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Faststream Brochure - Seagoing

  1. 1. Seagoing & Offshore Manning Specialist
  2. 2. Fast facts 15Employees Regional Hubs in UK, Singapore, Texas & Florida Years in Business More than Access to Unique Candidates Registered visitors annually via 1 Million Over 1500 Professional Placements made in 54 Countries in the last 12 Months 200,000 130
  3. 3. Specialist teams Super YachtsCruise & Passenger Commercial Workboats Offshore Vessels Drilling Rigs & FPSO’s Seagoing & Offshore Manning
  4. 4. We recruit for • Marine Officers Engineers • Electro Technical Officers • Deck Crew • Motormen • Chefs Stewards • HVAC Engineers • Hospitality Crew • Crane Operators • Dynamic Positioning Operators • Rigging Crew • Drilling Crew • Maintenance Crew • Production Crew • ROV Crew • Survey Parties Global database of over 120 candidate nationalities
  5. 5. Permanent Recruitment Crew Management Contract Recruitment Campaign Management Travel Logistics International Payroll Services Our services
  6. 6. Our track record CV’s Sent to Interviews Requested 3.03 : 1 Interviews to Placements 1.95 : 1 Offers to Acceptances 1.12 : 1 Candidates leaving during rebate 1 in 263 •Re peat Busin ess• Rep eat Busin ess 78.8% Significantly below industry average staff turnover
  7. 7. We add value | No. 60,717 | Friday July 13th, 2012 Leading maritime commerce since 1734 28 9 770144 820659 BUNKER PRICES: ROTTERDAM AND SINGAPORE 380 CST Source: Cockett 500 550 600 650 700 750 800 11/07/1206/01/2012 Rotterdam Singapore Pollution at Sea: Law and Liability Edited by Prof Baris Soyer and Prof Andrew Tettenborn The book focuses on a number of the vital developments in the law of pollution at sea, including; compensation, insurance, contract and tort. The book also offers critical analysis on emerging public law concepts, such as the legal position of seafarers from the perspective of criminal law in cases of pollution and the impact of port state control as a pollution control mechanism. Price: £270 / €338 / $486 ISBN: 9781842145418 For more information and to buy visit NEW BOOK Publishing June 2012 bringing you maritime news as it happens NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Pilotinquiryseekssubmissions The UK Transport Select Committee has called on the shipping industry to submit written evidence on issues affecting marine pilotage....2 GedendelaysUniversalmove Genel Denizcilikis planning to take it easy for a few months and will wait at least until autumn before making a second attempt to spin off 10 tankers into a new company, after being forced to drop plans for the flotation of Universal Maritime in Oslo earlier this month, its chief executive has confirmed..............3 HHLAfearsEuropeanpricewar German port operator HHLA fears a price war among northern European terminal operators, despite prices already being under immense pressure.......................5 Asianoilrefineriesexpand Asian refineries are driving capacity growth in the refinery industry as facilities expand in India, China and Pakistan, the International Energy Agency said on Thursday...8 Longhaultankerboost Venezuelan oil is not only boosting tanker employment on the much- talked-about very large crude carrier route to China but also into India........................................9 Toughtimesaheadforowners The containership orderbook stood at 3.8m teu in the first week of July, including the latest order from Evergreen for 10 13,800 teu ships that now appears to have been sealed, Lloyd’s List Intelligence data reveals. ........................Back Carnival faces fresh lawsuits in the US → Page 4 Kühne launches fresh plea for a German merger → Page 6 Norway stoppage is worrying for UK’s energy security → Page 7 Downturn fails to stem rise in average shipping salaries AVERAGE shipping salaries continue to rise despite the current downturn in most sectors of the industry, according to a survey compiled by Southampton-based recruitment agency Faststream. Nevertheless, substantial numbers of seafarers and some shore staff have seen substantial reductions in pay over the last 12 months. The mixed picture emerges from a survey based on responses from 4,000 shipping employees working in all main shipping centres, as well as at sea. In general, seniority was found to be a crucial variant, with those in the higher positions more likely to have enjoyed an inflation-plus settlement. The main conclusion is that 56% of shore staff and 50% of seafarer respondents reported a salary gain of 5% or more during the last year. However, set against this, 10% of shore-based professionals and 30% of seafarers said that their salaries had actually been cut in this period. Salaries were static for 17% of shore staff and 12% of seafarers. In terms of average salaries ashore, chartering directors are at the top of the tree, averaging an annual basic of $227,140 and a bonus of 20%. That is some way ahead of the second-ranking job title, with fleet/technical managers pulling down $123,518 and a bonus of 16%. Faststream highlights the closeness in remuneration between ship operators, on $82,074, and shipbrokers, on $81,666. “While gauging the average shipbroker’s salary is of course very difficult, as it takes in such a wide range of earnings and markets, the fact is that the role of the ship operator has become increasingly highly regarded,” the report notes. “Good ship operators can make the difference between commercial success and failure and are in demand not only within shipping companies, but also commodity houses and banks.” Consultants can also earn well if they are equally comfortable in a boiler suit and a business suit and can explain engineering issues to a non- technical audience. In geographical terms, the highest paid positions are in the US, where the pool of candidates for jobs such as superintendent are limited and tough visa requirements make it harder to bring in overseas talent. Asia-based