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  1. 1. Asha Suadwa
  2. 2. The word series is used to define a set of episodes that are produced by a television series. In the United Kingdom these sets of episodes are referred to as a series whereas some other countries such as the United States refer to them as Seasons. They are made to be broadcasted on television as either a recurring series or a one off group of episodes, which are called a Serial. A single program in a series/serial is called an episode. Television series can be fictional such as in comedies and drama, or non-fictional such as documentary, news, and reality television.
  3. 3.  Drama Series – Breaking Bad 2008-2013 (5 Series, 62 Episodes)
  4. 4.  Comedy Series – The Big Bang Theory 2007Present (6 Series, 135 Episodes)
  5. 5.  Drama Serial/Mini-Series – Roots 1997 (6 Episodes)
  6. 6.  A Single Drama is designed as a one-off story for television. They often run for about the same time as a film and are usually made using a cheaper budget compared to cinematic films, but they have a bigger budget than tv shows such as soap operas. They are shot using single camera shots rather than using various multi-cameras.
  7. 7.  Single Drama – United 2011 
  8. 8.  Documentary films are nonfictional motion pictures that are intended to document reality. They can be either direct-to-video, made as a television program or released for screening in cinemas.
  9. 9.  A docudrama is a documentary-style which usually appears on radio and television programming. Feature film and staged theatre also use this drama to re-enact certain events from throughout history of actual historical events. On stage, it is sometimes known as documentary theatre. In the core elements of its story a docudrama strives to adhere to known historical facts, while allowing a greater or lesser degree of dramatic license in peripheral details, and where there are gaps in the historical record. Dialogue may include the actual words of real-life persons, as recorded in historical documents. Docudrama producers sometimes choose to film their reconstructed events in the actual locations in which the historical events occurred.
  10. 10.  Documentary – Catfish 2010
  11. 11.  The Imposter 2012