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Altitude San Francisco 2018: The World Cup Stream


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FuboTV’s recent offering of the 2018 FIFA World Cup broke all of our previous records for viewership and put our systems to the test as we delivered all 64 matches live. Coverage for a majority of games was spread out across ~150 regional sports networks, local FOX affiliates, owned and operated regional stations and other local FOX offerings, with a few early matches broadcasted on national channels. Running a successful World Cup required us to pay close attention to our caching strategies, delivery mechanisms, content edge-case handling and more. An event at this scale, spread out over a month, also gave us an excellent test bed to run experiments. We were able to augment our last-mile delivery, test/tweak our solution for CDN decisioning/priority, and even stand up a set of UHD HDR10 feeds to give our users their first glimpse of live OTT UHD offerings. We’ll run through this whole event from a scale and technology perspective and share our takeaways as we prepare for the upcoming NFL season and beyond.

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Altitude San Francisco 2018: The World Cup Stream

  1. 1. The World Cup Stream 13/Sept Fastly Altitude SF 2018
  2. 2. A little about fuboTV - Established in 2015 as a streaming soccer service, headquartered in NYC - Today we offer more than 30K sporting events per year and 10K TV episodes and movies per month - We are available on all major platforms in the US and with limited content in Spain and Canada - Focused on technology as a differentiator And many more...
  3. 3. Video streaming, a solved problem? Signals come from many sources Manifests must essentially be created per-user, CDN is not caching manifests Many sources have to be “built” dynamically in real time We have ~1k stations that must be live 24/7, there’s zero tolerance for downtime Games that go into overtime must be handled carefully by video systems and CMS
  4. 4. A look at the 2018 FIFA World Cup 64 matches, 32 teams, up to 4 matches a day Traffic closely matched US fanbase, many watched recordings Plenty of upsets fooled our traffic predictions Frequent occurrences of extra time / penalty kicks
  5. 5. Delivery Strategy
  6. 6. A word on UHD/HDR ● First live UHD/HDR10 stream, first time we’ve used HEVC (H.265) ● fuboTV had weeks to put together a strategy
  7. 7. Questions? Thomas Symborski Thank you 13/Sept Fastly Altitude SF 2018