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Download Your Sewing Machine Repair Book (pdf)Common Sewing Machine Problems you can troubleshootUsually the problems that...
Do not bother whether the machine is manual or electric the main intension for you now shouldbe to learn sewing and it doe...
But the cost also comes out higher and this is a huge sum to pay but for businesses this is asuperb option. For home use t...
could be recommended that you read the instruction manuals of the manufacturer beforeremoving any parts from the machine. ...
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Sewing Machine Repair Manual - Do It Yourself


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A quick get start diy manual that will teach you to repair sewing machine with ease. Some of the common problems are listed below along with their solution in the manual.

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Sewing Machine Repair Manual - Do It Yourself

  1. 1. Download Your Sewing Machine Repair Book (pdf)Common Sewing Machine Problems you can troubleshootUsually the problems that arise in your machine might be easily sorted out if you analyze thefollowing specifications. It takes a little time and should help you in the future or you can teachothers how to repair a sewing machine and get their applause. Bobbin problems – the loose stitches that appear might be due to bobbin that is not windedproperly so check it once if this kind of problem rises. Use a soft brush to clean up the gaps inthe bobbin holder and other areas.Hand wheel ensure it is tight because as time goes this will loosen up and regular check shouldsee that it is rectified. Also the tension in the upper thread is a cause for frequent cutting ofthread take care of this and the problem should be solved.Needles the last but not the least problem use a clean cloth to wipe it often if you feel that it iscausing you trouble.And then do not neglect maintenance once in a while take your time out and start self servicingthe parts which ever your comfortable with. Below is download link to the guide that will teachyou how to earn from repairing sewing machines for others.DOWNLOAD Sewing Machine Repair ManualShare it if you like it.Best Sewing Machines for BeginnersPeople who are interested in learning to sew it is important that they choose a good sewingmachine that is best known for beginners because your learning process should be easy andsimple from the beginning. Best advice anyone could give you is to buy a used sewing machineso that you can learn how to sew first and then later on if it is required move to an higher endmachine that suits your need. But before buying just use it and see whether it is working well andcan you handle it, is that what you want to have at home.Ask yourself why you need this machine and what type of job will you be doing on it, with theseanswers in mind proceed further to choose your sewing machine.
  2. 2. Do not bother whether the machine is manual or electric the main intension for you now shouldbe to learn sewing and it does not matter from which machine you learn from. I assume youthink the same way as well. Try to test the machine by doing some routines that are popularlyused this is just to make sure it is in working condition and ask the seller questions regardingbefore committing on buying it. Only go for it when you are fully satisfied don’t let theappearance fool you. It is their responsibility to tell everything about the machine and only thendecide your steps further.Ask people who have already bought and have experience using a sewing machine this will justsimplify your approach to finding a good match that suits your style. Explain what you need andthe price range that you are willing to spend on a used machine if you can get advice fromprofessionals that would be even better. After choosing your machine do a zig zag and a straightstitch if there was no problem encountered then it should be fine use your diligence to rate theproduct and judge whether it is worth the price. Take the help of a review site also see whetherthe model you like is good or not, do take reviews into considerations before settling to yourselected choice.Different types of machines to choose from, which one should you, choose. There are manytypes like quilting, embroidery that are built for that specific purpose only.Quilting sewing machines – today there are many advanced sewing machine available in themarket that just make it easier to quilt various pattern without manually doing it for longer periodof time. This has also created two classes of quilters the older guys who do it with old machinesand advanced quilters who have mastered the art of sewing patterns with advanced computerizedsewing machines. If you are one of those old quilters then the best thing that you could do is toupgrade to the advanced quilting sewing machine which sets you apart from rest of the crowdand also gives you more time to work on other tasks, which also means additional orders can becompleted if you run a business of your own. This is a wise investment which will enable you toquilt variety of designs with the help of a computer.Embroidery sewing machines – again in this category there are electric and also mechanicalsewing machines. The mechanical is always the best one to learn from but with the modern dayautomatic machine available everybody can do their own stuff without any difficulty which wasthe case decades back. This is the reason why most people go with electronic embroiderymachine and the features that add to this reasons are it is very easy to use and does it at a fasterpace. They come with portable format also so it is obviously the most desirable form whencompared to the older version. What about the automatic electronic embroidery machine, wellthey are far more advanced and it works has follows you load a pattern to the micro computer onthe machine and then let the embroidery be laid on the cloth all by the machine itself your job isto just sit and watch it stitch the patterns.
  3. 3. But the cost also comes out higher and this is a huge sum to pay but for businesses this is asuperb option. For home use there are many other alternatives available or you can also get alower priced version.Now to the important point and this can be fun if you know what you are doing I am talkingabout sewing machine maintenance do not get discouraged if you are not familiar with this taskbecause it is easy to learn this page is intended to do just that. Are you happy now keep up thatsmile and start reading the instructions which comes handy for further maintenance process onany kind of brand may it be singer, brother, Kenmore, janome or elna sewing machines if otherscan do it why can’t you do the same, hope you get what I meant to say here.First tip always use genuine oil for while servicing and do not use oils meant for other type ofmachines each one is different and you got to understand this primarily. Oiling regularly makes iteasier to work on the machine and there will be less wear and tear so both ways you are covered.Check the electric wires whether they are worn out or not, this is for your safety and alsopreventive measure that ensures proper functioning. And also check for any loosened screwsbecause more you work the more is the chances of loose screws. Clean your working area andalso the interior where dust might accumulate. This is enough for a beginner basically who wantsto service is his or her machine themselves.Let us just go through the basic parts of a sewing machine that is required for a proper workingwithout any problem. The first item would sewing machine bobbins yes this came in my mind somentioning it would not hurt I believe and to those who really don’t know how bobbins workhere is a small explanation to you guys in the coming paragraphs.Here is the working, a bobbin is usually used to hold a thread which then is utilized to combinewith another thread from the needle and the combination of which forms a stitch. The bobbinthread can either be of the same color or a different one it is all up to the person stitching. Whythis is required well for a stronger and long lasting sewing this mechanism is required this is howyour clothes are stitched. Without a bobbin one should make use of a large spool that would justincrease the size of the machine and make it difficult for working on it.Next in the list of sewing machine repair parts would be belts, motors, hooks, threaders,switches, spool pins, pulleys, presser feet, needles, zig zag needle plates, gears, grease, knobs,instruction books, hinges, hand wheels, foot controller, power cord, light bulb, bobbin holdersand cases. Each time you go out to search for these components the main problem one faces iswhat type of hardware is good for my machine and which is the best rated, do they give warrantyto the products or not. If you can address to these questions then there will not be any confusionfrom the beginning itself.When it comes to belts, many machines today have them inside a case which is not visible to usand we have to remove that case in-order to see them or to do a regular maintenance job and it
  4. 4. could be recommended that you read the instruction manuals of the manufacturer beforeremoving any parts from the machine. The previous ones had belts that were hanging outside andalso visible but as the time passed by the structure has changed a lot and this has happened for agood cause that is for a better and efficient sewing machines. For a do it yourself manual checkbelow.Click here to download the sewing machine repair book.