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Streamlines HCM Reporting
Produce reports you want, on demand, then program them to work for you

Easy Reporter automates many of the report creation and delivery processes. Easy Reporter works within SAP allowing you to bring data together accurately and quickly. You can produce simple to read reports in no time

Revolutionises the report building process

•Build, test and rollout a new report in minutes
•Remove the need for ABAP development time and cost
•Save a report once and any member of your team can run it
•Over 100 pre-delivered reports make report creation easy
•Calculations are automatic – no more dragging data into Excel
Revolutionises the report delivery process

•Reports can be scheduled to build themselves automatically
•Completed reports can be emailed out automatically
•Reports can be delivered to multiple stakeholders automatically
•Recipients will receive only the information that is relevant to them

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  • Purpose of Slide – SAP Provides this reporting capability out of the box!Talk about the standard SAP operational reporting options in SAP Payroll Wage Type Reporter Key messages from the previous slide Quick time to production? Easy Employee Analysis? Building existing reports in SAP (costs, time, specialist resource)
  • Main Message – Comparison with SAP Standard Transactional Reporting is that data can be combined in the one report. ERP – Standard SAP, Spinifex, 15 ABAP reports ended up being built out of 180 original ABAPTailored Reporting groups (Finance, HR, OM, Payroll)Menu Driven structure easy to use and relevantFlexible report writing toolsEasy too combine data from multiple sources Release 1 Foundation – Operations and Support only can build reports 10 people currently have ability too build and amend reports (6 people in support and 4 in operations)
  • Easy Reporter for SAP HCM

