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In The Fat Loss Factor you will discover the Secrets to Rapid Weight Loss. Learn how to create a lean body in under 30 Days!

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The Fat Loss Factor PDF

  1. 1. The Fat Loss Factor Exposed Quick Tips to Rapid Weight Loss
  2. 2. FREE 30 PAGE REPORT “Discover the secrets to boosting your metabolism and prime your body to burn fat at accelerated speeds”In THE FAT LOSS SWITCH: THE SECRETS TOAN ACCELERATED METABOLISM you willdiscover: • How to Burn an Additional 200 – 300 Calories a Day Without Changing Your Diet • How to Avoid the ONE Mistake that Leads to Rapid Weight Regain (Most People Make this mistake) • The Right Way to Exercise to Burn Massive Amounts of Fat in Minimal Time • One Little Known Trick that Turns Your Body into a 24 / 7 Fat Burning Furnace • Foods that Accelerate Your Metabolism so You Lose Weight Faster CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FAT LOSSSWITCH: THE SECRETS TO AN ACCELERATED METABOLISM!
  3. 3. What is the Fat Loss Factor?The Fat Loss Factor is the rapid weight loss program designed byNutritionist and Physician Dr Charles Livingston. The 12 weekprogram takes you step by step from being overweight to reachingyour perfect body weight.This comprehensive course includes everything you need in orderto lose weight including a Coursebook which explains every step ofthe program in detail, a DVD video course, and a log book for youto track and record your performance.One of the biggest reasons people fail to lose the weight that theydesire is not because they are lazy or lack motivation. It is becausethey do not have a systematic approach that they can follow inorder to lose weight.If you are severely overweight your body will actually have lost itsability to feel full when eating. This means that it is virtuallyimpossible for you to not to over eat. Trying to lose weighttherefore through sheer discipline is a losing proposition.That is one of the reasons that the Fat Loss Factor begins with atwo week cleanse. It is very important to rid your body of all of theaccumulated toxins so that it is prepped for rapid fat loss.To understand the principles behind the Fat Loss Factor it isrecommended that you watch this video.Access Fat Loss Factor Video HereOf course it is impossible to replicate the kind of information that isoffered in a course as comprehensive as the fat loss factor herebut below are some important tips to help you in your weight lossjourney.If you are ready to leave your old body behind and become a newhealthier and thinner you then you can purchase the Fat LossFactor here:Buy the Fat Loss Factor Full Course Here
  4. 4. Tip #1: High Blood Sugar = FatThe diet that most Westerners enjoy today which is rich in highlyprocessed carbohydrate is perfectly designed to make you fat.Processed carbohydrates such as: • Crackers • White Rice • White Bread • Biscuits • Baked Goods • Cookies • Instant NoodlesAre all easily converted bythe body into sugar. This inturn elevates your bloodsugar levels which increasesyour fat storage.The key to lowering the amount of fat that is stored by your body isto keep your blood sugar level even. You can do this by: • Eating Right Complex carbohydrates such as vegetables and fiber rich foods such as beans take longer for the body to convert into sugar. Some of these foods are so dense that the body actually expends more energy digesting them that it consumes. These are also known as “calorie negative” foods. • Avoid White Foods If a food is white or if it composed primarily of white foods i.e. sugar and flour then you should avoid. Simply removing all white foods from your diet will have a dramatic effect on your ability to lose weight. • Eat Regularly Eating regularly is key to keeping your blood sugar levels even. If you are only eating three meals a day your blood sugar levels will begin to elevate between meals and you will go into fat storage mode.
  5. 5. • Eat Small Western meal sizes are much too large. You should aim to eat only about the equivalent of a very plate of bowl with each meal and not the standard sized western dinner plates that most people are familiar with. Using a small plate will also have a psychological effect because your meal will seem larger relative to the size of your dish.
  6. 6. Tip #2: Use Interval TrainingIt is common experience of many men and women when theyenter their thirties is that despite keeping to a regular gym orexercise routine they still seem to be gaining weight.This can be frustrating experience if you are spending at least anhour a day in the gym 3 – 4 times a week and you can’t drop yourunwanted pounds.The reason for this has much to do with the type of exercise thatpeople are doing as much as the quantity.A typical exercise programmight involve jogging for 30– 40 minutes. While thismight build up a sweat youare not forcing the body toincrease its metabolic rateand access your stored fat.The best way to “turn up”your metabolism is tointroduce interval traininginto your exercise regime.This is where you punctuateyour workout with briefperiods of intense exercise.An example would be for every five minutes of jogging to sprint ashard as you can for 30 seconds, then returning to a jogging pace.Understand that the switch up in your metabolic rate is not causedby running fast; it is the change from running at a steady pace torunning quickly. This causes your body to tap into whatever energyit can. The same effect will not be achieved if you are constantlytrying to run as fast as possible.Remember it is how you train as much as how long you train whichwill cause your body to shed body fat.
  7. 7. Tip #3: Don’t Focus on the ScaleWhile it is important to measure your results your scale might notbe giving you the full picture of how successful you are with yourweight loss goals.Remember that in order tolook good and feel great youneed to reduce your body fatnot your body fat.It is also important toremember that muscle massweighs more than body fatand so if you are pursuing ahealthy, protein rich diet withsome sort of muscle buildingcomponent you maybebecoming heavier at the sametime as you are losing weight.There are many different ways of measuring your level of body fatbut the two best measures are the mirror and your clothes.When you notice that you are having to drop a pant or skirt size, orthat you need to change out your wardrobe because your clothesare too loose then this is a good indication that you are on the righttrack no matter what the scales might say.Also how you look in the mirror is more important than ameasurement such as pounds or kilograms. We want to look betternot weigh less and so make sure to take a look in the mirror oncea week and see if you are happy with the progress your aremaking.Here is a great trick to make sure that you stick to your weight lossgoals and achieve the body that you desire.Take a photo of what you look now either in your underwear or in aswimsuit. You can use a mirror to take the photograph or haveyour partner or family member do it for you.
  8. 8. Then commit to in 3 months time that you will have a photo takenagain. Whether you lose weight or not the photo is going to betaken. It is important that this photo is taken by someone whoseopinion you care about such as your husband or wife.The knowledge that you are going to have your photo taken againand the results compared with your previous photo will help toensure that you keep your diet clean and that you stick to yourexercise goals.
  9. 9. Tip #4: Trick Your Body With VarietyYour body is constantly seeking to use energy as efficiently aspossible.If you are always performing the same exercise routines then it willover time learn how much energy it needs to perform this particularroutine and will not need to tap into stored fat.The problem is that people naturally develop habits when it comesto exercising. Each day they might run or walk for half an hour aday.Soon the body becomesaccustomed to this and nolonger needs to tap into anyother energy stores in orderto run or walk that half anhour.So how do we “trick” thebody into tapping into ourstored body fat?We do this through variety.Instead of running each day,we might box on Monday, Swim on Tuesday, do a Spin Class onWednesday, do hill sprints on Thursday and power walk on Friday.Because your body will not know exactly how much energy it isgoing to require it will be forced to tap into your stored body fat inorder to produce enough energy.Remember variety is just as important as consistency when itcomes to losing body fat.