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Fr KevinRobinsonsilverannivslideshow 2


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Published in: Spiritual
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Fr KevinRobinsonsilverannivslideshow 2

  1. 1. SILVER JUBILEE 25 years a priest in the SSPX Fr Kevin Robinson
  2. 2. REV FR. KEVIN ROBINSON: 25 YEARS AS A PRIEST Bishop Fellay ordaining the new Deacon 1990
  3. 3. TO BE A PRIEST: To be a priest – how blest a thing To walk the way that Christ has trod To know the longings of each soul And help the creature seek its God. Bishop De Galarreta
  4. 4. To guide the young, baptize the child To light dark places everywhere To lessen the pangs of death itself Christ in His priest is always there. At Winona 1988
  5. 5. TO A I D B Y P R A Y E R A N D P OW E R D I V I N E E A C H E R R I N G A N D R E P E N TA N T H E A RT TO WA L K A S E L F I S H S I N F U L E A RT H S E R E N E U N S TA I N E D – A M A N A PA RT. First Mass
  6. 6. T O B I D T H E U N C R E A T E D G O D I N W O R D S S O S A C R E D A N D S O O L D D E S C E N D A N D R E S T I N H U M A N H A N D S G R E A T D E E D S I N S I M P L E W O R D S A R E T O L D
  7. 7. To see like God the breaking heart To soothe when earthly powers have ceased To walk the way that Christ has trod How blest a thing to be a priest!
  8. 8. Blessing of parents after ordination. God bless John and Margaret Robinson!
  9. 9. After First Mass in Sydney, with Fr Patrick Fox
  10. 10. Aunty Emily
  11. 11. Fiji on left Queensland school on right
  12. 12. Tokyo
  13. 13. In Macau (China) with Mrs Sumantri
  14. 14. Retreat at Ridgefield CT
  15. 15. 2016 in Phoenix Arizona
  16. 16. Ridgfield CT Retreat House
  17. 17. Eucharistic Crusaders 2016
  18. 18. Farewell to New Zealand after two years
  19. 19. First Day of School in Tynong
  20. 20. Bishop Laso