    1. 1. SpinifexIT &Easy Reporter<br />Welcome to the Presentation<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br /><ul><li>SpinifexIT Overview
    3. 3. Reporting Options in SAP HR/Payroll
    4. 4. Live Solution Demonstration of the Easy Reporter
    5. 5. Functions, Return on Investment and Summary of Benefits
    6. 6. Questions</li></li></ul><li>Who is SpinifexIT?<br /><ul><li>SAP Certified software development company
    7. 7. Specialize solely in business process improvement products for the SAP HR & Payroll modules
    8. 8. Global market leader in this area
    9. 9. US Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia; Corp. HQ in Melbourne, Australia
    10. 10. Partner offices in Canada, Europe, SE Asia, South Africa & China
    11. 11. Referred to as the only company that offers a real-time SAP HR & Payroll reporting solution built in SAP that allows you to get at the data you need
    12. 12. Over 350 installations globally in approx. 14 countries</li></li></ul><li>Customers<br />
    13. 13. Reporting Options for SAP HCM<br /><ul><li> Although hundreds are available many reports are country specific and not applicable to US.
    14. 14. Designed generically without consideration of your company’s configuration. </li></ul>1. Standard SAP canned reports (pre-delivered)<br /><ul><li> Tools can be used for data retrieval but are limited only to data that is shown on an infotype screen
    15. 15. Often produces unnecessary multiple rows
    16. 16. Cannot read Payroll or Time clusters and have limited functionality</li></ul>2. Query Tools (Ad Hoc , SAP Query, & HIS)<br /><ul><li> Not a quick solution (Specify requirements, Design, Code, Unit Test, etc)
    17. 17. Require specifically HCM trained ABAP programmer resources
    18. 18. Must be supported for issues, security, enhancements & upgrades</li></ul>3. Custom ABAP/4 reports<br /><ul><li> Time Consuming, extra effort and all data security is lost once in Microsoft
    19. 19. Must be repeated each month or Period
    20. 20. Can be error prone and require additional staff to run report</li></ul>4. Manually Extract Data to Excel/MS-Access<br /><ul><li> A separate SAP module that serves as a data warehouse where data can be exported for cross module reporting
    21. 21. Not real time reporting (data only as current as last scheduled download to warehouse) and not designed for transactional reporting</li></ul>5. SAP BI/BW, SAP Netweaver Business Intelligence<br />
    22. 22. The Better Solution<br /><ul><li>Real-time reporting in SAP using an SAP Certified solution built in ABAP
    23. 23. Access to all HCM data including Master Data, Payroll Results, Finance Postings, Time Clusters, Tax Reporter, CATSB, Benefits data including dependent data and enrollment costs, Audit logs, PA and Org Management combined and more.
    24. 24. You also have the ability to create spreadsheet like formulas directly in your reports so no outside manipulation in Excel in required.
    25. 25. Comes equipped with over 100 pre-delivered reports that work across the key business processes required by the business including Pre-exit pay reconciliations, Post exit processes and Monthly processes
    26. 26. Can install and be running in one day (no implementation project required – single transport)
    27. 27. Ease of use will drive immediate value to your organization.
    28. 28. The Fast and Easy way to create reports in SAP HR/Payroll</li></ul>SpinifexIT Easy Reporter<br />
    29. 29. Reporting Comparison<br />
    30. 30. To view a live demonstration of the SpinifexIT Easy Reporter Solution please click here:<br />http://www.spinifexit.com/easy-reporter-user-demonstration-video/<br />
    31. 31. Functions of the Tool<br /><ul><li>The Easy Reporter is the only complete SAP HR/Payroll Reporting Solution that runs live inside SAP in real time.
    32. 32. Easy drag and drop design that any user can leverage to design reports
    33. 33. It provides access to all key areas in SAP HCM module including Master Data (HR infotypes, Headcount reporting, Staff Movement and Audit reporting), Payroll Results including retroactive data, Tax Reporter data Finance Postings including GL Accounts, Symbolic Accounts, end of Month Accrual information and even Simulated Posting runs, Time & Leave Data, CATS, Time balances, Cumulated time balances (ZL, ZES and SALDO), Quotas, Absences and Attendances , Benefits Data (including dependents and plan costs!) and the ability to report on PA and PD data in the same report.
    34. 34. You can create your own calculations (No more Excel or MS Access!)
    35. 35. You can transmit reports via email directly from the solution</li></li></ul><li>Return on Investment<br /><ul><li>Reduces ABAP development requirements for special reports, thus reducing cost
    36. 36. A single report can be used with multiple variants reducing the amount of overall reports required
    37. 37. The ease of use of the tool, through its flexibility in report layout, easy navigation and access to real-time data, saves valuable time and increases accuracy of reports
    38. 38. Easy Reporter benefits end users such as HRIS, Payroll, Finance, HR and Management staff with analytical and trend reporting and identify anomalies, if any
    39. 39. Assists the Finance Department by producing reports with true split costing information and leave accrual data.
    40. 40. Offers centralized reporting, all with a single tool, all in one place</li></li></ul><li>Before<br />Adhoc <br />Query<br />WT <br />Reporter<br />Standard <br />Reports<br />Standard <br />Reports<br />Standard <br />Reports<br />Finance Posting<br />Org Structure Data<br />Time Data<br />Payroll<br />Results/ Tax W2 Data<br />Emp Master <br />Data<br />
    41. 41. After<br />(SpinifexIT)<br />Easy Reporter All in native SAP<br />Finance Posting<br />Org Structure Data<br />Time Data<br />Payroll<br />Results<br />Emp Master <br />Data<br />
    42. 42. Summary of Benefits<br /><ul><li>Provides over 100 real-time reports for all of the key areas within HR & Payroll
    43. 43. Designed with a user in mind to make it easy to simply drag and drop the fields needed for reports
    44. 44. Uses standard SAP Security
    45. 45. Reduces reconciliation time by providing payroll and finance with true costing information and leave accrual data
    46. 46. Empower your team with ‘on-demand’ transactional reporting capability </li></li></ul><li>Thank you for attending the Demo<br />SpinifexIT Easy Reporter<br />sales@spinifexIT.com<br />www.spinifexit.com<br />