ship operators and shipbrokers are 20% better paid than their European counterparts. In general, Middle East positions pay the worst within each job category. However, salaries for ex-pats are often tax free and housing costs are provided by the employer. Local employees will not as a rule enjoy such terms and conditions. While benefit packages offered by ship management companies have caught up with those on offer from shipowners, shipowners still have the edge in terms of perks such as paid lunch, gym membership and optional holiday credits. Average salaries for master mariners tend to be highest for those working on passenger vessels, and are typically at around $153,000. Next in the league table are masters on offshore vessels ($128,247), followed by those serving on tankers ($115,613) and dry ships ($110,981). But the good news is that over a 20- year working career at sea, an officer can expect to see his or her salary double in real terms. Faststream chief executive Mark Charman said: “Even though the shipping industry is being buffeted by poor vessel earnings, rising costs and ever more stringent regulations, salaries continue to rise. “The sector suffers from a skill shortage and the pool of highly qualified people continues to shrink. This is both the legacy of a lack of training in the 1980s during the previous downturn and the often perceived low status of jobs in the shipping industry.” A spokesman for Nautilus International said that the Anglo- Dutch officers’ union had found the findings interesting, and added that officers in skill shortage areas have often been able to command double- digit pay hikes. However, the tendency towards pay cuts did not appear to be as pronounced among unionised officers covered by collective bargaining agreements, he said. n But pay for many seafarers and shore staff has been cut DAVID OSLER Fleet/Technical Manager AVERAGE SALARY AND BONUS BY JOB TITLE Chartering Director Chartering Manager Marine Consultant Charterer Superintendent (Technical) Marine Surveyor Superintendent (Marine) Ship Operator Shipbroker (Chartering) Fleet Personnel Manager $227,140 $123,518 $110,510 $100,743 $100,493 $96,456 $89,705 $88,663 $82,074 $81,666 $59,321 Average salary Average bonus Source: Faststream Recruitment Group 20% 16% 18% 7% 13% 12% 7% 10% 11% 26% 8% “Even though the shipping industry is being buffeted by poor vessel earnings, rising costs and ever more stringent regulations, salaries continue to rise.The sector suffers from a skill shortage and the pool of highly qualified people continues to shrink” Mark Charman, Faststream chief executive UK: +44 (0) 23 8020 8770 USA: +(1) 954 467 9611 Singapore: +(65) 653 27 201 : @faststreamoil the oil gas - emea salary guide 2012 EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA (EMEA) SALARIES FOR PROCESS ENGINEERS The following salary guide is designed to show our respective clients the salary trends for 2012 for a specific discipline ‘process engineers’. Please see below the salary guide for process engineers across EMEA for the year 2012. SUBSEA PROCESS ENGINEERING DISCIPLINE Process engineering as a discipline in the last year has seen a massive curvature in growth. Process engineers as a whole are the foundation to a strong technological success in developing the process market. All salaries are listed in £GBP. *Information regarding salaries has been obtained from placements made across the process engineering discipline. These placements have been made over the last four consecutive quarters. DISCIPLINE AREA YEARS OF EXPERIENCE Process Engineer (Chemical) 0-4 5-9 10-19 20+ *Subsea 36,000 45,000 73,000 96,000 *FPSO Topside 42,000 51,000 88,000 110,000 *Refinery 30,000 57,000 72,000 97,000 *LNG 32,000 46,000 67,000 90,000 SHORE BASED LNG Marine Superintendent London - £65K Technical Superintendent Monaco - €90K Technical Superintendent South East - £45K Technical Superintendent Middle East - Expat Fleet Manager Europe - Excellent package Dry Technical Superintendent London - £55K Crewing Manager London - £60K Manager Fleet Operations Centre N. Germany - c.€55K Senior Manager Risk Assessment N. Germany - c.€80K Assistant Marine Superintendent London - £55K PASSENGER 1st Officer - Cruise - £40K 3rd Engineer - Cruise - €36K OOW/Bosun - Yacht - €65K 2nd Engineer Y4 - Yacht - €42K 2nd Engineer Y3 - Yacht - €55K Chief Officer - Cruise - $85K Chief Engineer - Yacht - €90K Safety Officer - Cruise - £46K Chief Engineer - Yacht - €63K ETO - Cruise - £40K Chief Engineer - Fast Ferry - £50K 3rd Engineer - Ferry - £38K WORKBOAT Chief Engineer - Dredger - £46K Chief Engineer - Multi-Cat - £45K Chief Engineer - Tug-Boat - £44K Skipper - MPSV - £40K Skipper - Tug-Boat - £250/day Second Engineer - Research - £38K Second Engineer - Dredger - £35K Chief Mate - Dredger - £31K OFFSHORE Master - PSV - £285/day Master - PSV - £60K Chief Officer - CSV - £330/day 2nd Engineer - PSV - £250/day Chief Engineer - AHTS - £55K 3rd Engineer - Cable-Layer - £185/day 2nd Officer - PSV - £205/day 2nd Engineer - PSV - £45K 1st Officer - Jack-Up - £385/day JDPO - AHTS - £42K 2nd Officer - PSV - £40K 1st Engineer - Cable-Layer £62K HOSPITALITY Cook - Ferry - £100/day Steward - Yacht - £39K Steward - Ferry - £80/day Chef - Defence - £110/day Steward - Defence - £85/day Sous Chef - Cruise - £32K AB - Research - £80/day Chef - PSV - £100/day Shore-based: +44 (0)23 8020 8840 Seagoing: +44 (0)23 8020 8820 fast132847 nautilus uk telegraph 180x284 8-6-12 29-6-12 1 12 full hi res dee caireen location logo title match size match salary bens reference addpcode telfax email web cdate colour spelling √ amends √ size √ colour √ knockout bleed crop marks job no. media size start insertion(s) proof no. client amends paper colour images a/c handler typesetter first proof read by: final proof read by: Maritime Salary Review July 2012 Employment Reviews • Sector Advertising • Salary Surveys • Industry News
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