How to practice mindful eating to lose weight fast


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How to practice mindful eating to lose weight fast

  1. 1. How to practice mindful eating to lose weight fastHow to practice mindful eating to loseweight fastWhat is mindful eating?Mindful eating is all about eating with intention and attention. Other terms of mindfuleating are intuitive eating or conscious eating. Learn how to practice mindful eatingto lose weight fast without following strict diet rules.Mastering the art of mindful eating can give you satisfaction out of your food and feelgood after your meals. Mindful eating encourages you to eat slowly, keeping yourportions in check, become more aware about your relationship with food and NOTfeel overstuffed or miserable after your meals. Mindful eating is not about countingcalories or become obsessive about your food.Photo credit look at me nowMindful Eating quotes“Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~BuddhaOne should eat to live, not live to eat" ~ Benjamin FranklinThe spirit cannot endure the body when overfed, but, if underfed, the body cannotendure the spirit. ~St Frances de SalesThe more you eat, the less flavour; the less you eat, the more flavour. ~ChineseProverb"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are." Page 1 of 5
  2. 2. How to practice mindful eating to lose weight fastPhoto credit Luminary ArtistWhat is mindfulness?In simplest terms, mindfulness is awareness of the present moment. It is payingattention and becoming fully aware of what is happening both inside and outsideyourself - in your body, heart and mind - and outside yourself, in your environment.Mindfulness is awareness without criticism.Photo credit Popeyes ViewWhat is unmindful/mindless eating? Page 2 of 5
  3. 3. How to practice mindful eating to lose weight fastThe opposite of mindful eating is unmindful eating/ mindless eating. Mindless eatingis consuming the wrong foods without even being aware of it. Other terms forunmindful eating are binge eating or compulsive eating,Do you ever find yourself eating junk foods without even being aware of it? We tendto eat unmindfully when we are super hungry, eating out especially at “all you caneat buffet”, eating free food, emotional eating, eating while distracted, eating fast. Inthese cases we are usually not paying attention to the food we are eating. Mindlesseating is when we not eating for nourishment but simply because we are bored,upset, lonely, sad or just because its there.11 Tips on how to practice mindful eating to lose weightfast1. Know your foodBefore you practice Mindful eating to lose weight, be aware of healthy and unhealthyfoods. High fat and high carb foods should be off your list. Having a good knowledgeabout what is nutritional and what is junk will set you on right track towards mindfuleating.2. Eat slowlyFocus on eat bite you take. Do not put the second bite in your mouth till you havefinished your previous bite. Experience each bite of food from start to finish. Chewyour food well and enjoy every bite.3. Use smaller plates and bowlsKeeping your portion size in check is very important when eating mindfully. Opt forsmaller plates and bowls. Smaller dish leads to small serves which leads to smallerportions.4. Don’t stuff your pantry with junk Page 3 of 5
  4. 4. How to practice mindful eating to lose weight fastCookies, cakes, potato chips can lead to unmindful eating. Try not buy them at all ifyou are serious about fat loss. Even if there is junk food around you, practice selfcontrol as lot of these foods are addictive.5. Opt for quick and healthy snacksWhen you are hungry and you rush to the pantry or fridge, make sure it is filled withhealthy snacks (foods which are nourishing and satisfying). Some examples are nuts(almonds, cashews, pistachios, peanuts) bananas, gluten free chips, fruits, veggiesetc.Photo credit ania marushkevych6. Don’t eat while watching TV/ surfing internet/ reading bookPut all distractions aside when eating your food. Watching TV can distract us andcause us to eat more. Its best not to do anything while you are eating so you canstay focussed on your food. Eliminate all distractions when eating.7. Sit down and eatWe are all in hurry and trying to multitask. Eating in a hurry can lead to mindlesseating. When we are hungry we try to eat hanging over the sink, reading, lying onbed. Make a conscious effort to sit down when eating and slow you down and helpyou lose weight.8. Have an attitude of gratitude towards your Page 4 of 5
  5. 5. How to practice mindful eating to lose weight Page 5 of 5Silently say thank you before putting the food in your mouth. A simple prayerthanking everyone who has put the food on table for you is good. Remind yourselfthat the food will nourish your body and soul in every way.9. Don’t confuse hunger with thirstMany people confuse thirst and hunger, often mistaking the former for the latter.Studies have shown that 37% of people mistake hunger for thirst because the thirstmechanism is so weak. By doing so, the body is led to think that it needs food whenwhat it’s really asking for is water.10. Eat only if you are hungryDon’t eat food just for the sake of it, or because its meal time. Ask yourself a simplequestion “Am I really hungry?” before opening the fridge or pantry. Listen to yourbody.11. Stop eating BEFORE you are 100% fullListen to your body signals and respect your body’s cues of hunger and fullness. Stopeating when you are full, even if there is food left on your plate. Don’t aim for 100%full. Stop eating when you are 80% full.Eat, drink and be mindful. Lose weight the healthy way. Have you practiced mindfuleating ?