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ACT Program AIESEC Indonesia

Intern (only one or two) will work in on institution (schools), Intern will share the culture and also develop english skills of students through fun games. for more information please open

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ACT Program AIESEC Indonesia

  1. 1. eduACTioneduACTion
  2. 2. AbouteduACTion eduACTion is the name of “Adhoc Program” in AIESE in Indonesia that focus on teaching students and sharing culture in schools. Interns will placed in several schools which will give unique experience to develop themselves
  3. 3. To contribute the global learning environment to Students To make an Impact on society To develop English skills of students This project phase will run for 6-8 weeks To promote culture diversity to the society. One or two interns will work in each school. The interns will mainly focus on sharing their culture and teaching basic English example conversations to the students. Most of Indonesian students can’t speak in English and motivate and dare them to speak in English. Objective
  4. 4. JobDescription Interns have to arrange the english competition (spelling bee, scrabble, story telling in the end of the project. Interns will be involved into extracurricular activities at school, such as sport, art, and scout. Interns should participate in a Global Village by showing their cultural things and do a performance (dancing, singing, or playing instrument). Interns will have a presentation class about their culture and build understanding between interns, students and teachers at school Interns will teach about English through the fun learning method and games to the students. Interns will make a handicraft in a creative way and donate the English Book from their country for the library in the school
  5. 5. Farewell Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Satruday Sunday 1 Arrival Welcoming Party IPS IPS TtT TtT Off 2 School Off Off 3 School Off Off 4 School Evaluation 5 School Off Off 6 School Off Off 7 School Evaluation
  6. 6. OurSupport Food is not provided. Food usually cost 1-2USD/meal Visa extension assist Host- family Supportive working environment Intern Buddy Transportation is notprovided. Usually 3USD/day Citytour
  7. 7. Fathur MCVP iGCDP Ayesh IR Executive