link or as a reference. Usually outreaches are email messages or contact forms filled to reach websites which are in our client’s industry and fulfill our criteria to be valuable backlinks. Outreach Packages (Monthly) Number of Outreaches Fee 1000 We will research & email/contact/call 1000 relevant websites asking for a link to your site £500 2000 We will research & email/contact/call 2000 relevant websites asking for a link to your site £1,000 4000 We will research & email/contact/call 4000 relevant websites asking for a link to your site £2,000 WHO ARE WE? We are a hard working digital team based in Riga, Latvia where the weather is so bad and cold that we have to spend most of the day with our lovely computers! All our team members are very passionate about internet and very fluent English writers and speakers. Adam Fatih Gulgonul, Director & SEO/Online Guru Adam is actually called Fatih by birth, but this name was so funny in the UK that he tried different names to avoid sarcastic smiley faces! So, please call him Adam now! He started his online career at Google’s Europe Headquarters, then working for several big names like House of Fraser, Vodafone, HSBC and Microsoft. Rita Pavide, Outreach Executive Rita is called Rita by birth and she didn’t have any problem with her name while she was living in the UK working on many outreach and marketing campaigns. She decided to live back in her homeland Latvia and is very happy to work on exciting projects.
  8. 8. Prepared by Adam F. Gulgonul 22.12.2013 Santa (Saulstarīte) Vasariņa, Outreach Executive Santa was used to work as a commerical lawyer before but realized that spending time on the internet is much more fun. She has managed successful outreach campaigns reaching thousands of webmasters! She speaks native Latvian, Russian as well. Kristine Sofia Berzina, Outreach Executive Kristine is a fresh marketing graduate with huge enthusiasm to come with great seo link building and marketing ideas. She has helped with content marketing and outreach campaigns very successfully so far! Enes Gülgönül, Tech Guy Enes is our tech guy working in lovely sunny Izmir. He handles web development issues that we can’t handle ourselves. He also creates sites for us, to be used for some outreach campaigns. He is a fanatic Galatasaray fun as it can be seen from his photo.