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PeopleSoft Update Manager During the Upgrade and Beyond


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Astute gives you the PeopleSoft Update Manager Presentation During the Upgrade and Beyond. Views and get more knowledge.

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PeopleSoft Update Manager During the Upgrade and Beyond

  1. 1. Founded by Big Five Consulting ex-employees Oracle Gold Partner Focus on PeopleSoft 15 years of PeopleSoft experience Worked in both technical and functional roles Relationship with Oracle’s Product Team About FasTest Test Automation
  2. 2. Objective of the Session This presentation will give basic understanding of: how an upgraded PeopleSoft environment is created managing and timing of the Oracle image releases strategies for keeping your PeopleSoft environment up to date after the upgrade is complete
  3. 3. Overview PeopleSoft is improving the way that customers update and patch their PeopleSoft applications with PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM). By leveraging Oracle VirtualBox virtual machine technology, PeopleSoft is able to deliver to customers a full and up-to-date PeopleSoft environment. With the improved maintenance delivery, you will use the provided technology and tools to update your PeopleSoft applications. As recommended for updating a PUM-enabled application, you will download a PeopleSoft Image on a regular basis and use the PUM process to select and apply updates to your environment. For more information @
  4. 4. PeopleSoft delivers the following types of updates: PeopleSoft Update Image (PI) – delivered on a regular schedule. It includes the PeopleSoft Update PIA Application. PeopleSoft Release Patchset (PRP) – individual fixes for expedited issues delivered in between regularly scheduled PI deliveries. PRPs are applied to the current PI, then sourced and packaged from the updated image using the PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application and Change Assistant. Proof-of-Concept (POC) patches – these are very rare, exception-based patches available to specific customers for very specific issues. They are considered customizations and applied to your environment outside of the PI or PeopleSoft Update Manager process. A typical example of a POC is a performance fix tailored to a customer environment and operating system platform.
  5. 5. Application Maintenance Strategies and Best Practices PUM is improving the way that Oracle delivers updates and the way that customers manage and maintain their applications. In the past, if you were not current on your maintenance and needed a new fix, you were required to get current on all of the latest bundles or maintenance packs previously delivered by Oracle in order to apply that new fix. If you were behind on your maintenance, you couldn’t just take the single fix. Three different strategies: Proactive Selective Reactive
  6. 6. Proactive  If you regularly download the PI when it is released and have the most current PI available locally, you can use it at a moment’s notice and when it is convenient for your business. Take advantage of the PI and PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application to quickly inquire and list all updates that have not yet been applied to your environment and to get you current on the latest updates. Advantages:  You can run application code that is the same version as Oracle Software Support team which also makes identifying and solving new problems faster and more efficient.  Any new updates will be easier to apply because fewer prerequisites will have to be applied retroactively.  You can also use the current PI to understand the impact of planned customizations and mitigate the impact of future integration of those customizations by having a better understanding of the latest PeopleSoft code. Disadvantages:  Proactive maintenance might require more resource dedication, planning, and scheduling than other approaches, however it is very predictable to our business users.
  7. 7. Selective This approach requires regularly downloading the PI and reviewing the updates posted for your application, and then applying those relevant to your organization. Use the PeopleSoft Update Manager PIA Application in the image to search the available updates by various search criteria and select the updates you want and automatically includes requisite updates. It then generates the change package definition you need to apply all the changes you selected in one change package. Advantages: It enables you to stay reasonably current without the high level of resource dedication or scheduling that can be associated with the proactive approach.  This approach gives you the ability to better plan and schedule your maintenance activities. Disadvantages: A challenge with this approach is that business users may think the schedule is not predictable.
  8. 8. With this approach, we don’t apply any regular maintenance until you encounter a problem. Waiting to apply your maintenance until you have an issue can cause more inconvenience to your users, potentially compromising efficiency and adversely affecting our business operations because the timing of the discovery of the problem is not under our control. Advantages: You can leverage the power of the PI and Update Manager application by regularly downloading the current PI and keeping it up and available for quick inquiries regarding updates and fixes that have already been released, hence reducing the resources required in other approaches. Disadvantages: This approach can compromise efficiency and could lead to more fatal problems than expected as discovery of the issues are not under our control. Reactive
  9. 9. Download the latest PI when it is released. Plan to get it and deploy it regularly so that it is available to quickly search for needed updates and to create quick updates if needed. Our best recommendation is that you adopt and maintain a consistent maintenance methodology using a combination of selective and reactive strategies. At least once a year (not more than every two years), use the “apply all updates not yet installed” option in the Update Manager application to get current on all updates.
  10. 10. Download the latest PI when it is released. Plan to get it and deploy it regularly so that it is available to quickly search for needed updates and to create quick updates if needed. Use the PUM PIA Application search capability to find critical updates. Create custom change packages with critical updates and apply them regularly. Use the PUM PIA Application advanced search capability to find updates for products you use the most and apply regular maintenance to your most used products. Use the powerful PUM PIA Application advanced search capability to find important updates for your business and review the impact. Short-term Planning
  11. 11. We provide the following services to assist with your upgrade: 1. Onsite Technical or Functional Upgrade This includes utilizing the new functionality of the 9.2 applications, business process improvement, configuration, and training in new features. 2. Remote Technical Upgrade Graviton can upgrade your application remotely using our Upgrade Lab hosted on Amazon Cloud Services. This includes running Compare Reports to identify and retrofit your customizations. ServicesServices
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